Meta4orce - Bio-genetically Altered Investigation Team

About Meta4orce

A new, interactive detective drama series with four TV episodes and eight fully integrated games. Become a MAKO operative and help Meta4orce uncover the sinister truth behind the murder of JJ Monroe.


The year is 2034 and the Earth has been changed almost beyond recognition.

In 2017 a catastrophic increase in global warming lead to a sudden melting of the polar ice caps. The waters rose every day. Coastal towns were lost in a matter of days. A year for humankind to adapt to a new kind of living, on a new kind of planet. Millions perished.

As the new society surfaced from the ruins of the old new kinds of crime emerged with it. To combat these new criminals the government formed a shadowy new security organisation - MAKO. It would use bleeding-edge new technologies to create what they termed a 'bio-genetically altered investigation team'. They took four orphaned children who had been rescued from the Flood and changed them.

Over a period of years their bodies were taken apart and their DNA was reconfigured to give them incredible powers beyond those of a normal human. Combined with intensive training in investigative techniques, hand-to-hand combat and weapons handling they were moulded into the ultimate crime-fighting unit.

Issued with codenames Ecko, Soma, Stream and Shift have been designed to deal with crimes of political and social sensitivity that the normal police wouldn't be allowed near. And they've just been activated to solve their first case...

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