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Extra Stuff

Download a Kyle XY wallpaper

Download Wallpapers

Sometimes seeing Mr. XY on your telebox just isn't enough. Well, fear not, you can now splatter him all over your computer with these downloadable wallpapers.

Play Kyle X or Y now

Kyle X or Y game

You've seen him emerge naked from a forest and learn about his mysterious past, but how well do you really know Kyle (or the guy who plays him, anyway)?

Play the Kyle XY Belly Button game now!

Celebrity belly game

We've gone and found a heap load of celebs who've let us take pics of their belly buttons. All you have to do is put a face to the belly, but be warned, it's not as easy as it looks.

Matt Dallas: The Interview

Kyle XY - The Interview

Matt Dallas speaks exclusively to BBC Switch about being Kyle XY. Matt fills us in on his likes, hates, bad habits and how similar he really is to Kyle XY (apart from all the superpowers and lack of belly button).

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If you could, what would you control with your mind?

Switch Vicki: "Hmm... I'd have the power to make ingredients cook themselves and make an amazing dish. Burnt dinners? Smurnt Sminners."


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Slink's Kyle XY Quiz

Which character are you most like? Play the Kyle XY quiz on BBC Slink now and find out!

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