Working with us

Information for suppliers to the BBC

Receiving orders

What a supplier should expect to receive when an order is placed and how to check a purchase order is valid.

When ordering goods or services the BBC creates a purchase order with a unique number. The purchase order will be issued by post or by email depending on whether we have a valid email address for your company. The supplier should be in receipt of a valid purchase order, or as a minimum the PO number, before providing the goods or services.

If you currently receive your purchase orders in the post and would like to take advantage of the instant, secure option of receiving them by email please contact us at

If the supplier has the PO number only and wants to confirm the authenticity of an order this can be done by calling 0800 098 8106, then option 4, then option 2 and then option 1. This service is open between 09:00-18:00 Monday to Friday. This is the only telephone number that should be used to confirm validity.