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29 October 2014

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Tuesday 24th December, 2002 11:30 (GMT)
"One Love" – Blue’s album review
By Becky Betts
Blue reviewed

'One Love' is a definite hit with Becky Betts! Find out why she says it is a great album to listen to.

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I’m not what you’d call your typical boy band fan - far from it. I did go to a 'Take That' concert years ago, but you wouldn’t find me standing on street corners waiting hours for a quick glimpse of them - screaming myself to exhaustion. So when I was asked to review Blue’s new album I didn’t exactly jump for joy, I expected the usual boy band tones but ended up with something totally different!


"One Love", being the grand opener of the album gives you a taste of what’s in store for the rest of the album. It’s a really catchy tune and everyone young and old will hum along to it.

I remember in the past when buying albums – you always had to forward all the tracks you didn’t like to get to the ones you like. Well, you certainly don’t have to with this album. I will never joke and dismiss 'Blue' ever again - that’s a promise.

The tracks cover such a wide range of styles - all performed to a high standard. Michael Jackson’s influence can be found at the beginning of the album, with the upbeat jagged beats. "Riders" has a Britney Spears feel to it. My all time favourite "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" with Elton John was surprisingly impressive, and I’m normally a huge critic of cover versions but this was brilliant with a capital B!

After hearing the duet with Elton, I thought "Oh that’s the best of their tracks, now I’m going to have to listen to tracks which they just put in the album to fill space". I honestly thought that they’ve deliberately placed all the popular tunes at the beginning of the CD. How wrong I was!


The rest of the album was packed with tracks which I knew would be brilliant for getting you in the mood for a girls night out, some had a real R n B influence - and not in a cheesy way. There was even room for some slow, quite intense tracks which you could see yourself listening to when you’ve just been dumped - sobbing your heart out!

'Blue' have managed, to produce a very impressive diverse album with "One Love". One track would use certain strings and then another (Flexin, track 3) would have a guitar with a lovely solo melody, and even a rap type chant used in track 6- "Right Here waiting" with a disco fever beat worked brilliantly. No two tracks were even slightly similar like they are on other albums. After a while I forgot they were that cringey boy band that I used to dread seeing on the television.

I can honestly say that they are an extremely talented bunch of blokes who get so much criticism, but deserve so much praise for what they do. "One Love" the album is varied, brilliant and packed with talent, just like an action packed film, it will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what you’re going to hear next.

Becky's mark out of 10:9

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