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24 September 2014

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Saturday 30th November, 2002 - 15:16 GMT
The beginning or end of Blazin' Squad?
By Alun Williams
Rating: 1/ 10
Blazin Squad
Blazin' Squad: In the Beginning
Alun Williams gives you the low-down on Blazin' Squad's debut album 'In the Beginning'.

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Interview with Freek from Blazin' Squad

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Blazin' Squad

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I play for a Sunday morning football team and we often struggle to field 11 men. However if we had the Blazin' (notice the missing "G"!) Squad on our books we'd be laughing. There's just so many of them.

If you know nothing about these boys then let me enlighten you.

The Blazin' Squad are a group of ten teenagers who (according to their press release) formed their own rap group in North London at the tender age of 13.
Apparently they are a culmination of two rival gangs who joined together in order to create music. I'm sure you're starting to get the picture.

Anyone who's been unfortunate enough to catch the video for the latest single 'Love on the Line' probably suffered the same nausea I was feeling, watching a bunch of kids clicking fingers gangsta-style while wearing all manner of West Coast LA fashion whilst poncing about in North London.

Now all I can do is take these lads' word that they are in no way manufactured, but I have to say that's very hard to believe.

They have a real clean cut "stage school" air about them, sing and move in perfect unison and seem to have over 30 songwriters working for the band. Anyway, enough of such cynicism, let's review the album.

Well if you've heard 'Crossroads', then enough said.
Blazin' Squad's cover has collectively succeeded in destroying the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony original version of Crossroads. But in all fairness they are not the first band to plagiarise other material only to ruin it. So ignoring this, what's the rest of the album like?

Well in a word, dreadful.

'Love on the Line' is probably one of the worst offerings on the CD which makes me wonder why it was chosen as the second single. But it's the lyrics that really let the Blazin' Squad down. They are dire.

To be honest, it's easy to dismiss groups of this type. Very easy in fact. But I make no apologies in pointing out how poor it is and that I learnt nothing from it.

Well not quite nothing. The one thing I did learn from looking at the countless pictures of the band in the accompanying booklet, is that to look cool these days its vitally important not to smile at any cost and to be as miserable as possible.

Which in a way is quite apt, because you too will have that "Wet weekend in Hendon" look following just one listen to 'A New Beginning'.

Sorry boys, the only Crossroad you'll be meeting at in a couple of years, is one with a Job Centre on the corner.

Alun's Mark out of 10: 1

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"I have to totally disagree with you. I think the album is great, it's got great beats and lyrics and I think alot of people will agree with me !!!"

Lauren, Brighton

I know its up to the reviewer what they think but me and loads of other think they are great!

Laura, Dorset

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Blazin squad r wkd n kenzie SPIKE E n reepa r well bangin
steph newcastle

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