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29 October 2014

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Thursday 17th June, 2004 - 1000 BST
James Blunt on BBC Radio Suffolk
Wednesday 16th June, 2004
James Blunt
James Blunt
Before James Blunt went on stage at Portman Road he had a chat with BBC Radio Suffolk's Stephen Foster and played a couple of his songs too!!
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Listen to 'Cry' »
(56k Real, 30 secs)

James' single 'You're Beautiful' will be out in the next couple of months and his album should be out by the end of the year.

Despite this being the first time that he'd played live with a full band, it's normally just him and his guitar, he wasn't nervous.

Let's hope his family, who were in the audience, were all very proud of him.
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Fatima, Sénégal
James, ur muzik makes me cry i luv it so much its remind a great love story in the past. Just keep it on james we luv u in west Africa'n hope to see u soon.

Harvard boy, USA
have you heard "Love, love, love," it is "absolutely gorgeous!" James is brilliant and the rhythm of every song is unique for each. They sometimes makes me cry.

carmelc canada
your songs have a soothing quality as well as when someone reads between the lines you hear the melody to a tender sound that reaches and touches the heartstrings.

cat india
amzing music,feels like ur soul in it

estefania, Chile
James, your music really touches everyones hearts.. most of the songs reminds everyone at least one moment in our lives that resembles with the lyrics.. hope you come soon to Ssouth america ..specially Chile... bye

Leila, IRAN,Tehran
All the playlist in my iPod begins with the James Blunt's music. All the way from home to work and the way back. I'm again enjoying listening to music. Welldone and I wish the best for U.

Simona , Romania:)
Hey James:) I love you song :) was Simona from Romania??:)

Marvic , Malta
Hi James! I love to hear all your songs but my favourites are HIGHand YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! I am a big fan of you and I bought your cd of BACK TO BEDLAM. Pls come to Malta!!!

Nabin Khanal, Nepal
I like ur songs very much, so i listen yr songd whether i m in bathroom.

behzad iran
james i know u are unique in the world i have cried with your songs ( u are beautiful) ok and i dont know what to say cause i will never see u there

Your music goes directly inside the heart

Amanda- Colombia
James, I had a dream of you and it was beautiful. I love your music and your an exceptional singer and song writer full of sensibility. Hermoso, Bello. Amanda

s leicester
your beautiful is my song, my best m8 died a few years ago and everything that is sung in the song reminds me of him! so thx u xx

kaniwar :syria
sometims we lose things that we really don't know.after they have gone then we realise what we were lost .that what happened to me befor a year ago,so your songs explain my situation completly especially your song ,you are beautiful.Ilove this song and Ilove you too much .the wordds of your songs are beautiful and touching.your voice expresses that.finally I want to say many things that you left in my heart thank you very much james blunt and carry on at the same level,I hope see you one day and tell you I love you . Im waiting for your new album

Karen, Austin, TX
James you are a brilliant singer/songwriter!! I can't stop listening to your music! You are beautiful!!! Please come to Austin again. I just have to see you in concert! I love you.

I love you so much James!I have your CD,and I love it so much.I can't stop listening to it.I am your biggest fan!I love yor song,GOODBYE MY LOVE.I am only 14 going on 15 but I still understand the words.I also can relate to that song.I cry evey time I hear that song.It is so pretty.I love your voice too ,it is very relaxing.Whenever I am upset I go and listen to your songs.Just to let you know, I think you are so freaking sexy I have your pics all over my computer and my bedroom walls.keep up your great work, you are doing a wonderful job and you inspire me and all of your other fans in so many ways...we all love you James Blunt!!!!!

hawra_ iraq
i love ur feelings when singing and love ur words u choose. i use ur song as ring tone for my mobile. ur beautiful

emmy. texas
james, you are amazing. i luv ya so much! you are such an inspiration to me1 see yall in texas!

CARLA EL HAGE, lebanon
hi sexy james,sexy voice,sexy song...u r beautiful u r beatiful(3) it's true la la la la

buki Macedonia
jemes thank you for all that you have done for albanian people i love you

james, i love you so much. I'm your greatest you so much.hope to see you in armenia one day...

hana, kosove
thank you James..for all that you have done for

Belma,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hey,James,I'm you're big fan.I love you so much,for exemple,my wall and coputer are fulls of you're picture.I don't care wath other says for you,I just know that you THE BEST,PRETY SINGER OF THE WORLD.......Goodby my LOVER,GOODBY MY FRIEND.....KISS just for you......pusa

Belma,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hey,James,I'm you're big fan.I love you so much,for exemple,my wall and coputer are fulls of you're picture.I don't care wath other says for you,I just know that you THE BEST,PRETY SINGER OF THE WORLD.......Goodby my LOVER,GOODBY MY FRIEND.....KISS just for you......pusa

Melani.B Canada
Thank you James for being who you are. Your beautiful voice, and music has inspired me and many people all over the world. keep up the good work, and always stay true to yourself. all my love to you.

Melani.B Canada
Thank you James for being who you are. Your beautiful voice, and music has inspired me and many people all over the world. keep up the good work, and always stay true to yourself. all my love to you.

Jams, you are the best in the world. I'm from Armenia & I hope to see you in my country one day! Is it possible?! My favourite songs are "You're beautiful", "No bravery", "Wisemen".You cannot imagine that every time I listen to "You're beautiful", I cry and nobody is able to comfort me. I'm waiting for your new albom. Hope to see you one day in my country!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Jijo vj,india,kerala,cochin
I love urz so beautiful song...itz just my life ...and im also going to die like that...god bless u james ...thankz for giving us wonderful song llike yours soo beautiful...Im in love with a girl but now she is with someoe else...she is beautiful...thiz is true and may be i cant mail u all again...Good bye to all bye...May god bless you

Kuroi-Urufu Poland
Best lyrics I've heard ... they're so meaningful and full of emotions, I love Goodby my lover but also Wiseman ad No bravery those are my favorite ones, keep doing the good job since so many people believe in your songs!

Amy Ferguson, perth scotland
james i have ur poster above my bed and look at u every night i went to ur concert in stirling and cryed my eyes out at ur beautiful. Please keep going with your music career because u have warmed so many hearts around the world. JAMES I LOVE U

Ante, Croatia
James waiting for this my whole life...and Goodbye my Lover is the best song i ever heard.


LOVE YOU James,keep up the great every thing about you

Willow. Canada
i'm not going to say i love you because , to my loving someone involes personally knowing that person, your music has helped me with my teen rebellion and coping skills, i can calm down and become happy whenever i listen to any of your songs especially rocky racoon!! keep being inspired and good luck with all you do Willow, 15, Canada

Carla, Peru
Goodbye my lover is a very special song.My sister lost her husband 4 months ago , he had a sea accident and he left her with her litlle 4 years girl and 8 months pregnancy.This song has a very special story right now in her life.JL from heaven wanted to say goodbye to her and found this extraordinary artist to make it possible.Thanks James B.

Bella, Maryland--USA
Absolutely awesome!!James-the most beautiful angelic voice I've ever heard. I wake up to your music, and go to bed with it. Your songs are so hypnotic, tender,and so deep and romantic. They make me cry, and want to hold you. A beautiful new vision to the music industry for sure!! The truely best gifted artist I've heard in my lifetime.You stayed true to your dream and God blessed you sweetheart. I will love you always doll.

RC. Minnesota USA
It's so overdue- men that are in touch with their softer side.

jamie/south carolina
james blunt i love your music it has a lot of meaning to it and i also wish that you were my boyfreind!

Marcia Austinville
James you are soo hot and I love you and I love your song goodbye my lover and your beautiful. Goodbye my Loveer almost made me cryand you are so sexy and you are number 1. I LOVE YOU JAMES. You being in the War just wanted to make me cry and I am so glad youare still alive my love to you James Hugs Higs Hugs Marcia

mikele (Rome)
I'm an italian fan and I think he is the best. My favorite songs is "Goodbye my lover"...It's fantastic!!!

Ahmad Shaheer
The song good bye my lover is great! Oh I have never heard such a song raising my feelings! Weldone Blunt! Amazing really!

Henry Askew, morecambe
As I am an elton fan its hard to change to someone else just like that. I do think james blunt is good but I don't anyone can beat elton. not even myself even though I can play and sing most of his songs in the same key and in the same elton style. I would love to go on tour with elton.

jine wilrijk
i love your songs end you great go james plaes see never goodbay tu all your fans ne tu me xxx from belguim from jine

your music is so great, especially 'You're beautiful' and 'goodbye my lover' !!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie, Paris
Merci James de nous faire partager ta magnifique voix , et toute ta sensibilité.Avec toute mon affection.

Alice, New Zealand
Hi James you have a beautiful voice and no matter what people say don't change your voice :)Lots of love Alice P.S Good luck for the rest of you life and remember my motto don't be scared of finding the difference between light and day ;) Lots of Love :)

Your music is amazing.Keep Playing.

Mariam, Mauritius
Goodbye my lover n U r beautiful r supr hypr mega xtraaaaaaa top!!!! J'adore!!! Back to Bedlam has something amazin' n extraordinary in it!!!! The lyrics r awesome n very very very inspiring!! Cheers!! Keep it up! Va y james, t le meilleur!!

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
hi james,you are beautiful really.I love you and you are my favourite sigerr and your songs are the best.When i hear GOODBYE MY LOVER I marvel.If, I am sad the best cure is this song.I am hearing this song and I am thinking foryou.FOREVER U AND ME

carrie in michigan
OMG I am so in love with james blunt music its amazing

Sarah, Canada
I can't wait until you get here on your tour.Great songs...Hurry!!!

Chelsea Kentucky
I can honestly say your a inspiration! The song Your Beautiful was amazing. It is my favorite song. I heard it this morning and I almost cried!

Chelsea Kentucky
I can honestly say your a inspiration! The song Your Beautiful was amazing. It is my favorite song. I heard it this morning and I almost cried!

Aneta, Poland
I just love to hear your music it's realy's a pity that You are not going to play concert in my country, with love...

we love your music please come to croydon man and cheer us up U RULE!!

Annette, Purley

lala love thast song
really nice song i love it everynite i listen to the song"Your'e Beatiful" but all ur other songs i don't like them i thought u were thee hottest guy and ur hair rocked but in the other ones i hate ur hair the messy hair look is good! i think u should do a song with ur girl friend if u do have one does anybody know if james blunt has a girl friend? if so message me back love mee

Dezi, USA Chicago IL
I heard them playing it on the WB and bought... I think your music is aweome

Julia, Wayne
I love you!The song you're beautiful is my favorite song ever.I always listen for it.I am truly sorry about your girlfriend.People come and go.Everything happens for a reason.i watched you on the Oprah Winfrey show on March ninth 2006.I want to wish you a happy birthday and congradulations on your singing career.I want to meet you someday.You lifted my soul and I will always remember you.Good luck.

sabrina france
hello james I LOVE URE MUSIC AND YOU OF COURSE I DON't speack english formidable but I LOVE YOU

Monika, Lithuania
i love James Blunt!! His songs take me hiiigh! and i coud CRY! He makes my days SUGAR COATED! He's my hero!!!!

Dear James,my husband knows that I love you and your music,he bought me B.T.B while I was ill two weeks ago so I had something to listen to while I chucked up,bless him!!Ignore the critics, they're obviously tone deaf, keep on rocking!!LOVE YOU.xxxxxx

hello james...i love u cause ur simple,nice and u seem to be very kind...i love ur voice i love ur songs and when i listen to them i feel as if i'm free... best wishws for u

jillian hunt/ linn, missouri
So rock my thong off. Go u go.

Alyda Italy
I love his songs... i love his sweet soul...

Hannah, Norfolk, UK
hey james, just wana say thank you. i luv ur song 'cry'. my grandmother and cousin died recently and i hadnt really expressed my emotions and i had it all bottled up inside me, and that song really helped. Thank you! btw, when will you come to Norwich?

jo christchurch
james im a 33 yr old married mum and i hink your the greatest i just want to bring you home and put you under my wing your such a sweetheart and i love you and your music keep giving us more love always joxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Guy, Cobham
I know everyone else here is in love with James Blunt, but i'm afraid i have to disagree, if you were to ask me what i thought of his songs i beleive the term Drivel and Middle of the road would come to mind very soon in my answer.

hi james u r really hot and im a huge fan and ur songs r AMAZING and i know i sound crazy but can i have ur email adress or ur #

Allyson, Neath
I cry everytime I hear Your beautiful and Goodbye My Lover. Excellent music

Ive never heard of you , but I was up late one night and "Your Beautiful" came on. The video was wonderful and the song is simply beautiful. Im going to buy the c.d. thats how much im intrested in your music. Thank you...continue on...

Natalie, 15, Swansea
The songs mean a lot, the lyrics are all so original. I don't know how James does it, but he's definitely got a massive talent that everybody loves (especially me!) His songs help me whenever I'm down. I bought the album as soon as I heard the first song, and it certainly didn't disappoint! My favourite is probably Outta My Mind and Wisemen, I listen to them all the time. xxxxx

Shadish Italy
Very special song- Goodbye my lover. Very original and inspiring. Keep it up.

natasha bromham,southwales,swansea
i love you james blunt i hope you read this i adore you and your voise in unique and completely different i hope one day i will have the honour of meeting you as your ablum inspired me to learn the guitar i am 14 going on 15 but still i understand the words in your album my favoutie songs are high,goodbye my lover,wisemen,outofmymind,cry and no bravery i completely understand your song cry as i have needed a friend as you are dicrbing and the lyric "can you see the truth though all there lies" is my fav as it is ture to me i hop one day ill find a friend like your discribing i write songs of my own which i tend to base on yours i hope one day that i can meet you love you james XXXXXXXxxxxxXXXXX

Gill Manchester
James your fit and you rock.. love ya babeXXXXXXX

andy can,ont
hey hey hey!i like ur favorite song is your beautiful by you!

when are you coming to south america, james. In Chile, we are waiting for you. Hugs

Tara (Kurdistan)
James Blunt -the greatest ever!!!

Rich, Worcestershire
Along with Dido, Cold Play, Enya, Lighthouse Family etc James Blunt has proved yet again that the public are eager to lap up mediocre substance and talent so long as it is papered over with smalchz, style, image and a good dolop of bs. struming a guitar and singing repetitive 2 word lyrics is just average - but it's what people seem to crave.

pat uk
love ur song woot

sel from RUSSIA
ps you are the best of the singers and i think you realy will be happy with your girlfriend like i m happy with my boy.. you are cute/ love with your songs about so unreal love

oh!!!!!!u are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!u made a very good work.....continue like this way and im sure that you'll have just only success in your life...i hope u to come in greece and hear your great voice.........good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi!james...i believe that you never read this but I'm just writing...i've heard "goodbye my lover"from a friend whose father is not in life anymore and from that day it bacame my best song...cause every time I listen it I remember my friend...this song makes me feel a sweet malacholic(I hope you understand)but life goes on...I don't say good luck 'cause I know you'll always have it..good luck :_))))))))))))))))))))))(I hope you understand my joke)...

sherif, Egypt
you are so good jamse and your songs is touch the hart

e.g. Im, Canada
u rock james, can't stress it enough. You have some original songs that are unique and awsome!

jojo, florida, usa
i just got the album and it is great. he will be hot in the us for sure!

Nanou, Paris
This record is the best record ive ever heard and ive heard many ,believe me!! so thank you for this wonderful album . Your voice is so beautiful too, you've got the voice of an angel!! Good luck

stephanie .denny
ur dynamyte woohoo lol xxxx

angela james castleford
since hearing back to bedlam ive not listened to anything else since n me twin boys (7) love it,its driving me partner mad but we love it.

Carly, Oxford
I've never listened to any album as much, and not got tired of it, in my whole life!I love you James, you are amazing!

daisy london
i love the song and the high vidio was filmed round the corner from me

Roan, Doetinchem ( Netherlands )
Can't we see the interview in a video? Cause that would be really great.

Hannah, Cleveland OH
Hey james, i think your an amazing artist and i love "you're beautiful" such a great song. it makes me cry.. but at the same time its my fave and makes me in a good mood. keep up the good work! -Hannah B.

your lyrics are boring and messed up, your music is very samey, i cringe when i hear that beautiful thing u sing..sorry but i can't stand your music.


stefanie, yamba
YEAH!! go james blunt u rock my world 1 ? do u ready have a girlfriend cause i'm alwayzz free! PWEAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Raz, Australia

e.g. Amaree, Boston.
Hello James, your voice makes me sleep peacefully. LoL.

Vanessa, Argentina
I love you James!!! You are the best, you have the sweetest voice I´ve ever heard...

omg your the best eva and my bf sounds lik u so that makes u even cooler!!

minami, japan
'back to bedlam' it is the album which remains forever into my mind. The lyric containing a soul and his charming singing voice are very individual. He doesn't look like anyone. i thinks that he is the one and only. 'james blunt'.. I think that you are really beautiful.

I have not stopped listening to the whole album- beautiful lyrics, beautiful music and angelic voice- you've reached my soul...

e.g. Claudio Coppola
the best song writer and voice since the Beatles

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
sexy voice, love the songs they make me cry, luv u james marry me. lesley coventry.

Aga, Poland
I love You James!! I think constantly about You, I dream about this, to meet with You in private

Timber from Texas
Your music is incredibly inspiring! You have definitely given music a new meaning. Keep singing from the heart. You rock!

Chelse Dwinell, Boston
Great Show and Great Guys! Come Back soon!!!!

Carol, India
the best artist I've ever heard. It's the maximum. I love him witj all my love and soul.

Lenka, Slovakia
I love him so much...

Joana, Portugal
For me the best love singer, and love songs that i hear in the last 10 years.

Jo, Gravesend
Hand on heart, Back to Bedlam is the most poignant CD I have ever owned. Each track is a joy to listen to - the beautiful lyrics, music and, above all James' gentle voice. I will never be the same again!

James Blunt is the best singer ever!

Pauline, Taipei
"Back to Bedlam" has got something extraordinary in it. Blunt has got brought in a new vision to the music industry.

Jess, Taunton

Charlotte, Ipswich
The first time I listened to the words I felt a shiver as a memory of a smile with a stranger in a tube station came back, I was with my boyfriend at the time but he didnt see!

simita mauritius
ur beautiful is a fabulous song. its my favorit song

Jen, Manila, the Philippines
"Back to Bedlam" is the best record I've heard in a long time. I love the song "High" Great job! :)

Catherine Malta
can't stop listening to your cd! you're simply the best! Thanks James for your wonderful songs!

James Blunt is the best.I love his songs!

Mark Newcastle
i love your music and i play guitar to also i love to play your songs and sing them to my mother and father---go James!!!!!!

Ilarsa, Kosova
Your voice makes me thrill in You're beautiful and the song itslef, but who is "He" in No breavery? I understand the song but I dont understand who is he?

Christia Cyprus
james blunt beautiful!!!i would like to see you closely!!!your voice is great!!!i have a friend who is the same with you!!!and i thing I m in love with him!!!because i m in lova with you and with your voice....

Lovien, Singapore
James I think you cool. Great songs.. keep it up!

I ordered the album as soon as I first heard it featured on Quicktime news in May 05. It is still in my CD player most of the time. I haven't loved anyone's music this much since Jeff Buckley. Please come to Ohio, James!

kirsty (scotland)
hi jame i love ure music , voice and you. i think its great the way men can change there pitches . your better than robbie and eminem because i listen to ure songs and sing them to my disabled brother . ure a man in a million

Flavio, London
The moment I heard one of his songs I knew he was special. Go James!
i luv all ur songs ur the best

Gill .machester
James Blunt your no. 1. your sexy

Alisha, Manchester
nothings ever made me want to go out and by an album like this one it is absolutely brill

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