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24 September 2014

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Aiming higher when the results arrive
Students taking exam
'A' level results are published on 15th August

'A' level results are out on 15th August, 2002.

Here, Isabel Warren, a personal adviser from Connexions Suffolk, gives you valuable advice on what to do when you get yours...


Isabel Warren will be available for you to talk to on BBC Radio Suffolk between 10 and 10.30am on Thursday 15th August.

Call her on: 01473 212121


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Are you dreading your 'A' level results, or looking forward to making some big decisions?

Tell us about it by sending an e-mail to:


GCSE advice from
Connexions Suffolk»

Need some impartial advice? Call Connexions Suffolk on: 0800 085 4448

Or the National Free Results Helpline on: 0808 100 8000


Finally all the waiting is over. The envelope is in your hand. You have your university offers waiting to take you on and you feel like your whole future could be decided by what is written on that one small piece of paper.

But what if the unthinkable happens and your
'A' level results aren’t as good as you hope?

Isabel Warren, Connexions advisor is here to help

"My plans are in ruins"

If you have been looking forward to a particular university or college place for months, then finding out that you cannot be accepted after all can be a terrible shock and disappointment. You might feel quite distraught at first.

But don’t despair. Whatever sort of exam grades you’ve got, you still have a wide choice of things to do, and no reason why you too can’t go on to your dream career. Keep an open mind and look at all the possibilities open to you.

Talk to a Connexions adviser, who will have information on a wide range of courses and other options, and can help you make the best decision for you.

"I don't have the grades I need"

For the majority of 'A' level students, higher education is the next step, and getting that college or university place will probably depend on your exam grades. If you’re holding an offer from a higher education institution, but your grades are lower than you they asked you for, then the first thing to do is check with them.

Whatever sort of exam grades you’ve got, you still have a wide choice of things to do, and no reason why you too can’t go on to your dream career

Isabel Warren, Connexions adviser

Perhaps you can still be accepted. Ring as soon as you can, and find out before you go any further.

If your 'firm offer' course turns you down, next check with your 'insurance offer,' your back-up plan.

"I’ve lost my university place!"

You’ve lost both your firm and insurance offer places - but don’t panic! If you’ve applied for university through the UCAS system this year, and you do not have a university place confirmed after you get your results, then you’ll automatically be entered in the clearing system.

Clearing is the process that matches students looking for places with universities and colleges that still have vacancies. While aiming as high as you can, as long as you’re reasonably flexible about which courses you’ll consider, then you probably still stand a good chance of finding yourself a place.

You will be sent a clearing entry form and some instructions fairly soon after the results come out – there is no need to contact UCAS to request this.

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