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24 September 2014
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Thursday 18th April, 2002 - 16:00 BST
UFOs - Rendlesham, Suffolk
Rendlesham forest.
Rendlesham forest
Back in December 1980, Suffolk was known for what is considered to be the UK's best-recorded alien encounter - a UFO crash landing.
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Security at two American Air bases - RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, which held one of NATO’s largest nuclear stockpiles, is as tight as usual. Radar screens sweep and blip.

On the evening of 26th December 1980 at 03:00, there is a report of a possible air crash near the perimeter fence at RAF Woodbridge. Three security officers go to investigate.
They radio back mentioning a strange glowing object in the forest - metallic in appearance and triangular in shape (2 meters by 3 meters across the base and 2 meters high).

bright fireball.
Bright fireball

What is considered unusual is the information which is logged at Woodbridge Police station. In the incident book there is a log of a sighting of strange lights in the sky.

Someone reports a bright fireball.

Rendlesham Forest which lies between the two bases is illuminated by a white light. D-Flight
of Security Police responds to a ‘falling star’ report outside the Weapons Storage Area.
Lt Col. Charles Halt, the deputy commanding officer of RAF Woodbridge was then called.
They see an object with pulsing red lights on top and a bank of blue lights underneath, hovering or on legs. As the patrolmen approach, it manoeuvres through the trees and disappears.

Later that night, an intense red light moves and pulses through the trees and breaks into five separate white objects and disappears. Three star-like objects are then seen in the sky, moving rapidly in sharp, angular motions and displaying red, green and blue lights.

One patrolman later described how the air seemed charged with electricity, how his hair stood on end and that they seemed to be walking in slow motion. He said he examined the craft which was covered with strange symbols, and touched the smooth, black, glass-type fabric. It then slowly moved back, weaving in and around the trees, to about 40 feet away, then rose up into the air and shot off as fast as you could blink. It appeared to be under some sort of intelligent control.

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