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19 April 2014
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September - October 2004
Should SnOasis be built?
How the SnOasis resort may look
How the SnOasis resort may look
A £300m winter sports resort, with a 100m high snow slope in Great Blakenham? Should planning permission be granted?

Have your say!


It has been brought to our attention by Peter Welham, of the Suffolk Parish Group, that the image used on this page, captioned 'The Great Blakenham site' did not show the entire site that would be affected if the Snoasis development went ahead.

We aim, of course, to be accurate and fair - we've removed the image from this page.


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SnOasis - official website

SnoOasis - Mid Suffolk District Council website

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If planning permission is granted, the developers say the world's highest indoor real-snow slope would be at the heart of SnOasis, a year-round winter sports family leisure resort.

The site chosen by the developers, Onslow Suffolk Ltd, is the former Blue Circle Industries cement works and quarry, at Great Blakenham.

As well as scope for 2,000 skiers an hour, there would be facilities at the resort for 13 other winter sports, including snow boarding, ice hockey, speed skating, ice and dry climbing walls, bobsleigh, luge and cross-country skiing.

SnOasis would also offer a nine-hole golf course, 350 self-catering ski lodges, a four-star 350-bed hotel, a health and fitness centre, 12 restaurants, and entertainment including bars, a night club, a four-screen cinema and a casino.

The plans also include 537 new homes, shops, community facilities and a railway station.

The developers expect the project to create around 3,000 new jobs, and predict that construction would take two to three years.


Residents and campaigners opposing the development have raised concerns about the project.

In public meetings, people from Claydon, Whitton and Barham have spoken of their fears that SnOasis would adversly affect the area.

They don't believe that local roads could cope with the increase in traffic, the developers estimate that the resort could attract up to two million visitors per year.

Some fear that crime levels would rise and that the huge development would be out of character with the rural location.

Those opposing the development have said that the resort would lead to increased noise, air and light pollution, and would damage wildlife in the area.

The period for public consultation on the SnOasis proposals, runs until September 20th, 2004.

What do you think? Should SnOasis be built?

Have your say - scroll down to the bottom of this page and add your comments.

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Nick, Ipswich
Snoasis should NOT be built. The area has become beautiful after years of quarrying. The area that Snoasis is planned for has 2 lakes that were created by the quarrying. These lakes are now stocked with fish, which will have nowhere to be moved to. The location is wrong. To get to Snoasis from the A12, Sproughton will become a Rat run, and from the A14 it means making a dangerous turn on a dual carriageway. Many of the jobs created will be specialised, and so cannot be filled from local workers, and those that are able to be filled will be unskilled low paid labour. If Suffolk has to be used then it is on the wrong side of Ipswich due to the traffic concerns. Far better for it to be in the Martlesham or Woodbridge side of the town where there is no way for any drivers to use Rat Runs

Very nice site!

Toni Diss
Build it!! Lets have some fun in this boring place!!! People who are opposed to it just don't want others to enjoy themselves!!

Xander, Ipswich
I cant believe that people are objecting to this! Its the worlds biggest indoor ski slope and will be an amazing asset to England let alone Ipswich and people are moaning that some newt might die, or it wont look very nice (better than the monotomous fields around here). What about all the jobs and tourism it will bring, these will massively out weight the disadvantages. People going on about CO2 emissions just annoy me, especially when they say why dont you just go to the alps to ski instead! Errrr because planes are much more eco friendly than a ski slope?

yeah can't you build something interesting in lowestoft? there is nothing fun around that area

Walking Disaster, bury st edmunds
i think this is a good idea because then i can go and stalk fit people :P

Mark, Ipswich
A Crazy Idea - Peak oil 2013 = Expesive to maintain a snow dome - What a complete and utter disaster waiting to happen. If we want jobs in suffolk lets build a state of the Art Extreme Water/Air Sports centre in Lowestoft - they have no industry left and have little chance of any jobs - 3,500 local jobs with Say No waysis - 3,500 very low payed burger flipping jobs just like Milton Keynes Xcape! Dont build it! Its an economic disaster in a beautiful part of tranquil rural suffolk. Godfrey Spanner - for goodness sake!

Pris, Ipswich
This proposal is bizarre and grandiose. It will wreck a lovely part of Suffolk. The only motive for it is greed of the developers. If it was a proposal just for an ice rink for locals, I would support it. But it is not. And doesn't Ipswich already have a dry ski slope? Suffolk is already on the map as a lovely place to live. Maybe local teenagers can't see that yet but perhaps they will appreciate their home county one day. I hope with the credit crunch and recssion that this awful project dies the death it deserves.

lucy, woolpit
i don't think it should be built as it will cause far too much extra traffic, and way too much pollution! i mean, we already have dreadful congestion on a lot of the roads round suffolk - i don't think we need all the extra snoasis people! and the money being spent on snoasis can be spent on much better things, like more public services and more things for young people and everything. and i like living here in suffolk with all the wildlife and countryside, and i think snoasis will be a major blot on the landscape! please don't let it go ahead!!!

Denie Fish, Bury
I Think this is a great idea cos i can go SWIMMING yay XD

bought a house in gt blakenham
recently bought a 2 bed house in the area do anyone know if this is a bad idea. will it make prices drop or will they go up with the increase of jobs and the area and the amount of facilities available in the area. i personally cant wait for it to be built am i going to regret this when my house worthless?????

i think that snoasis is a good idea in that it will encourage youths to get out and about alot more.the magor disadvantage is that it is not very eco-friendly lots of polution will be caused because of the up keep of the scheme.also this will give the local farmers somthing to do lol alice.very odd design

Nigel, Ipswich
Build it! Great idea. About time Suffolk moved in to the 20th Century. As for the environment, China is building a new coal fired power station every week and Americans are driving around in large 4 wheel drive pick up trucks. I donít think this will have very much impact.

Kylee, Bury St. Edmunds
I think that it is an absolutley ridiculous idea to build Snoasis because all we will be doing is producing more CO2 when there is no real need to. The earth is already producing to much as it is and we don't need something else building that up. We have other more important problems in the world than building new ski slopes such as the recession, we shouldn't be spending Britain's money on this when we have other bigger problems.

Kate Welby Bury St Edmunds
We have never needed this before, it is not a necessity. I believe it will make suffolk a tourist trap, and cause major problems along the A14 and A12, and suffolk will become too busy. What ever happened to making less CO2 emissions??? This is not the way forward. If people are desperate to ski, then go to the alps. There are plenty of ways to have this experience without costing the earth. I have gone skiing before, and going to a metal dome is not going to be the same.

Wesley, Suffolk & Cheshire
The project should absolutely go ahead. The country is fast falling behind the whole world in new and exciting developments. This project will bring much needed visitors from not only this country but other countries as well. The scheme will bring money into the country which is severely needed in this poor financial climate.Having read a lot of what the anti Snoasis people have to say I have learnt that there view is that a Winter Sport complex will not be successful due to its very nature of being so. Skiing holidays are a very popular choice of holiday in this country with 100ís of thousands of people commuting out of the country to ski. So the idea that it wonít be successful is totally wrong. This project is the most exciting thing to happen to this country for a very long time.

Helen, Herts with links to Suffolk
I think this is a great use for a brown field site. I'm a skating fan and, since they closed our local rink (with the promise of a new one which has never happened), I've been unable to skate. Milton Keynes is too far and cross-country and that means London. I bet if a new football stadium was planned many dissenters would rally to support it. We're not all football fans you know. How about a few "minority" sports getting a look in. After all dancing on ice is very popular and we may have had a champion skater if Liverpool had had a rink!!!!

e.g. abi, swilland
noooooooo as there will be to much traffic and it will be towering over some peoples houses and over the lovely views.

This place will rock! clearly what this country needs, a center of excellence for winter sports. We have talent in this country and it is being wasted. Lives will be transformed becuase of this. Build build build. work work work. money money money. wahooooooooooooooo

Jamie, Offton
I think building SnOasis is a bad idea, it will cause traffic which will cause polution. Building SnOasis will also destroy our landscape of suffolk.!sNOasis

Brett. Interested observer
don't tell me. The people against the development are retired, and until the credit crunch were quite happy to have moved into this rural area to retire. in doing so they have priced young locals out of the market. They own cars and go to Ipswitch to shop and do not spend their money in the local villages. Hence the services there have declined. the young locals have to emmigrate. They will not be supplying the next generation of children because they will be in London etc. The retirees are not going to repopulate the area. Thus the schools close, rural services decline which prompts more emmigration. Thjis area NEEDS regeneration and an attempt to stem the decline. It does,however, need to be sustainable and not be a quick profit for the developers. The developers are, after all there to make a pfofit. they are not there out of altruism! SnOasis will provide a big boost to the economy, increase spending on local services and in shops. In migration will be by the young who will later have families and populate the schools etc. GO FOR IT SUFFOLK!

Vendija, Ipswich
I think it should definetly be built because there is hardly enything in suffolk truly!!! And if they do build it they will do very good in buisness because everione will come again and again; they like it very much. And you will let an enourmous people down because they were looking forward to it. Counting me.

James Ipswich 11
Suffolk,what can i say?... nothing because there is nothing in suffolk!This is a great idea because it will bring jobs back into daily life.All those who disagree,well sort your life out!!!SnOasis here we come!!!

Crick, suffolk
It'll bring in jobs, tourists and give the farmers something to do over the weekend. 'Oh dear, it might ruin our lovely landscape'. We've already destroyed this planet, there's no point in clinging to the small landscape we have left when some other business will come in and build a factory, asda store, hotel.

Charli, Suffolk
Growing up in Suffolk all of my life I think this is a great idea...we need something new to this county and rather than to constantly travel to Milton Keynes to use the snowslope there this will be more local to me and other winter sports fans etc. It's annoying to see that people don't seem to want something new and exciting to this area. I have read on the SnOasis website and it states that Wildlife will NOT be affected. More jobs will be around especially as so many retailers are going into Administration at this time and I'm sick of silly know it alls who think its a bad idea.

ray suffolk
Absolutely fantastic - been waiting for something like this to happen for years, at presnt to go any where takes hours - reta for skiers beginners and those more experienced jus brilliant

Rob, Suffolk born & bred
A big no to this, sadly many posters have little or no experience of the way these ventures operate.Remember the old Ganges site at Shotley? it became Eurosports village due to its Olympic sized pool. Nobody could get to use it. Same with a local swimming pool that the residents worked hard to fund, the public could hardly get a look in due to various outside clubs having a monopoly. What makes you think this blot on the landscape will be any different? As for creating jobs, outside cheap labour rather than local workers. Maybe this current credit crunch will put a stop to it.

Sue, Eye, Suffolk
This is a great idea, it will create jobs, homes and leisure in the area. And links to London would be a great asset too as these need to be improved upon.

Dave, London
I know the area very well, its a major positive for all. A wonderful plan, its what this country needs. The youth will be benefitted by a world class venue to inspire, teach and develop into the futures stars. Not to mention the jobs this fantastic investment will bring. Surely this is more important than the Lesser Crested Newt !!!!!

John - The A140 resident
FANtastic news - Snoasis will put Suffolk on the Sporting Map alongside that great Mecca - Portman Road ! I for one am looking forward to some positive house price news as the whole area gets into the real world - and after everything the doom and gloom newt-sters had said, eh !!

Ros, Ixworth
I've got nothing against development but the fact that this is 1 of the few wild places in Suffolk does concern me. It is a home of a vast variety of life (OK I sound like a right dork saying that, couldn't think of any other ways to put it) which have been around on earth even longer than us but now due to things like these that will last a few Hundred years at the most, they are all being wiped out. We're not all selfish, small-minded busy-bodies, a lot of us don't drive cars more than we have to and recycle all our household things, along with lots of other things so if it means that a load more endangered animals have to die for it I agree, Please, Please don't let it go ahead! It's not like we don't already have loads of sport centres, and psh hotels in suffolk, and if you really want expenzive winter sports centres just move to the city. Suffolk is a country place and the country means it's a place for wildlife and if you don't apprichate that just go!

Jan, Ipswich
I am sure the developers are very conscientious and will take all environmental factors into consideration, but Suffolk does need something new and exciting, but perhaps there are some people that do not like change and not prepared to move forward.

Jan Hendrikx, Wimbledon
This is a super plan. Good for jobs, good for the environment, and high quality leisure facility.I think that the initiators deserve a thank you for the patience. The government and the some "not in my back yard operators" have frustrated this for too long.Jan Hendrikx

Andy, Ipswich
At last, some common sense. I believe this project will bring huge benefits to Ipswich and the surrounding area. For all those who were against the idea.. please move to a remote island away from modernisation and stay there!

Geoff Suffolk
It is an excellent idea,lets just get on with it!

lee ipswich
I think its a great idea for suffolk WE NEED JOBS NOW. I am sick and tired of all the people saying no, what i want to know is do you people drive cars how green are you all??? i bet you never take the bus or ride a bike to work or recycle all of your house hold waste, all of you saying no are all boring people who are trying to stop suffolk from becoming a better place to live and work if you don't like it then move to somewhere else were all the other boring selfish people live.STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU AS A PERSON AND THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE OF IPSWICH AND OUR CHILDREN WHO WILL NEED THESE JOBS THIS PLACE WILL PROVIDE. THIS PLACE WILL BE SELF POWERED USING GREEN ENEGRY SO WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

Andy, Ipswich
I think we can all now be assured that we are safe in the knowledge that the environmental affect of Snoasis is somewhat insignificant compared with the CERN project.

Heather, Otley
We need to protect our wildlife and the country side we have left. The visitors will not visit the local area and boost the economy, the roads are inadequate now this will cause major problems,experienced staff will in all probability come from outside the area leaving unskilled jobs for locals or our european neighbours. please prevend this blot on our landscape. Do not believe the hype produced by highly paid advertising executives. STOP it now Please!!!!

bob ,basildon
build it quicker the for the climate change "get a life"or a glbe and check out the size of britain "do you think all your savings and expence is going to make any differance?

Matt Great Blakenham
Fantastic Idea at last, don't be put off by all those anti's, they are very few and far between, it will help put Suffolk on the map at last.

Rosario, Ipswich
Great Idea, it might even get Suffolk noticed for something good for a change.

John, Bury St Edmunds
Thank God, its going ahead!! All those sad "NIMBYs" who can't see further than their noses need a reality check!!

Andy, Ipswich
This argument that it affects climate change is a huge joke. We are always trying to blame something for affecting climate change, used to be aerosols, then car emissions. Wonder what next weeks "hot topic climate changing cause is?"

Emma, Bury St Edmunds
I don't think its going to affect the climate as much as people think. I'm really into saving our planet but one new tourist attractionis just a drop in the ocean compared to other things affecting the climate.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich

Holly, Suffolk
You think jobs will increase?..there will be low paid, seasonal jobs, (eg, christmas).Roads will get MUCH busier, wildlife's homes destroyed and residents near snoasis, their homes will drop down in price immensly, all in all, it is a BAD idea!!

i am doing a project on the snoasis project and i have to consider both sides of the project and i think the snoasis will effect the great blakenham and other villages but overall i belive it should go ahead

jack, colchester
i go to the miltonkeys 1 and it takes 2.5 hours and its really boring and we only go up there for 1 day then come back. so me and all my m8s that go skiing and snowbording really want it 2 be built

Dr D YHork
Yes, it does seem to be a good idea. Would the 'affordable'homes be for local people though? We have found in York thar Affordable means for the rich.

Simon Cowell - Gt Blakenham
Useless, pathetic, abysmal, worthless, pointless

David, Leeds
They built an indoor ski slope near me in Castleford. I've been once and it was a very expensive disappointment. There's only so much you can realistically provide for skiing indoors. I'm sorry skiers but you're probably better off paying for a flight somewhere it snows. Or buying a big fridge and skiing down the ice tray. For those of us interestd in wildlife the site is already a landmark.

John - The A140 resident
Fantastic news today that the Project is more likely to go ahead than be scuppered by the `Suffolk Saddies Society'. Roll on 2011 when Suffolk gets dragged into the real world and we can start using it and enjoying life !

john, southampton
i'm from bramford, but thank god i've moved, stupid idea all round, and everyone is in their own ivory towers, of course you don't care about that area cause you don't live there!!p.s i hope there improving the roads as it's complete gridlock if a couple of tractors on the road.

Mark - Bildeston
the current site is an eyesore, with the developers agree wildlife plan it can only get better. Selfcenteredly as a skier and climber the sooner the better.

Dorothy Woodbridge
Hooray for Snoasis, perhaps it will cure some of the vandalism that we suffer through the 'bored youth'of our town. If there is a more interesting venue than trashing the park and toilets in the town, I am am sure that somehow they will find their way to it. I am all for it.Having read some of the 'nimby'comments I have found a lot of amusement, especially about bats not being able to find their way home........... oh dear! where do they get it from?As for displacing wild life it is more likely to benefit from the new buildings and habitat than before. They said the same about all the airports and look at the wildlife to be found on and around them.More power to Mr Spanner's elbow, may it soon be started. Like everything else it will be a five minute wonder and soon be incorporated in the local countryside as if it had aways been there.

harry, suffolk
well, it's approved... lets hope our children forgive us!

Oliver, Ipswich
Why are there so may old gits around who seem to derive so much pleasure from depriving others of fun in their lives? More annoying the most vocal of them so often seem to be people who would neither use the facility nor live anywhere near its proposed location. I'm a passionate Snowboarder and SnOasis is something I honestly dream about at night. People are very passionate about their sports, Snowboarding is something I love and think about every day of my life - it matters to me, I care about it deeply and I want to pursue it as often as I can for the rest of my life. Other people who don't understand the enjoyment we get from these things instead enjoy sitting in their armchairs having a whinge. Build SnOasis so the majority can really enjoy it, don't listen to the whingers!

Steve, Colchester
What anoys me about country folk is that they are more than happy fo farmers to create larger and larger fields with no hedgerows coverred in pesticide and fertilizer. Creating sterile environments in which wildlife cannot flourish. But let someone come up with an alternate idea and its no your ruining our wonderfull countryside. Snoasis would be a great boon to the local comunity creating jobs and improving the level of fitness for the participants. I know a lot of people who regularly travel from Colchester to Milton Keynes creating a closer ski slope would cut down on exhaust emisions and far from blighting local property values I'm sure many people would want to move to the area to be close to such a wondefull venue.

Andy, Ipswich
... or accelerate climate change by everyone driving to Milton Keynes!

Nick, Bury St Edmunds
i think it would be a great idea. The future generations would benefit for years it would also help combat the growing problem of obesity (fat people)

Francis, Framlingham
If you want to accelerate climate change build Snoasis.

David, Rainham
I think it's a good idea. It will bring revenue to the area and provide alot of jobs for locals. There is a growing interest in snow sports in the UK and and this unit will put this area on the map. Even through Europe. Alot of brits travel to the similar larger slopes in the Netherlands and beond. It's time to have our own large slope which is very accessible along with a whole host of other activities for everyone in your party/family to injoy. Gets the thumbs up from me.

Mieke, Otley, near Ipswich
I think it should be built because it means people (including myself as I am very passionate about skating) from the area won't have to travel all the way to Chelmsford to use the ice rink. It then means that we can get lessons if we want.

Holly, Ipswich
I think it's a brilliant idea and I hope that it will happen.

Andy, Ipswich
Hemel Ski Centre have just announced development starting on their new real snow centre. This centre has gone ahead without caused delays from narrow-minded locals. It is quite clear the advantages of such a build and where other couties do not even question this sort of build it seems like Suffolk locals are behaving somewhat backwards!

Elliot, Ipswich
personally i agree with the project. but there are definitely many pros and cons. to decide whether the project is going to go ahead is weighing up these pros and cons. for the amount of revenue it will be bring for the community i think will be alot more important than a family of newts. ive seen people saying that you wont be able to just walk in, you have to book. well whats the problem with that? can you just go to norway without booking anything for a day of skiing? it will also get masses of teenagers off the streets and what bad is that? people say that the main slope will be an ugly. well from the pictures ive seen it is modern and attractive. yes there will be major problems with the roads and i admit something more will have to be done about coping with all the traffic, but i think the council will be more than happy to do something when the money starts rolling in. i hear other people saying that it is a good idea but it should be moved. where ever it goes there will always be some animal living there, always be people living near by who object. i think suffolk should be privileged to have such an opportunity on its doorstep. when it opens you will certainly see me there :)

Gaynor, Gt Yarmouth
I think the development should go ahead. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the people of East Anglia to be able to ski without having to travel to either Milton Keynes or Leeds. It will use the old quarry that is just standing idle. It will provide a valuable training ground for our national team for the winter olympics. A great idea.

Zita Ipswich
Please, build it and help turn Ipswich into a modern vibrant town. It could even help to fill some of the apartments currently being built by the river and docks! Please let it be built sooner rather than later

jim, needham
What an utterly ridiculous idea. At least a few people here seem to have their heads screwed on. The asurdity of building the worlds biggest freezer at the same time as trying to reduce energy use makes you wonder what on earth our decision makers were thinking. "Suffolk: the greenest county" ? Not if this thing goes ahead!

Rob, Ipswich
Oh dear Harry, If we never utilised some of these 'nice, but inaccessible' strips of land, we would have no golf courses, foootball stadia, olympic venues etc etc etc. I'm all for protecting endangered species, but it strikes me that the developers are bending over backwards to do just that. This is precisely the type of project that we should support, as opposed to the incinerator, or such other fabulous developments that deliver us yet more 'business parks' (look at all the empty units already in the town) or indeed even more residential developments (presumably to house our growing immigrant population, which is a problem!). Which of these are really stupid and pointless?

I really really love the idea of it!i love winter sports but never get to do them due to location and money. This would be fantastic! The people that oppose this are only trying to pick hole in the idea. The shops would be fantastic. Please let it go ahead. :)

Tom, Colchester
I love snowboarding and I recently traveled to Milton Keynes to make use of the indoor snow facilities they have there. It was a two hour journey, all the while burning fuel, contributing to carbon emitions. There are similar slopes in Tamworth, Leeds and Glasgow. One argument would be to have this complex constructed near Ipswich, giving better access to indoor snow for people in the eastern region, thus cutting journey times. I would love to see this idea become a reality.

Harry Ipswich
When are we going to stop chasing these stupid pointless projects? Is it mans goal to ruin EVERY area of natural beauty? They've said it's a brown feild site when in reality it's a beautiful, fragile environment, home to endangered species. Isn't it time we grew up and stopped acting like spoilt kids; wanting the next new toy or gimmic? What will we say to our OWN kids when we take them to a hollow matallic husk of a country side? "sorry kids, I got bored so I decided to build a giant fridge on top of a load of Badgers! Here, have a shovel and clear up our mess!"When we get bored of Snoasis we could just hollow it out and use it as giant wheelie bin! I mean COME ON! WHAT KIND OF A DESIGN IS THAT!!!!!

Ellie Kesgrave :]
Think it is a good idea becuz i always bored on weekends an holidays but will cause pollution and chaos on roads

Jake, Hadleigh
Will Mr Spanner fix-it, well we don't have long to wait now. Those that are for it, and there seem to be an awful lot of you, clearly have no idea about the adverse impacts it will bring. All they can see is the apparent excitement of standing in a large fridge, experiencing a 45 second ski followed by a long haul up the slope again, and then another 45 second ski, and then another haul up the slope, and another 45 second ski and so on until its time to go to the bar. Yipee. How sad you all are. Mr Spanner's not interested in skiing (in his own words "I dont do that sort of development"). So what's his angle. Well wait and see. All will become clear in the New Year. I expect - it'll be fire v ice - a cryptic clue for you crossword enthusiasts

Simon B, Ipswich
Yes, it should go ahead, it'll be one of the few decent centres of entertainment in Suffolk, and the best - or will it? Will it be so expensive to get in, that it's out of the price range of most local people, and have to close because it's not making any money? If it's going to cost too much for the locals to use, there's no point building it at all. Plus, the snow needs to be green! - efficient use of the heat energy removed from the water to make the snow should be used to heat water used by the nearby housing development.

rosie suffolk
i think it should go ahead!!!

jasmin clark, stowupland
i think it should br build. it will bring great bussiness to suffolk and more jobs to localers.

skicharlie, bury st edmunds
yes, definitely - and get it built as quickly as possible ! It may not be the best news for the local wildlife but i think the advantages (including: energetic fun and inspiration for the young and sport-hungry,new business, jobs, etc), greatly outweigh the costs. You have to look forward to the next generations and give them some incentive to get fit and enjoy life.

nikki..jess and kates friend lol kesgrave
its a bad idea are we really going to give up on the enviroment to put a big building there. hello polluting earth!!!x

i think its a good idea but i can understand why some local people dont want to the process to abuild .

Rich, Ipswich
Build it! Why are so many people determined to prevent Ipswich from developing. Snoasis combined with new University would do wonders for the local economy and increase ipswich profile.

Kat, Kesgrave
It should definitly be built becuase it's going to create lots of jobs for people and will be really fun!!

zoe, kesgrave
i think it should be built XD

Rimini and bethen, Ipswich
we think it should go ahead! xxxxx luv yhoo xxxxx

Kate, Kesgrave...Jess' friend
I can't decide whether I think it is a good idea or a bad one. I would love to visit there if it is built but it will be bad for the environment. I would hate to see Suffolk countryside go to waste for roads (and apparently even train tracks) for tourists to visit. Why can't we leave the land that we do have left alone.

i think it is a very Bad idea...apparently if they build it, it will affect the bats flight path and they could'nt go anywhere to get food and will eventually die! i say NO!

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
So the NIMBY's want another £30k out of our Parish councils, on top of the extraordinary donations they have already received from our Parish Councils. Why are the Evening Star/EADT not investigating this angle. The vast majority are in favour of the project, and surely lining the pockets of the minority is not best use of Parish funds??

School Student,Ipswich
Hmm.. Well i Have Mixed Opinions Of This Project.We Are Doing The Snoasis Project In Year9.. And Whilst We're Learning About Good Points Of The Project.. We're Also Learning The Bad.And At The Moment The Bad Points Seem More Obvious To Me.Obviously It Would Be Fun For Something As Amazing As That,But We Could Suffer Large Consequences Afterwards.

Shanice, Ipswich
I think it wonge and it sounds really boring.

it is a gr8 idea like the one in Milton Keynes and that is a gr8 hit but we want one closer and skiing is fun and every one should have ago at it on REAl snow and not a dry ski slope. it could be used for training for the 2012 games and it is only 80 miles from london so it should be built!!!

Megan, Martlesham Heath
Its great we get to do this snoasis project in year nine, ready for exams. It would be great if snoasis is built because it would put ipswich on the map. Tom from ipswich open your eyes, if people want to ski, going to the alps adds more pollution e.g going by plane people are moaning that they want to see less planes, ferry if you go by ferry you have to drive to your destination. Its going to be a better eyesore than it already is, itís a brown field site get over it.Please let the planning permision go ahead. xxxxxxxxxx

can i ask how will it affect communications anyoone noo?

Tim, Ipswoch
We're still waiting for someone to explain how this could possibly be an example of sustainable development, which not a single one of those in favour has yet even tried to do.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
It all gone quiet over there! 'Over there' being the numpty's opposing the development. Even their website (so incredibly untruthful and biased that it has a bigger gradient to it than a downhill) has ceased to be updated. Just about sums it up - the anti's are part-time moaners and groaners with nothing better to do. The other 95% of the local population in favour meanwhile continue to deate/discuss and hope that the Government have the commonsense to approve this exciting scheme, and to see the development start. I doubt we will gloat like the anti's when it is approved, because we will be thinking about the future, and not the time wasters who have delayed the project. Bring it on.

lizzy, ipswich
i think it should be built, it will give a lot of oppertunitys for children

e.g. Cherie Blair - Relocating
I am a firm believer in Global Warming and very fearful of the rise in water levels as the north and south poles melt. Water can not be destroyed or created, so this is a good opportunity to create ice and snow to replace the ice melting at the poles. If we and other countries were to build thousands of these indoor snow centres we could retain the current sea levels. Perhaps Tom of Ipswich could then stop worrying about global warming and actively try and find a life, which he sadly curently doesnt have.

tony stowmarket
I do not think it could look any worse than the old chimney that used to pollute the area and if you take into consideration that a great number of people living in the surrounding area are outsiders or commuters are the local people being listned to. Surely the best way is to hold a referendum involving the whole of Suffolk and then decide if it should be built or not.My family and myself have talked on this matter and have decided it would be good for the area.Give Suffolk something else we can be proud of. Go for it.

Peter, great blakenham
think about the wildlife. i reguarly see badgers, deer and foxes in the area. these would be wiped out from the area.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
It will be a huge problem for those of us who live in or around Ipswich. Why can't it be built further away or within an alread industrialised area. Britain is losing too much of it's greenery, we have drastic problems with pending climate change and it is a huge waste of energy, resources and finances. Not too mention a complete eyesore for anyone within twenty miles of the proposed site. If you are someone who has to use the A12/A14 for work, domestic or social purposes then you will know that this will casue horrendous traffic problems. If you want to ski get yourself to the Alps or to the dry ski slope. It's pathetic that the human race feels they need to resort to a manmade 'snow/ice' centre. Get a life and try the real thing. The earth is already there waiting, why man needs to waste money on a fake get up is beyond me.

John, Local A140 Villager
If the locals of Blakenham, Needham and Claydon are upset - put some big conifers around it ! But dont spoil it for the majority of locals who are IN FAVOUR of the development - despite what our Local Parish (mostly old & retired with nothing better to do) Councils would have everyone believe and the press print. If this was (backwards?) Portugal it would be built by now and we would all have something to do whilst the Tractor Boys are taking a deserved Summer rest. Of course the traffic needs managing (unlike the farcical speed limits on the A140 - (Another successful project actively supported by our Local Parish Councils !). I dont ski, or ice skate myself - not because I cant - but because there's nowhere to do it ! The whole thing is an opportunity for the County to move into the 21st century and for local people to get a life ! I cant think of any other reason why our two teenage kids will want to come home to Suffolk and visit after being at Uni and seeing the real world !

Keith, Bury St Edmunds
Of course Snoasis should be built. The county is woefully lacking in good sports and social facilities, obesity is on the increase and the location selected is at present a complete abandoned eyesore.Most of the ANTI arguments have provided by strange people like Tom, who quote issues which are plainly unconnected to actual planning issues involved. As for transport issues, well it's hardly a million miles from the A14 is it? Let's get it built and breathe some life into the community.

Scott Blakenham
Being local and youngish ! when i first found out about this i was all for it! but unlike some of the other people on here who are for it i decided to check it out further and am now sadly against it! LOCAL PEOPLE will not be able to use all the facitlites its going to be more like a centre parcs for winter sports with day visitors who can NOT use all the facilities! BUT the thing that interested me was the chairman from THORPE Park and madam Tussuads and UK tourisim says that the scheme is not viable as it stands as it needs 3 million visitors a year and not 650 000 people ! to be commercially viable! It is a fact that the roads can not cope with any more than 900000 (highway agency figures) visitors a year! if there was to be any more visitors then snoasis would have to pay for the road improvements which obviously don't want to do! as for the jobs are all low skilled.With the train station this will have a big impact on the industrial estate due to the crossing gates being down so the higher skilled jobs may be lost due to a project that is not even commercially viable! so thos who live far away or live local but haven't even bothered looking in to the scheme and believing the spin from the developers.It is a pity that our local paper couldn't even be bothered to look into the scheme and believing the spin from the developers! but perhaps the editor is too busy campaigning against the trimleys and felixstowe docks developments! which is more important to the country's need than some non viable sports complex!

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
The truth is out!! Or is that another piece of fabrication has been composed by the seriously sad anti's. William (surely the most pompous barrister on earth) Upton declares in his summing up at the Public Enquiry that 'locals are not against SnOasis'. The goalposts move again and the hypocrisy of the anti's continues unabated to the bitter end. This small minority have at least been consistent with their two-faced approached. 'We are not against it per se'; 'we recognise that something has to be built'; etc and then all the public slating of the developers - the developers who have responded to the MSDC remit. The anti's are truly pathetic, and have ably demonstrated this throughout their campaign - just go to the Snoasisconcern website and read their minutes - they entirely bias, and inaccurate. Personally, I hope the scheme is approved, but if it is not then I will be delighted beyond belief if the next proposal if for a nuclear waste site and that is approved - it would be precisely what the anti's deserve.

Toni G, Suffolk
its gonna b built anyway init so get used 2 it!ps.i lurve u SANTA!

beth, cally, becky, Bury s.t. eds
woop woop. we are doing it for coursework also. it should be built but as enviromentally friendly as possilbe..... woop woop xxx

lauren, ipswich
I am currently studying this topic in business studies and i can see both sides to this debate. I understand the importance of it being a place for skiers or anyone in general who take an interest in the ski sport, however i strongly feel for the people who live in this area having to deal with increased traffic and added pollution. Maybe this issue could be solved if it is built somewhere else so everyone wins!

jazii, hadleigh
i think that it shuold be built as i am now studing this for gcse corsework and it is a very good project BUILD IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Ipswich
I am doing SnOasis on my coursework and i think that this is a very interesting topic. Personally i like the thought of it being built because it will give many a chance to go skiing if they cannot go abroad. It will be much better than the tacky dry ski slope which needs to be pulled down and the kit cleaned. However you have to take into account the farmers and the locals who have to put up woth the increase in traffic and the visual polution. Therefore this is a two sided argument which needs to be sorted out because the locals do not want a great big snow park in the field next to where they live!!!

jimmy, ipswich
Plz built it it will bring soo much to suffolk and the place can only benifit from it so what if pollution rises a little from cars traveling to and from the area. The snowais is the one chance suffolk has at being somthing different and it must be done.

Craig Northampton
Build it NOW! All you do gooders get stuffed this will get the chavs off the streets and give them something to do!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil, Little Blakenham
The more the truth comes out in the Public Inquiry, the more it is obvious that this is just a money-making scheme, that has no benefits for Suffolk. I suppose we should have realised don't believe a developer, but this confirms how untrustworthy they are.Hopefully the Inquiry will see through their lies and kick this Folly out.

Ant, Ipswich
BUILD IT, BUILD IT. Maybe then people will have something to do around here, maybe the kids will no longer drive around the one way systems in their revved up cars, or hanging out in random carparks as they have nothing else to do. The people opposing the site are simply stuck in their ways, afraid of change and have no consideration for the younger generations. We dont all want to sit at home twiddling our thumbs, watching daytime tv, or watering the plants in the garden. Yes its likely to have a negative effect with regards to pollution, but so would 5000+ plus homes that the site would likey be used for otherwise. the longer these opposers run our areas and live in the past the longer Suffolk will be the last place anyone would want to visit. Get with the times, and lets move forward not backwards.

sherri claydon
it is a rubbish idea if they want to send the world into an early grave then let them it wont be us that will suffer it will be our grandchildren

e.g. matt, bramford
it is a fantastic idea that bring more population to ipswich

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
snoasis should not be built as pollution and crime will rise and it will add to global warming

Jan, Exeter
Not being local to Suffolk, although originally an Essex girl ( no comments please!) I am shocked that I have only recently heard of the proposed development in the national press now that the public enquiry is underway. Surely this is part of the problem- so many of the comments here are about specifically localised concerns, whether for or against the scheme. Some people seem to think that the potential environmental impact is limited to the roads and wildlife of Suffolk, and that those who protest are only backward-looking nimbys or, worse, tree-huggers. But the problems caused by this type of development anywhere in the world are not just local but global. Have any of those who say Sn0asis should be built stopped to think about why the natural snow on the ski slopes of the world is melting? Thank goodness many of the comments here do make the only really important point, the one that will inexorably decide the future of the young people of Suffolk, and the rest of the world- that creating artificial snowdomes to replace the retreating snowlines as global warming takes its toll is completely, criminally insane. I am appalled that in the current climate (pardon the pun)the government can even consider such a power-hungry, elitist, unsustainable business to be an option. Brownfield sites can and should be sustainably redeveloped to meet local needs for housing and jobs.Good luck to the protesters- may common sense prevail.

build it!!1

Simon, The Earth
This is a ridiculous waste of our resources, we should be looking at ways to save energy not using it up creating an enormous fridge ! This is not a sustainable solution It looks a great idea, and annoying the nimbys would be good, but it just doesnt stack up environmentally to build this kind of thing....

John, Claydon
Of course it should be built, I don't agree it will lower house prices in the area in fact the opposite will happen if the experience of the Snow Dome is anything to go by. We must progress and move on not submit to a small group of petty minded locals who can't see in front of their own noses!!

e.g. Mark, Ipswich
I have lived in this area all my life, so the creation of this facility will affect me, i use the A14 on a daily basis so again im affected by the increase in traffic. However its my belief that people need look outside the inconvienience this may cause and see that the massive increase in jobs, tourism and revenue far far outways the down sides to the area. People are always moaning theres not enough for young people to do in this area, and they're correct, there isnt. And as soon as a development which will change that immensely comes along people try and stop it. Its just the people who live nearby that are stuck in their ways and scared of change opposing the development. The argument that it have an adverse affect on the environment is true it will have. But so does everything new thing that gets built, im assuming people who use this argument, have wind turbines in their garden, solar panels on their roof, only use pedal bikes, and never fly abroad on holiday! Stop standing in the way of progress, get off your high horse and accept change needs to happen, otherwise we would still be living in caves thinking the world is flat.

Clive, Felixstowe
The picture looks nice. Are there guarantees in place that the surrounding area will be landscaped and kept so? Decent open parkland is essential to balance or mask the industrial view. A through railway connection must be mandatory - the roads won't take it and car journeys must be kept to a minimum!

June Gt Blakenham
Please built it! Don't listen to the aged nimbys. Lets have something to bring people into Suffolk. Stop living in the past and acknowledge that Suffolk has to move with the times and that means providing jobs (even low paid ones) and building for the future. What would you rather see there? A massive landfill that benefits no one?

Rob, Claydon
SnOasis is a great con on the people of Suffolk by a land speculator who is trying to turn land worth about £3000 / acre into a site worth millions by promising a complex that simply does'nt add up finacially. It simply is'nt going to be viable - instead we will get something far less enticing. And it will be paid for by the local residents who will lose at least 20% of the value of their houses and will have to suffer gridlock getting to work and their kids to school. There are far better uses for the site that will bring real economic benefits to Suffolk - not a giant phallus to hide the fact that MSDC are rated as one of the worst local councils in the country

Alex, Ipswich
In a time of international concern for the warming of the planet, how can the British authorities justify having something like this built, when the government are finding any excuse to invent new taxes and legislation to combat global warming. It is down right hypocritical. How much energy will be wasted pumping fake-snow? Yet another vast swathe of CO2-consuming vegetation flattened and built on. If something like this goes ahead, it is proof, to me at least, that "global warming" is just another excuse for the government to make more money out of the people paying to keep this country going. Ie; the tax payer.

matt claydon
best thing to happen in ipswich if it gets the go ahead.we need some positive reasons to visit ipswich after all the bad news before christmas great for jobs and will bring decent shops to the town.if the busy boddies get there way fill the hole full of rubbish and old fridges that will be something to moan about BUILD IT!!

Stuart, Colchester
The Milton Keynes equivalent pulls people in for miles and miles and miles. Building a more local one will mean less travelling for me when I next want to go and therefore the environment is actually that little bit better off as my car won't be shoving lots of carbon in the air on the motorway journey which lets face it, is not that short. Having a more local one will actually mean an awful lot of people could go to a nearer snow dome. I'm sure the energy could be farmed from wind turbines which although people object to are a good source of energy, or even solar panels could be used. I would definately be interested in the snow dome. BUILD IT.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
Is there something in the water in Hemingstone? Raging or what? One worthwhile clarification - the booking syatem of entry is in direct repsonse to the NIMBY's who wanted numbers controlled - so dont complain about not being able to visit the centre ad hoc.

David, Hemingstone
This turkey should be stopped right now, if on no other grounds than environmental impact. How can we be expected to turn off electrical appliances, fit energy saving lightbulbs, buy the most energy efficient fridges and freezers, cut down on air travel, reduce fossil fuel consumption, use public transport, recycle what we can and generally reduce our own carbon footprint by making personal sacrifices, when something as staggeringly wasteful in energy terms like this is proposed? It is the politics of the mad. The bottom line is that we donít NEED this development and to allow it to go ahead will send out the worst possible message to people: ďyou all be good citizens and do your bit but screw the environment if interferes with the interests of business.Ē The members of the enquiry charged with making a decision should look to their conscience and ask themselves whether they want their legacy to be remembered as the people who didnít have the courage to make a stand against profit at any environmental cost, or as guardians of the environment for future generations.

Karen, Hemingstone
How small-minded can people be? I like the youngster's comments in text speak - at least comment properly if you want to be heard. Do you honestly think you will able to 'pop' in when you want to, you WONT - you will have to book in advance and its going to cost you! If it gets the go ahead and is built, you will have grown up enough to realise that your enthusiasm was short lived because you will now be living with it, complaining about the omissions its releasing and having to wade through traffic like the rest of us. Local businesses assume that people visiting Snoasis will be popping in to purchase local produce and tasting the local beer. GET REAL, this is a Centre Parcs! people will be 'queuing' to get into Snoasis and 'queuing' to get out. They won't even consider visiting the local areas and pubs. How ridiculous of local businesses to think that this will increase revenue - a great spin in Marketing and Advertising engines has given people the perception that its going to encourage Suffolk to be put on the map. So wrong! Anyone that has visited a Centre Parcs drives straight in and leaves. They DO NOT visit the local area. As for the roads, we only have to have a lorry breakdown for the traffic to halt to a standstill. HOW on earth can something on this scale be allowed to be built when we are bombarded daily with 'Climate Change' messages by government dictating us to change the way the way we live, what we should drive, the food we should eat and the rubbish we should throw out. Unbelievable! If there is ONE reason this shouldn't go ahead then let it be the enormous environmental issues. If madness happens and this gets built, then don't come knocking on my door about the car I'm driving, the food I'm eating and the fact I haven't recycled a plastic bottle!! Angry...... Karen, Hemingstone!

Pam Robinson/Gt Blakenham
I think like many others Snoasis should get the go ahead, There have never been anyone do house to house enquiries regarding this. I would say at least 75% of people are for it some don't care and the minority don't want it. Suffolk need it.

Jan, Bramford
I would be against SnOasis whatever location it was proposed for. The amount of power it would need should put us all off the idea. As for the fact that it will 'save' the environment because people will not go abroad so much to ski I think is unlikely as they would soon get fed up of going down the same slope every time (even if they would be allowed to visit for a day - which is still to be clarified)! Add to this the fact that the slope will be an ugly blot on the landscape.... no thanks. I think England and particularly Suffolk, can do without SnOasis.

sean,polstead heath
BUILD IT,BUILD IT BUILD IT,BUILD IT IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING IM GOING TO SNOWBOARD EVERYDAY AND I CAN'T WAIT.I'm so sick of the small town busy boddies trying to stop anything new and progressive from happening. also suffolkm is boring and there is nothing to do so please build it . p.s sean rocks

i think i would be a good idea because it would give the area a boost in visitors and would be all round fun.

Andy, Ipswich
Wouldn't the fairest way of finding out whether people are for or against this be to hold some kind of referendum? The results could be weighted so that the closer you live to it, the more value your vote gets.

Chris. Hacheston
Sir, At last! Snoasis will put Suffolk on the map! we will no longer be the Country Bumpkins of the past! I wish Snoasis every success with the Public Enquiry and GOOD LUCK. Chris

Tim, Hemingstone
At long last the Snoasis Developement will get a full and thorough assessment at the Public Enquiry. Something which did not happen at the Mid Suffolk DC Planning Meeting, and indeed would not have been possible bearing in mind that as the initial promotor of the scheme, the MSDC would not have been able to reach an unbiased decision anyway. Our local press and media have not had the courage to investigate the project as they could and should have. Therefore, we the general public are left to read and accept what they and the developers want you to read, which is unfortunately only half of the story. Thanks to a very dedicated few, who have given up their own time and money to digest and make sense of the thousands of pages of documents involved with a developement of this size, we will now see Snoasis in it's true light and I think many of us will be shocked by the lies and mis-truths that have been fed to us all over the last 3 or 4 years. The local press, who openly support Snoasis, have aided the developers and allowed them to conceal the real impact it would have on local communities and beyond. They have dangled a Huge carrot in front of Business and sports groups and they in turn have been sucked in. We will all now pay the price in our council tax bills when the Councils Involved foot the bill for the enquiry. An enquiry that became inevitable when Mid Suffolk DC insisted that the developement be so much bigger than the original plans submitted by the developer. You vote for these people and they in turn will cost you. It will also clog up our roads and as a result could deter tourists from coming to Suffolk rather than encouraging them. At the end of the day the developer is in it to make money and is not interested in running a Ski Centre. He will not care what happens to it once he has got his money. He will do all he can to cut costs and increase profit margins and this is where we will all pay the price if the scheme gets the green light in it's current form.

Snoasis is a wonderful opportunity for Suffolk. It will bring jobs and prosperity for our region. Think of the money spent in other parts of the world, which may well now come to Suffolk. We need to grasp this exciting development with both hands. It will be something which marks Suffolk on the map - we should be proud this area has been chosen. There may be some downside to the decision, but nothing that is insurmountable. Get on with it !

Jess , ipswich
i like snow! so it would be a great idea!

George, Suffolk
I cannot stand the NIMBYs who threaten this great idea. The building of Snoasis will do nothing but good for the local ciommunity and it is only the fun-phobic boring idiots who do not want it to go ahead. Suffolk is already dead, this is the only good thing coming its way and your trying to stop it!

Alex, Framlingham, Suffolk
I think it should it should go ahead as it would be a fantastic opportunity for those not able to go abroad to ski and we could make a suffolk ski team!!

Tom, Needham Market
Rob, suggest whatever you will. Quite what my personal energy footprint has to do with that of snoasis I don't know but you can rest assured that I do me bit (not clutching at straws with a diversion are you?). Trouble with your post is that I asked for someone to explain *how* it is an example of sustainable development - you've simply stated that it will be sustainable. Given that I've shown that the creation of such an entirely false environment and thus requirement for massive energy use, the materials and methods of construction, and the requirement for large numbers of visitors who will arrive by car, mean that it is fundamentally unsustainable you'll forgive me for not simply taking your word for it...

Rob - Ipswich
Tom, I take it by your environmental views that you do not own a car and use a bike/walk/public transport? Or perhaps you are just clutching at straws (not that I am suggesting you are a hypocrite of course). Snoasis will be go ahead; will be sustainable; and will look magnificent. Oh, and you can visit it on your environmentally friendly bike.

Cheryl, Essex
I think it would be an awful blot on the landscape. All for having amazing facilities but isn't there anywhere else it could go? I'm sure there must be brown field land somewhere. I just feel sorry for the local people. It's not fair to accuse them of whining, everyone has a right to protect the area in which they live.

David : Ipswich
Why not, I recently moved to Ipswich from Wales and heared these blinckered oldies all my life. They don't realize that the whole area will be landscaped provideing a far better inviroment for the wild life and it will also clear up an area that at the moment is nothing but a dump a unkept tip which if not built on will be turned into landfill. If its the wildlife they are concerned about there are more foxes roaming the town of Ipswich than there is in blackenham. There will be so much more wealth in the area,'is this what Lord so and so is worried about'?? No more cheap labour to farm thier land. Property prices rises and much much more, So take off your blinkers, whip and go for it. Let progress happen it works look around visit other countries see what they have done. Or do you sit there and admire your DUMP.

Lindsey, Ipswich
I believe before you make a final decision about about the site, you should visit the website of the opposition: Although, myself, I am agaisn't the development I believe you should have a view of both sides of the story. Enjoy! 12/12/06

Mike, Ipswich
Two million extra visitors per year??? Our roads can't cope with the number of visitors at the moment - how the hell are they supposed to cope with even more people on the roads? For that reason alone it should not be built.

Tom, Needham Market
To think that the environmental impact is dealt with by the comment, "a fair proportion of the energy will be extracted methane from the waste site! Now that is a practical and efficient use of available resourse/energy" shows the lack of thought that has gone into the sustainability issues surrounding snoasis. The waste site already feeds into the national grid. Snoasis isn't creating new renewable energy, it's just using that which is already created, differently. The energy impact of snoasis is therefore exactly as if it were drawing straight from the grid! Further to that, it's sad to see so many of our youngsters appear to have some kind of blind faith that our environmental problems are somehow 'in hand' - we're fixing the pollution, we can create renewable energy - even being so misinformed as to consider nuclear a 'green energy'. Given that this project is intuitively unsustainable, perhaps someone could explain how the enormous structures being proposed - built from unsustainable materials, using unsustainable amounts of unsustainably produced energy, providing services for people who have travelled there using unsustainable methods of transport - are actually an example of sustainable development?

Del, Suffolk
I think this development should definitely go ahead. Why is it that the same people who moan and whinge about people hanging round the streets causing trouble or committing crime are the same people who like to stop them from having anything to do that would possibly take them off the street and into something positive? I have read some of these comments about the environment and the development not being sustainable. So what? Do these same people protest against every single person who drives a car, leave their lights on in their home, leave their TV on 24/7? No. And IF it does have any impact on our environment it will definitely be way after the protesters time anyway. I canít see why you protesters canít get a life and put your efforts into something worth while like helping homeless or stray animals. Although, I do agree with the traffic issue. There should only be access via the A14 leaving the surrounding village roads untouched. Onslow Suffolk Ltd you definitely have my support.

Sophie, Ipswich
I think SnOasis will be wicked!!

David, Kesgrave
Why not? think of the inproved training for our winter olimpic squad as well as the trade it would bring to ipswich.

Rob - Claydon
Let's put our hands together and warmly applaud the NIMBY's for creating the potential for the 12% council tax increase. Frustrating how a small minority of busy-bodies with nothing else to do can can make us all a bit poorer, through their own self-righteous, pious rants. Sorry, but these anti-campaigners have created this mess by making much of their campaign personal. I wonder if they can be sued!

Katie + Madz Kesgrave
We think SnOasis is a great idea because there's nothing to do around our area and snoasis would be a really good opportunity to learn some new sports and stuff

Dave, Ipswich
Well stated Jordan and all the other pupils at Kesgrave who have taken the time to make meaningful comments, and to demonstrate the feelings of the county's youth. Harry has raised the environmental impact - presumably in the knjowledge that a fair proportion of the energy will be extracted methane from the waste site! Now that is a practical and efficient use of available resourse/energy. The debates continue and it is evident by comments here and on other sites and indeed by word of mouth that the VAST majority of people both local to the site and in the region are overwhelingly in favour. Interesting that the 'swell' of dicontentment by the opposition to the development managed a magnificent turnout of 250 to the sponsored walk. Personally I am still very surprised that the local press have not picked up on the contributions of our local funds being handed over to Snoasisconcern, when this action is clearly not reflective of public views. The public enquiry commences in January 2007 and no doubt the NIMBY's will rally their troops to make the usual arguments e.g. traffic, environment etc and because of the sometimes vindictive and personal nature of their campaign I sincerely hope the development gets the go-ahead. They change their arguments with the wind e.g. 'well, we are not against the development per se' - of course you are, as you have ably demonstrated with some of your more outrageous literature and claims. Shame on our Parish Councils for helping to fund this lynch-mob. A closing thought for the traffic argument - what about the fortnightly blockade by the football traffic - significantly worse than anything that SnOasis will bring.

Chris, ipswich
no way should this thing be built in claydon, or needham why bother putting itr all the way out there plus the area would totally change because of it and the area wouldnt be known as claydon or gt blakenham any more it would only be seen as "oh you know that place where snoasis is" so in truth the area wouldnt be brought alive it would be burried! i can't honestly see how some people can go and say "oh itsonly claydon it will only kill a load of animals and destroy the enviroment" yeah who cares its not their area that is getting screwed up. also who is to say thet the developers are not just out to make a quick buck? snoasis itself would be great but i beleive that the area choice is very poor planning and that it should be relocated to a more urban enviroment where the roads etc are already accustommed to such developments

xSophiex, Woodbridge would be soooooooo much fun and make Suffolk more popular but i dont live in Great Blakenham so i wouldn't have to put up with the traffic, pollution and damaging the wildlife etc.So for now im on the fence!oh and nicely said Jordon!

Felix ipswich
I have read most of the comments, I know most of the people making them, and I think is is important to point out that we are not just being told at school that snoasis is good and we should support it in our projects, we havn't even been told much about it, we were simply given an A4 booklet for the work structure told to research it ourselves. This includes writing against it, so we have seen all the opinions. So any conclutons we come to have been supported by OUR OWN research and NOT just thrown in willy nilly. We have all, for our projets, put together some kind of presentation, over a whole half term, plenty of hard work has gone into it,since we have not had any other homework in this subject when I am done I will post a link to my project so people can see that we have all put effort in and behind our decisions and thay have not been infulenced by the techers. So before you post put some thinking behind it, as we have, we've spent plenty of time researching it... That said I would like to also mention that who will the jobs and and lessons be used by? Who will get most use out of this new and adventurous ski center? We will use it, well I deffinatly will, and when we get out of school we may even get a job there... I personally am for it, but before you make up your mind, acctully think about it...

oli, ipswich
whats the point of snoasis if you can swim in a perfectly good pool. Why not make "poolasis" with a 50m size pool. This will create more interest, and be generally better

Steven, Kesgrave
"So, we can assume from those comments that our kids aren't being taught much about the state of our environment?" Just because we have actually looked at all the facts and decided that it is a good idea doesn't mean we sdon't know about our environment's state. I think that we do need to prevent polution. In fact I support sustainable energy 100% and not because I've been told to. I think that if SnOasis goes ahead, yes it will cause polution but we are also improving our respect for the environment. Nuclear, solar, tide and wind power are all being used more so I think that we can afford the pollution it will create.

Rebecca, Ipswich
I think it is a good idea that SnOasis should be built because it will bring lots of jobs for new workers, and it will encourage young people to do alot of sports. There are more people for SnOasis being built than against it!

Jodie, Kesgrave
I'm doing a project on snoasis at school. I think it should be built because it will bring a lot of fun and tourism for this area. Its sounds fun and something different from shopping and a cinema

Emma Martlesham
I commented a few comments ago and now my opinion has changed on SnOasis. Don't let the construction of it kill rare wildlife. Don't let it pollute our air. Don't build SnOasis

Jordan, Kesgrave
Unlike most people i have read through all comments (that make sense) and unlike most people i nhave come to a sensible conclusion. Yeah sure it could be an eyesore, true it could congest our roads but both sides are only looking at the negatives or the positive, people on the negative side say "no don't build it it will be an eyesore, it will kill animals, it will ruin our environment. These are all very true but the positives make a point too the bring up that it will bring money into suffolk which could be used to make our town better and it will put ipswich on the map and will attract people from all over the world so unlike most people i have been looking at this from both angles but i cautiously say build it with the money we make we can relocate the animals, upgrade schools, offer better public transport and purely make ipswich a great place to go. Go for it!!! Some of the adults ive seen have come up with personally stupid theories and it makes me laugh to prove that a 14 year old boy can outdo most of thier theories they should consider it and thier reasons pathetic so just simply let it go ahead. everytime i see a Snoasis concern van i just think what idiots the only thing that is gettinj thier message across is that they are doing bigger things to attract public attention so i callout to the people that want this great structure to be built i say go out there and gain public attention good luck to the developers and i hope they do a fine job with this great monument.

Graham, Ipswich
So, we can assume from those comments that our kids aren't being taught much about the state of our environment? The dangers we face range from climate change to the energy crisis. These are dangers that we have caused through our own unsustainable development. I really am surprised that none have brought up the sheer absurdity of these proposals in a time when we - and especially the young among us - are supposed to be more aware of the need to be green.

kerri / kesgrave
i think it should be built because there nout to do round ipswich reli apart frm cinema or swimmin and shoppin which yu get bored of once in a while so build it , it wud b fun :D!!!

Emma, Martlesham
I am alos doing a school project on SnOasis, and I think it's a great idea, but with good and bad effects. It will bring so many people to suffolk and we would be the first people to do something like this. But after reading the piece of writing about it increasing air, light and noise pollution which could damage local wildlife I am beginning to think it isn't such a good idea. Please let this not be true and please build SnOasis!!!!! If you are a local, living near where SnOasis is proposed to be built, please let me know what you think about it! Let the building of SnOasis go ahead!!!!!

ed, ipz

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
Good heavens what is wrong with these people? This will bring the area alive. Let the developers get on with it before they change their minds! Jeanette Needham Market

molly nd becky, kesgrave
we think it is a good idea bcos it can bring alot of people to grt blakenham. it will make alot of jobs which is good but it will kill lots of animals in the making. but generally we think it is a good idea. bubi lov ya xox

rachel and alice in kesgrave
we think that this would be a really good idea because then we would have something to do.At the moment we can only go into town or to the cinema but if there isnt anything decent on then we have to sit around and do nothing.We think that this would be a really great way for people to have excersise and do something thats fun. but 4 ppl hu alredy ski it wud b borin cos der isnt much variety. (rachel)

molly nd becky, kesgrave
we think it is a good idea bcos it can bring alot of people to grt blakenham. it will make alot of jobs which is good but it will kill lots of animals in the making. but generally we think it is a good idea. bubi lov ya xox

i think it would be an exellent idea to build SnOasis, as it really would make Ipswich a more well known place, and it would provide great facilities for everyone and many more jobs would be gained then lost, Say yes to a better tomorow !

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
I am 13 and also doing a project on SnOasis. I am currently researching the developers, Onslow Suffolk, and am finding it difficult to actually find a comment made by Onslow Suffolk about the SnOasis development. I think that the project will be an eyesore, and will ruin a beautiful area, which members of my class went to visit, its not a derelict site, its a beautiful home for lots of wildlife, and even though it will create jobs, most of these jons will not even be given to people living in the area. The amount of traffic in the area will be greatly increased, and several companies will lose money and even have to close down. The bad outweighs the good. I wouldn't even want to use SnOasis.

natalie ipswich
i think that SnOasis should go ahead as planned, people from all over the world will want to visit it we cant stop it from happening just because of a little area around it.

Matt, Ipswich
Yay. it will be brill. Wahoooooooo!

Steven, Kesgrave
I think it should definitely be built. It's a great idea!!! I'm doing a school project on it too and I think that it can only provide benefits on a local and national scale in the long term. The trouble is there are (I think) more people who want it built then people who don't want it built but the people who do aren't quite having the same impact as the ones who don't want it built! I mean, who else is going to usee that quarry? Farmers? No. It's perfectly suited and it'll be one the best things to happen to suffolk! Tourism is the main benefit and people are always whinging when they can't get jobs so it's a great solution to loads of stuff!!!!!!!!!

daved ipswich
i wouldnt mind because it will effct people life and animal habitat but it will be great for people and also the olmypic could take place over there in 2012 also it would be the biggest inddor place in the WORLD. this will make us more popular and we get more money because tourist would want to come here to do the 100m slope skiing

i wouldnt mind because it will effct people life and animal habitat but it will be great for people and also the olmypic could take place over there in 2012 also it would be the biggest inddor place in the WORLD. this will make us more popular and we get more money because tourist would want to come here to do the 100m slope skiing

i wouldnt mind because it will effct people life and animal habitat but it will be great for people and also the olmypic could take place over there in 2012 also it would be the biggest inddor place in the WORLD. this will make us more popular and we get more money because tourist would want to come here to do the 100m slope skiing

i wouldnt mind because it will effct people life and animal habitat but it will be great for people and also the olmypic could take place over there in 2012 also it would be the biggest inddor place in the WORLD.

jess, kesgrave
hi im jess im doin a school project on soasis and my job is to find out how it affects the country? so i would like some sujestions

x-maizy-x ipswich
hi im a pupil from kesgrave high school and we are doing a project on snOasis, but we think it should be built because we will have more custom apart from the people who live in great blakenham will get a bit annoyed because of all the traffic and there might be more accidents out there but i stil think it will a great thing to. i do feel sorry for all the people in great blakenham because it wont be a country side no more it will turn more like into a town with more houses and jobs and also holiday parks but it will also affect the nature and animal's habitats. but still people who will enjoy it hope it will be fun for you but please please please dont forget about the animals who live there.

i think it will be a good idea and we are doing a project at school about Snoasis trying to find out if it is a good idea for the local area

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
go for it, it gives us a gd chance of having fun and have a worldwide attraction. If global warming is happening then why dont enjoy our lives from now onwards

harry, ipswich
Oh dear. Yet more misinformed people who think this will provide things for local young people to do. This is, in the developers own words, a centre parcs type proposal. Do people not understand what that means? One more quick question, Rob - if you're a 'keen supporter of the environment' how on earth can you support this, the epitome of unsustainable development? Just finally, Becky, perhaps if you read the rest of the comments you would see why people are against it. With the maturity of your comments I'm sure you can appreciate that this won't bring more for you to do unless you have serious money to spend on your informal leisure pursuits. So, say NO to snoasis and say Yes to a better future for Suffolk.

Andy, Ipswich
Yes yes yes it should be built. Those small minded people who dont want it have absolutely no idea what is required for this area. Get real guys your justifications for not having it are somewhat laughable!

Rob - Claydon
Perhaps a referundam of sorts is required to ascertain a true gauge of 'local' feeling. While the 15 Parish councils have put their hats into the anti camp, I wonder how the majority of 'locals' really feel, and how they would respond to donations of up to £5,000 being contributed to the snoasis concern campaign by our Parish councils. The hypocrisy is incredible. On the one-hand there is the anti campaign initially based upon concerns about traffic, whereas on the other hand this anti campaign has developed into a smear campaign against the developer; scare-mongering though leaflet drops that house prices will be dramatically affected - negatively; moving away from the original 'logical' concerns and instead moving to campaign that is clearly 'stop it at all costs' irrespective of how many hurdles the developers overcome e.g. the main focus now is the height and scale and light pollution aspects. What is most evident is the complete lack of imagination that the anti lobbyists have with regards to not only how this development will look - it will not be a monstrous blot on the landscape, it will be an amazing structure that will put our county on the world map - those who think it is already are simply deluded or seeking a poor excuse to further justify their desparate arguments - having seen their original arguments largely swept aside by the developers previous responses. And Jobs- for heavens sake, anybody who seriously thinks that the vast majority will be minimum wage (as the anti's keep preaching)are again deluded. There will be a significant mix of jobs with wage scales at all levels. Believing that creation of new jobs in our region is not necessary is again a deluded belief, but then does that not sum up a lot of what the anti's really are - well paid/good jobs/many retired on cosy pensions and happy in their rural boring mundane lifestyles, with nothing better to do, than to campaign against anything that upsets their own personal status quo. If the anti's had remained true to their original objections then I am sure that many people who are generally in favour, would have had more time for their objections, but right now the campaign adopted by them has become very personal, distasteful and nasty. Which begs the question - why are our Parish councils funding them?

Rob Bramford
Go For It. I am a local person with a property close to the snoasis development. I must say that I do get annoyed by the NIMBY approach adopted by some. This is a marvellous development which will strimulate and improve the local area. It would have a similar positive impact to the Eden Project in Cornwall. It would be a flagship enterprise that will create jobs for the young and super leisure and recreational facilities for locals and the Nation. With the Olympics coming to the Uk soon, it could provide some facility through the proposed improved rail links to London which again sound great. I am sure that the vast majority of people in Suffolk would be supportive of such a move and certainly the converting of a previous industriail site into something more productive for the future should be commended. It is far more attractive than what was there before and people should stop being so narrow minded and short sighted. What a fabulous opportunity. Note - I am not a skier and have no vetsed interest - other than seeing the region in which I live prosper. Note I am a keen supporter of the environment and believe that this project can be integrated into the local area successfuly. I hope this view is helpful. Regards. Rob.,

Becky, kesgrave
i live in kesgrave which is near ipswich. at the moment i am doing a school project on SnOasis and its effect on the community. i am 13 and would love to have an opportunity like this so near me. although there is a DRY ski slope near me it is nothing like skiing on real snow and to do this i would have to travel to france or germany or something. But not only does it offer that but also so much more. It will offer bowling, cinemas, entertainment, ice climbing, rock climbing. the list goes on. But the best thing is that it is all on my doorstep, and there is even talk of building a train station near there so that i could get the train from ipswich to there. people from london, and all over can get the train also so that they can come skiing etc. and then go home at night (even though it will have hotels and stuff)i think it would be great not only for me and my friends but also for ipswich, claydon and great blakenham. people in the local area are striving for ipswich to be a city, so (even though it isnt directly in ipswich)why dont we give it an amazing complex like this and help it on its way. say YES to SnOasis, say YES to a better future and all thoose people who are against it. why are you? because your afraid of change, you dont want to blot the landscape? well all it is is an old quarry which they cant build houses on and in 20 yrs time they probably would of built houses all around it anyway, SnOasis or no SnOasis. so just think do you want to improve your local area or hold it back? please please please come to your senses and let them bulid this amazing oppurtunity for yound and old alike. please please please!!!!!!!

Sandie Great Blakenham
So are they actually going to build something so close to the land fill site with that foul smell that is stagnating the air over Great Blakenham. I live about a mile away from the land fill site and every day is ruined by the noise and stench that comes from the site. I have made endless complaints to enviromental agency but nothing ever gets done. Maybe with all this money being spent on this eye sore they might suddenly sit up and take some notice as I'm sure people who are going to be paying good money to go to a complex like this aren't going to want to step out of there and breath toxic fumes of household waste and whatever else they dump over there in the middle of the night.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
SnOasis, should be built, it'll give the local youths something to do & somewhere to work. Objections are going to happen, the countryside property market is overpriced with small cottages starting at £250k, us younger people have to live in the towns, meaning the countryside is controlled by the old & asset rich. These people are hardly going to look at the long term future of the population, just the effect it will have on property prices and how it will immediately affect them. We need to make some progress in this county, introduce a bit of diversity of interest into the region, get the university built, more affordable housing for local people, more jobs and improve transport links. Make Suffolk a place where people can live, learn, work & play, rather than having to travel to other areas for decent pay or quality education. More advantage could be made of the countryside, clean energy research using water & wind, oil seed rape research & production for vehicle engines. I want to be proud to live in Suffolk, instead of fighting progress we need to encourage it. We might make mistakes but its important that we try. It might even help move Suffolkís national image away from ignorance, tractor driving & cousin botherers.

Keith, Harlow
Good for you SnOasis I look forward to riding the slope. This country need to invest in more sports complexes.

Dan, Coddenham
After reading the majority of the comments posted, and knowing a little bit about the history of the site, i am in favour. This site will NOT remain deralict forever, so what are the alternatives? To build a massive new housing eastate? I think the locals would also object. I live quite close to the proposed development and i dont think it will be a bad thing. If you notice, the people who complain the loudest are the poeple who think it will lower thier house prices. This is fasile and see through.. Snoasis will get built, its just a case of when.

Brian, Claydon
As a local, I was extremely pleased to see the ugly Blue Circle cement works pulled down. The old works and chimney were an eyesore that was able to be seen for miles around. Now that it is gone, the proposal is for yet another eyesore monstrosity to be built, to once again mar the skyline. I for one am totally against it going ahead. It is not needed, or wanted in this area.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
It will bring jobs, leisure and also another option to exercise to the area. As long as wildlife and other such things are considered - why not

Rob, Kent
I dont think this should be built AT ALL, its a quick money making scheme, It will use vast amounts of water and consume vast amounts of power. If i am not allowed to fill in my old swimming pool because a family of crested newts have chosen it as their home why should they be allowed to build this "Rick kids playground" interfering with much more than one family of wildlife???

Zed, London.
I don't even live in Suffolk and Snoasis is making me feel ill, it's vile. The energy consumption for this giant baguette will be obscene, and for what? so people can ski. Whoop de doo. Let me tell the people of Suffolk a secret, the people of London are SICK of London and are heading your way, you don't need monstrosities like the Snoasis, all you need is to make sure Suffolk remains a nice place to live. Oh, and learn how to say Tuesday.

Alex, Ipswich
I cant believe anti comments, this will put ipswich on the map, and will benefit the economy immensely with jobs and tourism, and in the scale of things the locals are a minority, who cares about the mere 50 or so people living in blakenham area. Ive heard stupid things like it will ruin the wildlife, what the hell wildlife u get in blakenham? I hope that the minority doesnt ruin it for the rest of the world, because this will be a world attraction.

Kathryn, Little Blakenham
It is an awful idea. the only people who benefit from it are the people with lots of money and who don't live localy. it will be an unwanted eyesaw! a majority of people don't realise the shere scale of it. there are many unanswered questions. light pollution will inhibit our wonderful skies and there will be no financial benefits for any of the small businesses in the area. wildlife will be affected by the huge impact of the structures, noise and pollution. i am a 15 year old and 1 of the nearest residents.

Tom, Needham Market
Jeff, nice interpretation there. Surely the point is that low wage jobs are the type of jobs that a development such as this will produce - yet this won't be a facility for people on low wages. That's common sense, not hypocrisy. Steve, I live in this area and simply don't believe you. You've trotted out some tired old stereotypes there, is that down to your own inarticulacy perhaps? Rob, maybe you could furnish snoasisconcern with a photograph then? it may well simply be an oversight, since a quick image search on google doesn't bring up anything that shows a clad building, only pictures the same as used by snoasisconcern. Does the cladding reduce the height by the way, or reduce the impact at night, when it'd be lit with navigation lights?

Jeff Ipswich
The assumption by the two "Antis" that local people are too poor to afford to use Snoasis. Yet at the same time by being anti they deny these poor locals the chance of employment and housing, strikes me as hypocritical

Steve - Luton
I drove through Blakenham last weekend.....what a dump (and yes, I know Luton is), I would find somewhere more attractive to have the development, particularly as the locals I met were a bit weird (inarticulate and sinsister springs to mind). Hope it doesn't happen, because if it did their is a remote chance that some of these scary folk will move house near to to keep them where they are in their own little freaky world

SnOasis Concern have depicted the Dubai Dome as some monstrosity. In fact the pictures displayed on their web-site are of the incomplete complex. The finished Dome is cladded and the slope is actually accessed via the shopping mall to which it is attached. Sadly, misrepresentations such as this cannot do the anti-SnOasis campaign justice, particular as they continually claim to be taking the moral high ground.

Kombat Smurfette ipswich
i think this is a good and a bad idea because it will be fun and all that but it will cause loads of pollution!!!!!

Reggie, Ipswich
The scale of the main slope in relation to the local landscape needs to be appreciated. The lowest level of the slope using OS maps will be around 30m above sea level with the highest part of the site being at around 65m above sea level. By calculation the slope tube will extend some 60 or so metres above the highest landmark (this is a 20 storey building, a structure higher than the Orwell Bridge!!

Mick Bramford
I am most interested to see that the vast majority of "great! let's build it quickly ",type of comments seem to be from people who don't live near the proposed site. I like many other local people in the affected areas attended local meetings where the actual bare bones of the proposal were examined , it makes for pretty alarming stuff. How can we as local residents believe Mr Spanner when he claims that there will be negligible impact on traffic volumes when we find that the traffic surveys commissioned by his company were carried out , not at Sproughton , already a pretty gridlocked High St, but at Baylham which by comparison is much quieter , even in the comparitively busy peak times .How can I trust a company which when it produced a "scale model" for public show contrived to place the dome below the pylons when in reality it will be approx 2and a half times as high . If Mr Spanner is correct and the vast majority of local people support this developement then why is he so afraid of it going to a public enquiry when the local people will be allowed to have their say without the onslow publicity machines spin doctors getting in first. To those who complain about how boring it is living here , and how this developement will , at a stroke , reduce vandalism , kids hanging around on corners etc. all i can say is that unless these kids can afford the £80/£90 per day admission fee (Onslows own response to a local councillors question ), then perhaps they had better apply for one of the kitchen porter/ waiter/ cleaner type jobs which will result from this development , after a weeks work , they may be able to afford a couple of days skiing, assuming of course that they will be able to speak bulgarian /polish etc and so be able to converse with their workmates. his proposal needs to be called in so that local people can have their say , up to now we have been sidelined by the Onslow publicity machine , and until he is made to answer the major concerns about this proposal , all of which are documented here , then the suspicion is that he is a maverick who is prepared to ride roughshod over local objections to line his pockets

David, Blakenham
Bit concerned to see all these comments about how it'll give us locals more to do! It's a Center Parcs type scheme which will not allow daily entry - you have to book a minimum 3 day stay to use the facilities!!! So not really much use for locals at all.

disgruntled, suffolk
Although I'm a fun-loving twenty-something, I've seen a lot of changes in this area which are far from 'progressive'. Our councils, I.B.C. in particular, seem hell-bent on allowing, and actively encouraging, the destruction of anything with character, beauty and history, in the most energy consumptive way possible. The huge majority of which, are aimed at people that don't even live in this area and are on salaries that most of us would gasp at (£200,000 Penthouse apartment anyone?) And now we have Snoasis - a gas guzzling monstrous development aimed at the same market. Buy hey, there'll be jobs (for students, those living with parents and those whose incomes are boosted by various tax credits/benefits) Perhaps they can all club together on their minium wages and buy an affordable £125,000 home (yeah £800/month mortgage is a steal!) I could go on, but believe it or not, I don't like to whinge. I just wish the powers that be gave a stuff about the kind of world they're leaving us.

Jack, Ipswich
I'm a kid as well but i dont want it. theres too many cars already!

Grace, Great Finborough
i think its a great idea. i'm a kid and snOasis would provide the nearest pernament ice rink!

e.g. Claire Woodcock, Norwich

josh, hacheston
i think it should be built an exellent idea

Chas, Debenham
Snoasis has one thing going for it, snow, the rest is just window dressing. Young people in Suffolk (and elsewhere) have never had more opportunities for travel and adventure, the fact that they hang around the shops is their choice, noone else's. Operation Raleigh, VSO, Charities, Trekking, Environmental Projects, you name it, it's out there. Will someone please just say 'stop,'I'm starting to get a headache. The Eden Project, as someone else has mentioned,is sustainable and very educational and does not have a housing estate tacked onto it, therefore it is not comparable to Snoasis which is after all a scheme to make money from Government housing targets for the South East 'at the end of the day'!

Tom, Suffolk
Yeah!!! Build it!! Stuff the locals, up with self interest. I love skiing me. Traffic issues? Blah. Environmental damage? Pah. A drain on our dwindling resources? So what? The destruction of our unique rural character? Get a life, oldie! Really though, let's be serious for a second. The "Wooo, cool, go for it!! w00t!!11!" feel of the positive comments betrays the naivety of the thinking. We simply cannot afford unsustainable development. Snoasis is fundamentally unsustainable. I really can't believe the comments that accuse those in opposition of being stuck in the dark ages, when supporters are the ones proposing a development that might as well be using steam power for all the creativity in their approach to power generation.

Simon - Norfolk ( ex Ipswich )
An interesting conundrum - Ipswich people wanting it , Locals against. The reality is it sounds great, looks good in the pictures but the reality will be very different. I suspect that Onslow Suffolk are speculators i.e. they have bought a parcel of land and come up with an idea and guess who makes the money - Onslow Suffolk at the expense of everyone else. As far as bringing money to the area - Anyone been to Centre Parcs ? The only people who benefit are the owners as the people who go there are "Captive" and don't spend their money elsewhere. All that will happen is that this development will drain the economy in Ipswich and all you will end up with is an economic wasteland between Snoasis and the Docklands area of Ipswich. Won't that be nice! Yes build this in Suffolk , Yes build in a real "Brownfield" site but not where they are planning to. The A14 cannot cope now and this will only make it worse. Has anyone traveled to Huntingdon recently - at peak times the A14 is at a standstill and this is before Snoasis. Also the idea that everyone will be able to go there - You will if you have the money as it won't be cheap. I expect the Car Park of this place will be full of 4x4's from London and elsewhere. Get real people, if this was in your garden you wouldn't want it either. Maybe Mr Spanner ( Onslow Suffolk )should move to Ipswich as he sees this as such a huge benefit - oh silly me why would he want to move 300 miles away from where he lives !!!!!!

squirell, in a tree
i am jamie the squirell and i think it should be built it will bring in millions of pounds peryear

Simon, Baylham
A five second google search turned up a news story Rob: "Tourism now worth £1bn in Suffolk". The story goes on to explain that the main draw is Suffolk's rural character. I trust the EADT is a good enough source? Or would you prefer to continue painting me as the hysterical one here? And I wasn't aware that I had said organisations backing the project were any such thing. I am freely prepared to admit I could be entirely wrong, but if in an argument you find yourself unable to respond with anything but 'well loads of people agree with me', perhaps you should take a look at our history and note that the 'majority' (in this case, presumably meaning the county council, some businesses and residents as opposed to local parishes, some other businesses and residents) is not always right. Darryl, I am not against the project because it won't bring in tourists, it would be ridiculous to suggest that it won't, as it is a tourism-based project. I am against it because I think, on the balance of what I have read, the building of Snoasis will do more harm than good to the community around it.

Kelly, Bramford
From what I have read, I generally think its a great idea - housing, jobs, my concern is transport links not being suitable. However, it's not like the people of Suffolk have nothing to do...I grew up in the Sudbury area, and now live in Ipswich. There was always plenty of things for me to do as a child - and I'm only 25 now! Pubs, clubs, museums, water sports, beaches, wildlife parks, skate parks, a ski centre, shopping facilities, cinemas, rollerskating, leisure centres, youth clubs, drama and music groups, martial arts, swimming pools - all in Suffolk, and nearby Essex. If the idea of Snoasis hadn't been suggested, would we all be sitting around craving such a centre? I highly doubt it! Life is what you make it, and if you're not making much of it, then who's fault is that?

Kat, Norwich
Yes, it should be built, I would not mind it on my doorstep. You lot are a bunch of old farts.

claire colchester
i think this should be built! this country is too boring as it is, hence why there is so much crime (there is nothing for youths to do!) they have nothing to chanel their energies into! This country is too full of miserable old farts who want to do nothing but moan about the countryside, that is being spoilt anyway, by the constant building of houses! dont tell me that a ski centre would make a lot of difference! East Anglia needs something big, because its something which we lack! It would be a great opportunity for people to get a new hobbie, all year round! Im all up for it (cos i love skiing and the ipswich ski centre hurts too much when u fall over) so we need real snow! BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)...soon

John, Ipswich
Reading some of the comments here I'm surprised anyone in Suffolk ever evolved to leave a cave!

Alan Grundisburgh
It's a shame Rob doesn't know who his parish councilors are, he obviously didn't vote for them and therfore cannot complain about the decisions they come to. As an x resident of Gt Blakenham, I am in favor and if I still lived in Blakenham I would still be in favor.

e.g. john, Ipswich
Is it true that the developers have been adding positive comments to this list by adding fictious supporting claims

Maria, Stowmarket
This is the most exciting thing to happen to Suffolk - any bioremediation of brownfield sites is to be welcomed.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
Snoasis is a brilliant idea but just not in the right place. Anyone who has looked at the site and the surrounding area will see that it just will not fit in. The road from the a12 is already crowded out with traffic, especially Sproughton where queueing is a regular occurrence for all people who live there or in Bramford or Claydon. there will be no decrease in traffic as amyone with common sense will cut through to get there and not stay on the A14 for another 10 minutes - that's just the way life iS! The countryside will be spoilt for those of us who wanted to live outside the town and the view, already tainted by the huge buildingon the horizon, will be gone forever. My vote is to let it go somewhere else. PG Bramford

Tom, Needham Market
Of course, in Milton Keynes - where they already have an indoor ski slope - there are no young people hanging around the streets. There's no vandalism and the wildlife is springing from every nook and cranny. Or maybe not. This won't bring things to do for young people - unless you have a rich mummy and daddy of course... and if you have money then there's plenty to do already. I am also in my mid 20's and have lived in this area all my life. From a young persons perspective this is an absolute disaster. Just because the people planning this won't be around when climate change really kicks in doesn't mean that the rest of us should stand by while they do their best to turn us into Needham-On-Sea.

Rob _ Claydon
Great to see that the project has the backing of the Suffolk Institute of Directors and the Tourism Board and the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce AND the Suffolk and Ipswich Small Business Association AND blow me the Suffolk County Council as well. Unlike Simon I have not seen the evidence of our Tourism BOOM in Suffolk that he refers to, but no doubt he is correct, just as he has been about opposing so vigourously this development. Gosh I didn't realise that there could be so many niave and stupid people at all those organisations locally that are now backing it (even if like me they are taking the common sense approach and giving their backing with appropriate caveats)

dan. suffolk
personally i think that this project would be a great success within the area,us young people have nothing to do but the leisure centre in stowmarket and the cinema in ipswich, i can understand why some people are worried about certain issues and would hope that you have thought them through. for example, if the project would drive away wildlife, then why are the company proposing to fill the area with wildlife (e.g. fish in the lakes). i am very much in favour in the idea as it would bring money, tourism, and would provide the younger people in suffolk something to do than hang around the streets vandalising anything they feel necassery. personally id much rather have them, in the ski centre. my view= GO FOR IT!

Mark - Stowmarket
Comments on here about it being to expensive for locals to use - i'm curious if this is the case what is the cost of it going to be? Does anyone actually know? Also other comments on the Railway Gates being down 40 minutes every hour are way off the mark! It will be an additional 40mins per day! I am in my mid 20's and lived in Suffolk all my life - from a "young" person perspective it would be a fantastic opportunity - I love skiing but due to the cost of it and recently buying my 1st property I see it will be many years before I would be able to afford to go away to do this again - so opportunities like this locally would be fantastic!

Darryl, Ipswich
Simon,Why is the tourism industry behind this project? Tom, if this is only benefitting a 'minority' because of the cost then why are so many people signing up to support it?

bury st edmunds
about time something was built in this area for people to do.

John, Ipswich
My God this entire project is a travesty! How dare they compare this development to the Eden Project (see Snoasis website)!! The Eden Project is an environmentally sustainable development with the aim of reconnecting people with nature. Snoasis is the complete opposite. Creating artificial snow in summer will consume vast amounts of energy and be a burden on our already unstable water supply. I personally love skiing and snowboarding but on a REAL MOUNTAIN in the REAL elements!! Not in some Center Parcs style bubble sealed off from the outside world. And don't tag a nature reserve onto a project like this and expect a pat on the back. By all means create jobs and develop a brownfield site but why not set up a sustainable living centre like the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales or a Green Theme Park. We have to be smart with our development these days and 'smart' and 'Snoasis' are words I find incredibly hard to use in the same sentence.

Tom, Needham Market
This is indeed a no-brainer. It can't be built. It will bring limited benefits to a minority of the local population who can afford to use it. It will change our 'Most Liveable District' for the worse by destroying what 'rural character' we have left. If people want suburbanised housing and road structures, close to an indoor ski slope, then Milton Keynes is surely ideal for them. Suffolk isn't. We have a beautiful place here, bringing it into the 21st century doesn't require us to ruin it. We can work together, through the development of high-tech, science-based infrastructure, to develop in ways that fit with our rural character without having to destroy it by bringing millions of people through our already crowded road system.

Simon, Baylham
That's a little unfair Rob, I specifically said I wasn't accusing you of anything, but was using it to highlight your own flinging of accusations (such as possibly libelling the work of a Private Eye contributor) and to show how easy it is to do so rather than argue a case properly. Frankly I couldnít care less whether youíre a director of the company or completely unattached. As to the rest of it, Iím not entirely sure it is the fault of Parish councillors that you havenít bothered to talk to them, I have to mine, and theyíve called numerous public meetings on the subject in which you could have presumably put your view. And what on earth does the community response to a project in Sheffield have to do with the situation here? Good on em if itís of benefit is what Iíd say, you can relay it if you wish. Lew, Darryl, people already want to come to Suffolk, did you not notice thereís a tourism boom going on? Suffolk is also soon to be known for having the largest docklands in the UK, possibly Europe (this being in fact part of the potential traffic problem), so SnOasis is a wee bit behind the times there. As you say, there seems to be a fair bit of building going on even without an indoor ski-slope, none of which I have much objection to, which begs the question; how, exactly, SnOasis is supposed to be the driver of a change which is already happening before its first brick is laid?

Darryl, Ipswich
This is a 'No Brainer'. It has to be built. Most of the commercial bodies support the idea. It will bring immense benefit to most of the community. As has already been said, it will put Ipswich on the European Map, if not the World Map. It will be an immense attraction for the 2012 Olympics. Lets just do it.

Lew, Needham
My god theres alot of narrow minded people out there! This development would do wonders for the area. A prime example of a regeneration project like this is happening right now on the docks of Ipswich. At the moment Suffolk is known for farmers and a faultering football team, why don't we bring it into the 21st century and make people want to come to suffolk!!!

Rob, Claydon
It is interesting that the 'Parish Councils' have voted against the project in general. I wonder how much credence this will have to bear at the Planning Committe stage, as there is no way that the Parish Councils can call their views representative of the local communities - why? well, I for one and others I have spoken to have not a) spoken to any member of the Parish Councils b) don't even know who they are c) have not had our views - as residents - canvassed. It is a shame that Simon of Baylham had to have his not so subtle dig at my previous entry - For your information Simon and just to be clear, I 'happened' to be in Dubai when the Ski-Dubai project openned, and took the opportunity to go out of my way, while on my holiday to see FIRST HAND exactly what this type of project looks like in reality. Bloody fantastic! Has anyone had a go at Sheffield about them giving permission for their ski-slope to proceed? - Come on Simon, get onto the site and tell those Yorkshiremen that the Project won't work! Possibly an indication that Suffolk is happy to be a backwater, with very little of interest going on. Come on Simon - have another rant!

Sarah binnigtonn
Gr8 IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon, Baylham
But I didn't say the DTZ report hadn't generally surmised that SnOasis was economically viable. I said the report acknowledges that most of the evidence it was using was unreliable or inadequate, which incidentally makes the report pretty much useless for such an evaluation. I then added that the only similar project in recent years was a flop, and voiced fears that due to this self-confessed lack of information and precedent of failure, that mindlessly assuming success would be stupid. How exactly is any of this dishonest? Yes they advise the project be closed off to the local public, but surely that just supports the point that they think SnOasis is potentially harmful to local retail? And of course doing so simply shows that this isnít a project with much to benefit the local community at all, but a project which happens to have been plonked here because the locals donít make as much of a fuss as elsewhere. As far as the transport bit goes, I've already said my piece on that, I don't think a station will make a huge difference as far as SnOasis users (with skis etc) go, and certainly isn't going to be that useful for the local community, and is going to screw up the road system. Thatís less Ďstirringí and more common sense afaic.

scott, ni
i think it will be great in scotland you will not be able to ski all year round there eill be people from all round the uk going hear every year so it would be worth the money and noise for a few onth and if you dont like it move away from it

scott from blakenham
the prposed devlopment shouldn't go ahead as it stands for a number of reasons 1 the proposed entrance is going to be alongside the nato fuel store this will be the one and only entrance/exit what would happen if there was a fire there like a t hatfield and the site had to be evacuated !!!! 2 the claydon interchange on the A14 is 92% full the figure of the developers state that it will add another 40000 vehicles not including delivery trucks or people going to work there.! there is noway the clyaodn interchange can handle this let alone the bramford road. 3 the cost of a day ticket is menat ot be around £200 for a family of four so the local people who would like to use facility it would be cheaper to go to france for the weekend. and they wouldn't be allowed to use all of the facilities the rail station will have a car park what will stop people from aprking in the nearby roads and then walking to the station

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
Oh dear! Live in Norfolk but have a business in Suffolk-travel the country & noticed that Suffolk people are (sweeping generalisation) still in the middle ages in their attitudes to virtually anything-how sad. Yes the project has cons as well as pros & these should be addressed-but if you still want the rural idyll please emigrate Norfolk levelhead

Chas, Debenham
It's good to hear all the different points of view about this truly enormous project, there is nothing worse than the sound of one track, single issue speakers. Mid Suffolk District Council encourages housing development as does Ipswich Borough Council, hence 'The Meadows' in Debenham and 'Ravenswood' on the old green airfield in Ipswich, both were built against strong local opposition and are still controversial. The Councils are under pressure from Government to allow houses to be built but have little real control over their design, in the past Council Houses were built to high specifications but Councils do not build houses any more. They do sell the ones that are left for affordable prices though. When someone like Onslow comes along to apparantly remedy this lack of housing, they are going to be granted planning permission sooner or later. Tesco could afford to wait for Hadleigh to succumb, Bellway are busy buying up land all over the country. The best thing to do is buy shares in these house builders, at least you would have a voice at the AGM! As for skiing, it's great but creating artificial snow will use an awful lot of energy, water and plant, meanwhile there is the worst drought in living memory on the neighboring continent. How much is enough?

Tom, Needham Market
Steve from Stowmarket, you're glossing over the unsavoury. I've also read all the reports, and all of the letters and consultation responses. The report from DTZ is weak, as they say, "OSL have not made available to DTZ the full financial model, data book, and the assumptions that underpin their financial model. Therefore, DTZ has not been able to validate the appropriateness of all the assumptions or the overall financial model used to prepare the headline results for SnOasis." The protection of local businesses - vitally important so it couldn't become a glorified out-of-town shopping centre - comes at the price of accessibility to local people - that's not stirring, it's a fact. The transport assessment is by no means clear, and given the impact of the recently approved Felixstowe Docks expansion it is in fact woefully lacking.

Simon, Baylham
But I didn't say the DTZ report hadn't generally surmised that SnOasis was economically viable. I said the report acknowledges that most of the evidence it was using was unreliable or inadequate, which incidentally makes the report pretty much useless for such an evaluation. I then added that the only similar project in recent years was a flop, and voiced fears that due to this self-confessed lack of information and precedent of failure, that mindlessly assuming success would be stupid. How exactly is any of this dishonest? Yes they advise the project be closed off to the local public, but surely that just supports the point that they think SnOasis is potentially harmful to local retail? And of course doing so simply shows that this isnít a project with much to benefit the local community at all, but a project which happens to have been plonked here because the locals donít make as much of a fuss as elsewhere. As far as the transport bit goes, I've already said my piece on that, I don't think a station will make a huge difference as far as SnOasis users (with skis etc) go, and certainly isn't going to be that useful for the local community, and is going to screw up the road system. Thatís less Ďstirringí and more common sense afaic.

Steve, Stowmarket
Simon from Baylham, you are just a stirrer. I have also read all of the reports relating to this development and you are not giving honest appraisals of what is in them. The DTZ report has concluded that the development is economically sustainable, and it is also them who are advising Mid Suffolk to ensure that there is no free entry for the retail part of the development - this is to protect local retailers. The transport issues are studied in depth and it looks like the station will be going ahead, with all of the social and economic benefits that will bring.

Simon, Baylham
I don't have a problem with the houses, personally, especially if a fair chuck of it is affordable housing. If there's one thing we're short of at the moment, it's places for young people to move into in the area.

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
As a former employee of Blue Circle Cement I feel that I can add some thought to the hysteria being spoken by the objectors, firstly not all of the lakes were inn the original quarry they have been as a result of nature since the faxctory closure in 1999 I am sure any newts or wild flowers can be incorporated in the scheme, those who are concerned about noise and traffic have to remember the working quarry at the time was 24hr operation withy regular vehicular movements and dust from chalk and clay extraction not to mention the use of recycled fuels to fire the kiln. The station paltform is already there so it would not take much to reinstate it for passenger use and would provide a vital link for all as for traffic the A14 is just up the road and has a slip road in both directions which would be a journey of less than a mile to the site therefore not infringing on anybody. Hope to hear the announcement in the positive shortly

Chas, Debenham
Please note that A VERY LARGE NUMBER of HOUSES are in the plan and the whole thing depends on them being built in order to finance the 'leisure'and 'sport' parts. Also do we have any encouraging news from Network Rail about the station? A new railway station that has nothing to do with that other hole in the ground, the Channel Tunnel? I'll believe it when I see it! Any kind of development has to be judged on it's intentions first and last. Is this really anything other than a way of building a huge number of houses in an area that does not need them plus window dressing of 'Olympian' proportions? Personally, I should like to see the details of the 'Nature Reserves' that are to be created at Gt Blakenham and who is going to be looking after them. Let's all take some time to imagine a construction site on this scale on this site. The roads will need upgrading at the very least. The railway station would be great, the lakes and other features would be even greater but the houses? I don't think so.

Tom, Needham Market
What brilliant points from Pauline (and Simon). It really would be a missed opportunity if Snoasis was allowed to go ahead. Something mirroring, or partnering, the Eden project would be so much more fitting for Suffolk. We're in an age when the environment simply cannot be set aside. Snoasis will be massively energy dependent - we could have something that produces its own energy. Snoasis will be soley entertainment based - we could have something that's both fun and educational. Snoasis will provide a small number of low-skilled jobs - we could have training facilities and the creation of skilled people and the jobs to match. Yes to development, yes to giving Suffolkers something to be really proud of, yes to bringing us into the 21st century, but no, no, no to Snoasis.

Simon, Baylham
Bryan until I'd read the stuff on SnOasis, I'd never made a single complaint about any building project in this county, including some absolute stinkers (Ravenswood, anyone? Now THERE's a development which which got beaten with an ugly stick). I haven't at any point made any objections to the principle of development at the site, but I do like to be well informed about such things, and so far, what I've read has been badly planned, unlikely to be of benefit to the community and if you're a Simpsons fan, the word 'Monorail' would seem most appropriate. Are you saying this is a mindless complaint, given the way this thread has been going thus far?

e.g. Pauline, Bramford
Of course brown field sites should be re-developed - but nobody has mentioned "The Eden Project" when Blue Circle was still producing cement there was on-site a small school's centre. Not only did they explain the production of cement to local school children they also had a small nature reserve and links with local school encouraging a "green ethos". What a missed opportunity for Suffolk if Snoasis is adopted when - we too could have our own Eden Project - economically sustainable, providing jobs, tourism, education and a discrete entertainment venue (remember Dido at Eden). Notcutts and Otley College would have been ideal developers, NVQ students could receive training on the job there. Local farmers could provide Suffolk food for the restaurants. Those people who have visited the Eden Project will appreciate how a top tourist spot can also be environmentally sustainable. Do your children, grandchildren need a casino, artificial ski-slope at such a cost to their natural environment.

Bryan (Kesgrave)
for goodness sake get the project started.All those objectors would complain if there were nothing to object about! As for Jock of Scotland`s comments why travel all that way for a facility that is dependant on the weather?,Milton Keynes is closer but again why travel when the facility could be close at hand?Iam not a skier myself but I love watching people enjoy themselves.Get it done,I say.

Jim, Needham Mkt
I can't wait. After all, isn't it the beauty of the mountains, the breathtaking views, the awesome nature, the sheer reality, that makes skiing the sport of Gods? Oh, hang on, this will have none of that. Think I'll head to the Alps...

Jock, Scotland
In case you people hadn't realised, there are 5 REAL ski resorts in Scotland. We also have an indoor dome being built in Glasgow. This things seems like an absolute waste of money!

Simon, Baylham
Not to echo the name of Suffolk Cynic in any way but you were at the opening of the Dubai project Rob? How interesting that you, as an entirely unbiased member of the Claydon community, should have travelled so far to see it... Not a personal attack you understand, just an observation given your willingness to claim conspiratorial motives in others without evidence. As I have lived in the community for 15 years, and have heard (if anything, there is a lot of apathy) a great deal of concern, primarily over transport, but increasingly over the economic problems, particularly after the DTZ report raised so many questions and the Parishes have found so many unanswered questions, even the planning department have continually complained, perhaps we are moving in different circles? Incidentally, yes of course Private Eye are going to go out of their way to attack a one-off development in a backwater of East Anglia, I mean as a nationally read investigative magazine, their only function in life is to needlessly retard business startups isn't it? They donít check facts first, surely? As for jobs, I believe the main complaint is that Onslow seem to have suggested 3,000 jobs, before admitting it's more like 1,400 full-time, then being forced into allowing that only 800 will happen in Suffolk, and of those, basically few will be better than minimum wage or will require experts to be brought in from out of the are. This compares to the Ďuninspiredí Orion business park which would provide high tech, better paid jobs in the market, which is of course saturated in the immediate area. For a well-read guy you certainly seem to be missing some big points there, no?

Cassie Hammond
It is going to rule i always loved sking but my rib bones kept on getting snowed in but it is bling pukka. woob woob ruff ruff

Kristian Johnson, Creeting St. Mary
Brilliant!!! There's nout 2 do round here so this would be amazing. It looks great aswell, really modern. I love skiing and soon everyone will.

Jenny, Shotley
This is a fantastic opportunity for Suffolk to have a world-class facility and unlike some other proposed developments (Ganges) it is in the right place and could be easily accessible.

Tom, Ipswich
no no no think of what all the traffic will be like just spare a thought for those of us who have to live near it. it's going to be horrible

patrick Needham Market
I do so hope the project becomes a reality for the sake of my extended family in the area. It will surely bring opportunities for work, pleasure and housing in what at present is a rather drab area.

Rob - Claydon
I live on the doorstep of this proposed development and over the past 2 years have monitored and observed peoples written and verbal reactions to the various pro's and cons. I have also been the recipient (as a local resident) of some propaganda directly opposed to the development (clearly written by a jouranlist/ex jouranlist, but unfortunately anonymous - merely headed 'lets just say we have too much time on our hands'!!). I would have respected such viewpoints had they been balanced, accurate and attributable to a source. Likewise, I have noted reference to the piece that appeared in Private Eye - again, as a local I know this was devised with malicious intent to discredit the proposed scheme - and written by a local resident (of Sproughton - allegedly). It is unfortunate that person(s) opposed to the plans have resorted to personal attacks in order to put across their objections. Initially, these same people adopted the approach of identifying the issues that concerned us all e.g. viability, longevity, roads, rail, crime etc, but seem to have taken the step to up their campaign as they realised the ground swell of opinion both locally, regionally and nationally was overwhelming in favour of the project - albeit subject to caveats. Primarily relating to assurances on the issues mentioned above. Yes, Suffolk is a beautiful part of the country, and yes the cement works were an eyesore, and yes the new development will cause an element of inconvenience to local residents in particular. However, surely people are not blind to the potential opportunities this can bring to the region. Aside from the jobs (which opponents constantly question - why? are they too comfortable in their own little comfort zone and not particular bothered that there are people who do not have employment or who would love the opportunity to change occupation and move into the leisure sector!!), there is also the prestige this development will bring to the region (seriously what else do we have they would compel large numbers of visitors to detour to Suffolk? - this site would be the base for our winter olympics team - is this not a great source of pride for us regionally and also a wonderful opportunity for our children to have something to be proud of and aspire to!!)resulting in increased tourism income, and openning the way for further new business opportunities. So, in conclusion, for those who have 'too much time on their hands', I would implore you to review the reasons why you have taken the stance you have and take take a more pragmatic view of the proposal (but like us all still wanting clarifications to the reservations we all have). Finally, I was at the official openning of the SkiDubai project and it is a fantastic development. No, I am not a skier, but I do recognise that as wonderful as Suffolk is we need to move forward, and another retail park is simply not the inspiration that is going to achieve this!

scott gt blakenham
It is surprising when you read on here how many people are ill informed about this project!!! have read alot of different arguements for and against this project ! and as it stands i am against the idea! Isla from gt blakenham whilst in principle i agree with a lot of your comments the current proposal DOES NOT include any road improvements the train gates will closed 40min in an hour so can you imagine the amount of traffice going along the bramford road (boltons cafe) with the 400 homes being built plus all the cars going to snoasis then all the local traffic going that way due to the train gates being down! now Isla you say your studying ARCHITECTURE well then perhaps you should go and read the proposed planning application where it clearly states little change to the roads As for someone saying it will not be seen it is only going to be 60ft shorter than the chimney so the only people who won't see it will be the blind ! As for Alex from Herts stating it wil improve transport how ! the staion is a seperate planning application and the railtrack what ever name they are going by this week do NOT want the station as the train lines are near to full, and is exepected to grow even more with the expansion of felixstowe and harwich docks. although if the station does go ahead it wil cause more traffic problems as the statics show the train gates will be down 40 minutes out of 60 minutes so how can this be good for the businesses based at the industrial estate across from the gates ! Not only this the local resident will have all these great amenties which we will NOT be allowed to use! Although the people staying there will be able use our local amenities! so the local pub will no longer be full of locals ! Now it may seem i am against this proposal which as it stands i amnot if they can tick all the boxes like sort out the roads, the rail crossing, and let the people of the neighbouring villages use the facilites ! let them havesome sort of a user card etc but if they don't tick all the boxes then it shouldn't go ahead if they don't improve the raods this will all also put the people coming to the Snoasis off and then it may not be viable althoguh i think it may not get the go ahead due the fact there is not enough workforce available! they are already struggling with the house s etc what going to happem when they start the olympics, felixstowe and harwich docks all very important big projects in a relativly small area! scott gt blakenham

suffolk cynic
For those LOCAL people who think they will gain free access to sample the "delights" of all that SnOasis may eventually have to offer I would merely say...carry on dreaming. The Economic Impact Study highlights that a fee is to be charged to all people not staying overnight on site to DISSUADE locals. In other words, this isn't designed for us the locals but for those who will be able to afford it. Check the report on Mid Suffolk's web site if you are that interested in facts as opposed to the developer's hype and misinformation. And by the way is contributor Matt Frohlich from Barnet related to Peter Frohlich one of the directors of Onslow Suffolk Ltd - surely not tho it certainly is an unusual name !!

Simon, Baylham
Tbh I couldn't care less about the bunnies/trees, I'm only really interested in how it's going to affect the community it is built in. As I have, I think, amply demonstrated on this page, I've got a fairly strong grasp of the economic and social aspects of it, and they seem anything but positive. What I'm not going to do is getting bowled over by slick advertising campaigns or pie-in-the-sky promises like some sort of child. I'm all for useful projects (I'm very much pro the Orion business park plan for next door which DOES seem useful), but they've got to be realistic and positive for the community, which this isn't.

Tristan, Ipswich
It is allways nice to here comments from people like James, Suffolk and Simon, Baylham these are people that love to get on there soap box and have there say and good luck to them. The fact of the matter is there are some people that aggree with you and some that dont and I am on of hopefully the majority that don't. The group of people that you represent have had many victorys in preventing things being built. hows about letting this fantastic project go ahead. somebody mentioned it could be a flop but like any new venture there is allways going to be a risk if the developers think the risk is an acceptable one well so be it. If the explorers of yesteryear had your approach we would still be living in caves. wouldn't it be great to have an iconic development such as this go ahead in the region. I have just come back from france acouple of weeks ago where i met a lot of skiers and snowboarders whom when questioned thought that the project sounded amazing (of course i didnt mention all the little animals that would have to move house ) but the concencis of opinion was "cant wait", "its got my vote", "when does it open", "see you there" and so on. What a great training facility for promiseing britsh olympic atheletes, it would be nice to have the chance at some to get some more gold medals dont you think. lets hope it gets the green light its definately got my vote lets hope the tree huggers dont get there way.......

James, Suffolk
*Claps hands for Simon from Baylham!* Thank god we have someone who has read more into this than, 'ooh, it's so cool' (pun intended!). The economic reports highlight a host of flaws - which is no doubt why they are still so lacking in real detail. If they were properly detailed then the flaws would be further highlighted! Given that Spanner also made it into Private Eye recently with his other business ventures his credibility must surely be slipping. No to Snoasis!

Eddie Tricker
I am very much so looking forward to the building of the Snoasis project it will be very exciting for people living in the area. Please let it go ahead i beg you!!!

Simon, Baylham
Again, Gareth from Cambridge, perhaps reading the requisite literature would be helpful to you? DTZ's report, which does at least have some fairly in-depth economic data about job numbers in the area, raised concerns that actually, the jobs market is saturated in that area of Suffolk, to the point that they are worried that Snoasis might not be able to staff itself properly. Further, if Snoasis is built, it impacts negatively on the possibility of Orion business park being built next door, which is a higher-tech, better-paying business to have for the area providing better full time jobs, using less resources and impacting favourably on the community as a whole. On that subject, what the hell are you talking about 'fitness-based jobs' for? The 'mcsmile' jobs would be in hotels and for very little money - I doubt that will then go into skiing at 30-50 quid a go. On travel, as the project hopes to draw people from Europe, that promotes more flights, not less. The building will stand higher in the sky than the old chimney, and will be a visible eyesore for miles around, if you look at the mockups.

Gareth, Cambs
Of course it's viable. Some people need "mcSmile" jobs, Less plane travel CUTS pollution, It's in a hole in the ground, you won't see much of it, there are a distinct lack of jobs for those who don't want to or can't work 9 to 5. Besides, how many of you that are against this project also moan about the number of kids that are on the corners or fat? A job in a fitness based place that's cool (pun intended)may well help that a little.

Laura, Coventry
i think the snoasis is a truly brilliant project that has my full backing and i hope that all goes well in construction.

Simon, Baylham
Um, first of all Alex from Herts, perhaps it should be time for you to butt out of a discussion which has nothing to do with you beyond your personal holiday plans. Secondly, I have also seen the plans, and live next door to it, and it will neither be quiet, nor unobtrusive. Thirdly, yes they do do £350m flops, as evidenced by the only comparable snowdome built in Tokyo in the 90s, which closed a few years ago and is now being bulldozed. Fourth, not only is the competition (if you look at the business plan) not just the UK but the whole of Europe - most business is supposed to be drawn from European skiiers - but it is in direct competition with the already established Xscape, which is closer to the major transport hubs than us. Fifth, Transport is not being significantly upgraded bar one train station (and how many people take their skiing equipment on holiday via British rail I wonder?). Business is not going to improve for the area,either, the best the DTZ report (which I have also read) can manage is to say that, given the available evidence, which they repeatedly said was vague and unreliable, the negative impact would be minimal. That's all I can be bothered mentioning off the top of my head, but perhaps you should do some research before mouthing off?

Harold, Ipswich
Alex, given that you start your post by claiming nuclear to be clean, you surely aren't expecting to be taken seriously? Nuclear waste is not clean, and there are STILL no solutions for what to do with it. Uranium needs to be mined. The power stations themselves require immense amounts of energy to build (energy created using dirty fuels). Since you show such fundamental misunderstanding of environmental matters, then I for one find it hard to take the rest of your bluff seriously.

Dani, Harwich
I think it is a great thing that is going to be built. However I was wondering whether you have thought about of all the wildlife living in the area you are building on. Where will they live? How about you plant a tree every time you cut one down? at least the wildlife would have a option. It's not all about humans, the wildlife clean the earth. So how about you do them a favor, and then others would do the same and would enjoy ski-ing on ice then on another's property as that is all people think about these days!! Thank you.

Matt Frohlich, Barnet
Is it going to be built yet??? i really think that it is offering great holidays and it will promote the area, so local residents will be having an easier life, with tourists bringing in money to the area. i dont think that the small problems could affect the building of such a great thing.

Alex, Herts
Methods of obtaining energy are changing. Methods such as nuclear are far cleaner and are highly successful. We already have the technology to run vehicles on water or electricity at respectable speeds. It will take some time to change over due to the money to be made on petroleum. However the technology is there. I truly believe that there is no need to panic over energy concerns. I have to say that I am shocked at what some of the locals to Suffolk havc said on this site. Really it seems they are worried. The vibe I got is that they are generally anxious and nervous people who are scared of anything new. Perhaps this is due to the traditional routines of their lives and thus they must lead a very simple life. Take Jan from Barham for example. She thinks that skis are made of wood. Jan; skies are no longer made of wood, they are made from flexing fibres and metal. As for a development, guys your not the guinea pigs of a weird scientific experiment. Itís a leisure centre and there are many developments like the one proposed in Suffolk that are of the same scale or far bigger all over the world including poorer countries like India, Thailand and Dubai. In fact Holland, which isnít much bigger than 3 or 4 of our counties, houses a dozen one with a 500 meter long main slope and they have all been a great success. Guys not being funny but do you really think someone would invest 300plus million pounds into something that will flop. This is big business and with that comes hundreds if not thousands of highly professional marketers, planners, researchers, developers and of course sound investors. When taking on a project like this, extensive research is carried out. The locals and local areas will be seriously taken into consideration. Noise pollution will be low, its all indoors! Transport WILL be greatly improved which is a good thing for the whole community, as I doubt it would be if the project didnít go ahead. Business will be greatly improved for the area. I would be proud to live near the site. Iíve seen the plans and it looks smart. Some of these leisure centres can look a bit OTT but this site looks like it would be really beautiful with lush lakes, lots of trees and a white building. I know they are just rough drawings and planning permission hasnít yet been granted but it does suggest that they want to create something very special and not something tacky. OK. Now competition: How many ski shops are in the area? If there are any its called competition and this isnít a bad thing for the consumers or the businesses concerned. Competition exists in every community and it always has done. What do people do at market stools? They shout out their deals to compete against their neighbours. What do pubs compete againt, Ö.erÖ. could it be other pubs! Thatís right, thatís life and thatís business and guess what, it doesnít destroy the community, it develops it!

James, Suffolk
What a terrible threat for this area to actually get something which other areas would be stupid not to defend themselves against. The whole area at the moment is returning to a classic rural landscape. If it goes ahead Suffolk can get something that will destroy everything that is good about this area. There are a few comments on here which talk of "well it will fail" - yes that is a certainty but it is far better to just hope and hope and place your faith in the good developers to help us reinvigorate our communities. Stopping this needs the support of everyone!!!

David, Barking
What a fantastic opportunity for this area to actually get something which other areas would give their eye-teeth for. The whole area at the moment is a dirty depressing eyesore. If it goes ahead Suffolk can get something to be proud of. There are a few comments on here which talk of "well it will fail" - yes that is a possibility but it is far better to try and make something work than give up at the first post. This needs the support of everyone!!!

Simon, Baylham
I was very interested in the independent economic report on this subject which has come out in favour of Snoasis because it doesn't impact 'too heavily' on commerce in ipswich. Sadly, this is unlikely to be the case for Stowmarket, Needham, Claydon and the other 'small hick towns' which are not large enough to be a commercial draw in themselves. Disregarding the red herring of the Snowdome (being built after the failure of a similar project in Japan and alonside another in Dubai, competing for European custom with the French Alps) the whole point of the development is to be totally self-sufficient for amenities, meaning money will not flow outwards into the rural suffolk economy. More than that however, it will flow inwards FROM the suffolk economy, as it takes custom away from smaller shops in much the same as ASDA and Tescos have done. Frankly, seeing small towns die off under the weight of a monstrosity such as SnOasis doesn't appeal.

James, Suffolk
It's a shame that people are prepared to set their critical judgement aside simply because they like the sound of something. There is no 'taking environmental concerns into account'. The project is AT ITS HEART unsustainable. It's snow, in suffolk, all year round. What kind of double-think does it take to see the creation of a completely fake (and energy intensive) environment as somehow sustainable?

Heath - Stowmarket
This is something that the whole of Suffolk should get right behind. Having lived throughout the UK I feel that Suffolk desperatly needs something like Snoasis to help promote the county and bring new business into the area. It will be a major boost to the local economy. As long as the environmental issues are taken into account I can honestly see no reason for sund minded people to oppose these exciting plans. Youve only got to visit places such as the Eden Project in Cornwall to see how well a major new visitor attraction / experience can be built and ran that help enhance a county. Do not let this fantastic opportunity slip past us. Belive me the area desperatly needs an injection of excitement and interest. I should imagine that a lot of small minded, untravelled locals will oppose this, all I say to you is get your car, get on a plane and see whats out there becuase your only kidding yourselves if you think Suffolk is perfect as it is. Please please build it

Tom, Suffolk
Given that you're talking about the feelings of those living nearby I assume you've noted the numerous objections from local people held on the public Planning file? Because they certainly are numerous. Oh, and if you're going to be critical of grammar, it helps to get your own comments in order - "studing" ? "The danger we face is not of being too modern, but, rather of not being modern enough to recognise that sustainability must be at the heart of development issues." Me, just now.

Isla, Great Blakenham
I see only 2 entrys from people that live in the village and they seem to be from the same guy! Isn't it those people that will be affected most? I am a student studing Architecture and think it is a wonderful idea, it is time that Ipswich moved with the times, every one opposed the Willis Faber and Dumas building now it is an ICON OF GREAT ARCHITECTURE. As for "me and my family think it will be an eye sore, the chimney was bad enough!" That just shows how uncouth Ipswichians are, should that not be "my family and I"? The chimney was a wonderful landmark that stood for decades why can't SnOasis be the same for decades to come? "The danger we face is not of being too modern, but, rather of not being modern enough" Richard Rogers, July 1989. Ask the people of Great Blakenham! With more and more houses being built in Ipswich every day do we not need more jobs? Yes we do! Do not be so narrow minded as to think that they will build with out altering the roads or the transport services It is part of the profession to take access into consideration. Stop languashing in the past, move on, move up, build SnOasis!.

Jane, Suffolk
At last! People are finally becoming aware of the disaster this could be. It IS unsustainable development, and in these days of energy depletion and climate change, we must be stupid if we're not taking sustainability seriously.

Tom, Needham Market
Letting this go ahead would be an environmental disaster. It will NOT be sustainable, and no amount of marketing bluff can get around that fact. I'm amazed so many people seem able to gloss over this fundamental problem just because it sounds like it might be "cool". Yes Suffolk needs development. It needs a boost. What it doesn't need is Snoasis.

e.g. Rita, Sproughton
700,000 visitors per year. 2,000 staff So the developers are talking about having a station built. Wonderful. Maybe they can get the rail company to have a service that isn't two carriages once an hour on the line as well! And while they are at it, perhaps they can have a dedicated junction off the A14 so access can ONLY be gained off the A14 rather than foul up the local roads through nearby villages.

John, Kesgrave
So people would rather have the eyesore of a disused quarry rather than a leisure facility. What is it with people in Suffolk? I've never known a more miserable bunch!

Julian, Barham, near ipswich
i think there would be a hec of a lot more traffic as Great blakenham is right next to barham/claydon and me and my family think it will be an eye sore, the chimney was bad enough!

Jan, Barham
Surely the result of people strapping planks of wood to their feet and sliding down an icy incline in the so-called the pursuit of pleasure, is certain to end in tears! Has anybody given any thought as to how the Ipswich Hospital, Accident and Emergency department will be able to cope with the inevitable influx of casualties?

Dave, Barham
It seems that Britain will become a net importer of Gas within the next two years and I am concerned that we are about to squander our precious remaining supplies on an ill-conceived and wholly unnecessary scheme. Local people have been labouring under the misapprehension that this facility will be at their disposal, when in fact, its sole purpose will be to make money for itís shareholders at an unacceptable cost to the environment.

marcus, bungay
Yes! We need this to go ahead. People always moan even when we are given this huge chance to have such an outstanding venue right on our doorsteps. Yes It will destroy some green areas, use fuel, but do all you moaners turn off the tap when brushing your teeth? enough said. Fingers Crossed!!

harry, ipswich
Seems like people are setting their critical judgement aside so they can support this without having to think it through. Yes, on first thoughts it sounds cool, but then so did Tokyo. Do we really want to be lumbered with a struggling out of town shopping centre in 5 years time?

Jim, Ipswich
The said proposals for the above scheme appear to be very good..job prospects in the area and imcome...and to put Suffolk on the World map!!

Neil, Lucy, Tony and Sophie. Felixstowe
yes it should be built because we need maor sporting facilitys

graham, bramford
I live nearby so like many other locals am concerned about the traffic impact, but my family also love the sport/social life that it would bring. If it is not outrageously expensive and they can do it without causing major traffic disruption, then i say go for it

luke, Ipswich
i think snoasis is a bad idea and it will cause a lot of pollution

Adam, Ipswich
It is a great project for the area. People that have said that is is unsustainable. Please look at other UK sites where similair schemes have been created such as the Xscape projects in Milton Keynes & Castleford. They are really great, and very successful. Have a look there. I think it should definately be built

Rob, Gt Blakenham
I love skiing, and I work in the industry. This would be a great development for the area and might give me a reason to spend the winters at home and not in France or the States

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
This looks a fantastic development! Why shouldn't we live for the future. Yes, I can understand the concerns of the outlinning villagers, but sometimes you have to think about the future for the generations ahead of you. Get it built as soon as possible and live a little!! Rose Needham Market

jen. needham mkt.
Itoo am tooold to enjoy it myself but I think future generations will enjoy such a project Move with the times suffolk

James, Needham Market
A place is only as boring as the person enjoying it. This is not going to make life more interesting for most people - most people won't be able to afford it at probably £80+ a day. That said, it might make life more interesting, but whether you'd consider environmental damage, unsustainable energy consumption, unlikely commercial viability, increases in traffic, light pollution and an out of town shopping centre when the skiing fails as both interesting AND beneficial is a different matter.

Andy, Bury st Edmunds
East Anglia needs a development like this, lets face it there's not much else going on in the area... its soooooo boooooring The people who say it will bring crime are still living in the past, I believe it will have exactly the opposite effect! Everyone I know is hoping it will go ahead asap. Wake up Suffolk, move with the times and give the people something different for a change!

Neil, Ipswich
Again, if moving with the times means creating completely unsustainable developments then people ought to give some thought to the kind of world we'll be leaving future generations. Anyone noticed that energy prices are going up? Well this is going to use a shed load of energy.

Another case of local people not wanting to move with the times. No wonder its known as a hick town. Get it built quick before we miss the chance to improve this dull area.

Vicky, Needham Market
The project is being built on agricultual fields - well, 95% of the site is agricultural fields. An EIA was done, bats, newts, various other wildlife issues. It's the traffic assessment and the economic viability study that are taking the time. Remember, a similar venture in Tokyo recently closed because it couldn't make enough money.

Rob, Gt Blakenham
Build it! What else is there to do in our region. Whilst we have great countryside, what else is there to do, especially for the younger generation. The project is being built in an area of wasteland.

`james, Ipswich
t's a goog idea BUT more thought should be given to creating a sound infrastructure to support the development and the movement of visitors and staff. This means better public transport and better roads. Has their been an environmental impact assessment been done yet? Last thing Suffolk needs is a badly planned development(look at the mess made of Ipswich town centre in past decades). Let the pressure be put on the developers and local councils to produce a sustainable plan benfical to visitors and people living in the area.

Neil, Ipswich
The comment about giving future generations something to look forward to is surely laughable when applied to this proposal. This type of unsustainable development is exactly the type of thing we need to avoid if we want future generations to enjoy the environment that we do.

Steve, Suffolk
Of course it should be built! There's precious else of any use to do in Suffolk. It seems the local councils are only interested in maintaining the staus quo, not investing in Suffolk as an interesting, lively county with plenty to offer everyone. "Keep it small, quiet and cheap" seems appropriate for their motto. The people who live in Suffolk deserve more facilities, not less. Busy-bodies protecting their own back yard (NIMBY's) should get real. In order for places to survive and thrive we need high and even world class venues, not an entire county of quaint little villages with nothing to offer. I'm sick of there being nothing to do here. Maybe it would be good for the local economy and even better for the young people of this county/country to enable then to compete at international level in sports that they would not otherwise have opportunity to.

bryan (kesgrave)
Whilst I am too old to benefit from the facility I am all for it.We hear only too often fron younger peole"I`m bored we have nothing to do".Well there would certainly be plenty to do at somewhere like SnOasis.Having visited the Snowdome at Milton Keynes(as a spectator I hasten to add) it was a real joy watching youngsters and adults alike thoroughly enjoying themselves. There are also some people who enjoy the types of job that would be available,remember not everyone is a high flier There are those who object on enviromental grounds who probably attend football matches and speedway matches in Ipswich who could not give a `toss` about noise and inconvenience caused to the residents surrounding the stadia. I`ve said it before, get a life you objectors and give future generations something to look forward to.

Tom, Suffolk
Where have all the other comments gone? Of course it shouldn't be built. (Being born and) Growing up in Suffolk - I'm so sick of small minded busy-bodies trying to pretend that anything new is necessarily progressive. It will be a completely unsustainable development, too expensive for most local people to use and the vast majority of jobs created are going to be unfulfilling, low-paid, anti-social hours, "Smile for the Customer" jobs. Please please please don't let it go ahead!

Kim, suffolk
Of course it should be built. Growing up in suffolk - I'm so sick of the small town busy boddies trying to stop anything new and progressive from happening. It will be a fantastic development, great entertainment and it'll create loads of jobs. Please please please let it go ahead!

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