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26 July 2014
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October 2003
Teen Survey Results
Teen Survey results.
The Teen survey is out! You told us, what the best/worse things are about your parents, issues on sex, being under pressure and lots more.

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BBC: Teens

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Key Findings: Parents and Teenagers Study in East Anglia
Regional Highs and Lows: East Anglia
Responses from Suffolk Teenagers
More info on Talking Teens

Key Findings - Parents and Teenagers Study in East Anglia

Best/Worse things about parents
Love and humour were parents' top qualities according to teenagers today, but their money was almost as highly rated.

In a survey, half of teenagers agreed that the best things about their parents were the way they show their love for them (52%) and their sense of humour (51%). However, financial matters were almost appreciated as much as 46% claimed the money their parents gave them was one of the best things about them.

The worse thing about parents today according to teenagers was their mood (43%). Parents seemed aware of this as they predicted teenagers would claim this was their worse quality.

Fashion, or possibly lack of it, was also a concern for teenagers as 28% of them claimed their parents dress sense was one of the worse things about them.


Teens still find talking about sex with their parents difficult as only 24% felt able to talk to their parents about it. For the majority, 62%, sex was a subject they felt more comfortable talking to their friends, not their parents, about.

  • Parents, however, seem less aware of this as 41% felt their teens could talk to them about sex.

  • 9% of teens felt unable to talk about sex with either their parents or their friends.

  • 39% of teens also claimed that boyfriends/girlfriends was one of their biggest worries.

Under Pressure

Depression was a subject half of our teens, 56%, felt more comfortable talking to their friends about. However, 7%, felt unable to talk about depression with either their parents or their friends.

  • 25% claimed that them becoming depressed was something their parents worried about. It appears, however, that parents were even more concerned than their teens realised as 34% expressed concerns over teenage depression.

  • 37% of teens felt that death was one of their biggest worries.

  • The results show that the main reason for arguments between parents and teens was the teen's behaviour - 69% of teens claimed.

Money, Money, Money

One of the best things about parents according to nearly half of the teenagers, 46%, was the money they gave them. Only 28% of parents though felt teenagers would say money.

  • 18% claimed that the money their parents gave them was one of the worst things about them!

  • 37% of teens claimed money was one of their biggest worries - 27% of parents worried about their teens spending.


Teenagers today feel undervalued by society, as only 13% agreed that society values them.

Over half of teenagers, 56%, also felt that they get a bad press.

Parents wish list

40% parents of teenagers welcomed the idea of flexible working hours.

They also agreed that easier access to teachers (26%) and a parent advisor in schools/colleges (24%) would be useful, as would better info on drugs/alcohol/sexual health (23%) and GPs with specialist expertise in teenage health problems (24%).

Celebrities (National Results)

So which famous people do teenagers today most admire? The range of answers was vast, but the three most popular people were…

Christina Aguilera (9%)
David Beckham (4%)
Eminem (3%)

Surprisingly parents predicted the same three people when asked who they felt their teens most admired, but in a slightly different order…

David Beckham (5%)
Eminem (5%)
Christina Aguilera (3%)


Teens were as equally worried about their appearance as they were about their school work/exams (53% and 50% respectively).


62% teenagers felt able to talk about faith/religion with their parents.


10% of parents felt isolated from their teenagers.

Just over a fifth of teenagers, 22%, said that their parents could make them happier by giving them more freedom and to stop treating them like a child.

For parents, the main thing which would make them happier would be for their teen/s to talk and listen to them more (14%), but equally for them to do more housework (14%)!

Regional Highs and Lows: East Anglia:

  • What they can talk to their friends but can't tell their parents:

    Average (51%)
    Highest in East Anglia and Wales (56%)

  • What they never argue with their parents about:

    Clothes I wear
    Average (34%)
    Highest in East Anglia (38%)

Responses from Suffolk Teenagers:

What is the one thing your parent could do to make you happier?

  • Not argue about what I choose to wear. (14, female)

  • Find a good job that pays her the amount she deserves and needs. (13, female)

  • To make me happier I would like my parents to listen to my opinions with out their opinion and them starting a huge argument where they always have to be right. (14, female)

  • Become easier to talk to. (15, female)

  • Give me more personal space. (16, male)

What's the best thing about being a teenager today?

  • More opportunities open to you. You now have more options and guidance. (male, 16)

  • All the cool electronic equipment. (female, 18)

  • I'm not sure. (female, 15)

  • Not having to work. (female, 16)

  • Nothing special just all the privilege's that other people didn't get when they were 13. (female, 13)

What's the hardest thing about being a teenager?

  • Everyone is suspicious of u. Like your are going to attack them or steal something. And the way people judge you. (female, 14)

  • The fact that no 1 can be who they want to be without someone criticising them.
    (female, 14)

  • Me being gay. Its a hard life for me and my sexuality because some don't like it and some do. (male, 14)

  • My opinions being valued by people like Blair. (male, 13)

  • That everyone thinks your being offered drugs and things at every opportunity when you know the risks and if you take them its your decision. (female, 15)


If you want to find out more information about the Talking Teens click here:-

Teens Survey.

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zara lou
hey i am 18 and a single mum to a littel girl. i have 12 gcse all as and bs and i just got my a levles gettign abbc and i start uni this sep to train to be a teacher. i love my girl and do nto regret having her at all . i may be a single mum but am loving it

I Fell pregnant with my first baby boy - Edward Kingston, - to my boyfriend of 3 years Connor. when I was just 14, and in year 9 at school. At the time I was absolutely petrified but knew straight away that I wouldn't be able to face abortion. My only other options were to keep him or to give him up for adoption. Me and Connor spent weeks deciding which to choose - my family promising to stick by us no matter what we decided - but as soon as I we saw our baby in my 12 week scan we knew we had to keep him. Connor dropped out of school and got a job so that he could support me and the baby and we now live together in a 2 bedroomed semi-detatched house that we own out-right - we bought the house in 2006 I was 17 and Connor was 19 and we are still living there now with our two children - Edward Kingston and our little girl - Emily Honor - the point is not all teenage mums are the same and i feel that some (if not most) of us are unfairly steryotypicalised -we do not all cost the tax payer an extreme amount of money and in some cases we do not cost them a single penny.I did not wish to fall pregnant and due to my beliefs could not face abortion - I love my two children and would give my life - let alone my arm - for them anyday of the week. So please - don't judge us before you know us

Natalia, 16
im 15 and just gave birth to triplets on 10th June. It was such a shock to be expecting triplets because its unusual enough normally, never mind with teen mums too.. It was really hard to tell my mum and dad and they were really disappointed but they support me 100% and i couldnt be without them. I have 2 boys and one girl. Alfie Reuben, Emilie Grace, and Noah Benjamin. I wouldn't change them for the world, but I've had so little sleep and its so much hard work. But its worth it to see theyre big blue eyes looking up at me every day :) good luck to everyone. x

Shell, Leicester
Please stop congratulating teen pregnancy. It's just encouraging them, and like it or not teen pregnancy is a big problem for this country, especially financially.

, 17
hi, i m abigail and i m 17 and i have a daughter her name is zoey.and i love her so.....much.i was 15 when i found out that i was pregnant and i was too scared to tell my mum about it. first when she found out she was surpriced but she couldnt say enought cuz she had me at 16 almost 17. but....yeah time passed every thing is aiight and now the twinkle of my eyes is 2 now..muuah love u baby...

Stacey-Clare, 30, Leeds
I am a grandma! My eldest daughter Chelsea, 17, has a girl Chloe, 3. My other daughter Amber, 14 has a girl Destinee. I have 5 other children, Callum, 11, Shannon, 9, Tyler, six, Chantel, four AND Kay-Liegh, 3. WOTS RONG WIV TEEN MUMX?!?!?!?!

Kira, 13, Liverpool
I Know A Girl Who Is Pregnant And Is 14 But She Is Really Happy That She Is Pregnant She Loves Babys...Good Luck All The Teenage Mums....xxxxxxxxxxxx

i respect all teen mums, im 15, i had my 4 month old daughter in november 08 and found i was pregnant a month later, im now 12 nearly 13 weeks gone, i wouldnt change my baby + bump for the world! im still with my little girls dad and the bump has the same dad, we live in our own flat and my partner works, i go to school and my daughters in nursery! we have a good life just because your a teen doesnt meen that you cant have everything a older mum has!? go mums! i love my daughter, bump and boyfriend to bits! Xxxx

Chrissie 17, Hope Cove
Hi, I've been reading through your comments and feel much better about myself for it! I have 2 beautiful little girls Amy 2, and Madeleine 7 weeks. I did my GCSEs when Amy was 6 months old and I got all As and Bs. I am now doing a performing arts course for my A levels and then I will take the girls to live with me in London so I can go to Italia Conti performing arts school. My boyfriend moved away when I was 4 months pregnant with Maddy and I have no doubt in my mind that its for good. My parents and friends are so supportive and love my girls to bits! I wouldnt advise getting pregnant as a teenager, but also wouldn't condemn a girl who did. Children are the only thing that matter at the end of the day! I'd give everything up for them, in a second!

Chelsea, Bradford
I'm 14 and have twins Destiny Armani and Chanelle Paige! luvin bein a mum! :)

Tracy, 18
Im 18 and trying for a baby, i am single, but i lvoe childern, and i do know whats involved. I have yearned to have and raise a chils for at least 3 years now, i dont work, i live alone, but i beleive the most important thing is love, not money.

Amy, 14
Hey. I am 14 and really want a baby but haven't even started my periods. HELP.

freya, leeds
i got pregnent when was 13, i love my daughter very much, there isnt anything i wouldnt do for her! i really cant understand people who think that having a baby young is the end of your life. i went on to get 7 A*s and 8 A's at GCSE, i i am now studying maths physics biology art and buisness... just goes to show having my beautiful baby girl was the best thing to ever happen to me x

harry 15
i am 15 and have 2 girlls and a boy magdalena rose,3, bobbie edith, 2 and angus freddy 8 months its hard but i love them all tho bits and couldnt imagian life without them im taking all my gcses early as im clever and am going to collage and hopefully uni my boyfriend of 4 yaers has stayed ehith me all this time and i love him we have plans of marrage as he has preposed im not stupid and our families are 100% supportive some people want kids older than others but for us it waas just the right time

Jessica, Brighton
Hi everyone, I would just like to say everyone on this is insperational and I am so proud of all of us single mums. I am 18 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. I became pregnant at 15 twice and had 2 abortions which I deeply regret, The thing about abortions is they dont show you the reality of what actually happens and no one can predict how you are going to feel after going through with it. After having two abortions I fell pregnant for the 3rd time but unfortunatly miscarried. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and extremly happy but I am worried as I do not have a partner and am facing being a single mum I would never have another termination cause I have seen what the realitys are anyone looking to have an abortion should see the pictures from the documentry on abortions from the BBC a little eye opener for us all. having been through 2 terminations I would not recommend it at all. Cause unfortunatly you cant turn back time as much as many of us wanted to. I didnt want to have either of my terinations they was not my choice and I deeply regret being pressured into it and the end of the day there is only one person who knows what you want and whats best for you and that is yourself. As for all the girls on this site who are pregnant and have not told there parents and dont no how to , Write them a letter if you fid it hard. Explain how you feel and what you want to do remember its your body and believe me once you have told them it will make things so much easier and they help soooo much. My Mum was abit shocked at first she thinks im still abit too young but after a couple of days to think she has come round and is now very exciting about recieving her first grandchild. Remember no one has the right to judge us for being or soon to be single teenage Mums who are they and what do they matter to us. As long as we are all happy and we all stick together we will all be fine.As for the people coming on to this site and leaving discuridging comments what's the point in it im sure they're are other sites agaist us that want to hear you views why not go on to that site and air your oppions there as I don't believe any of us want to hear it. Congratualtions to all that are soon to be mummies and a big well done to all that have done it and are gone trough with it. If we stick together we can do this with or without those lowsy men. Muchious Lovious to all of the Yummy Mummies and gorgeous bubba's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

my name jade and im onli 13 ive got a 6months old baby called lauren i thought my mum was going to be mad at me but then she was alryt about it she help me alot and im still wid my boyfriend called hayden i love ma lil gurl and my boyfriend n my mum 4 bein there for me everyday.but it your decision if you want to keep it or not.

Aged 12-13 in december had a baby boy called damatreus hes so cutie would die for hiim <3

Lexie, London
hey im 17 with 2 little girls sienna 4 and mia 1 i live with my bf and we both work. i work part time whilst my mother looks after the girls i think the main thing is to have support love isnt enough! u need money, patience, organisation... the list goes on. stop congratulating teen mums all we have done is had children. most women can do that! luckily 4 me i have alot of support from ryan, his parents, my parents and our siblings. and my bloke would never walk away from his princesses. just enjoy ur life remember it can happen anytime just live ur life 4 now! x Lexie, sienna and mia. x

katrece, bradford
hi i am 17 i have a 15month old baby boy i love him so much.just wonna say don t let people judge us coz where young and have a baby we should stick 2 gether.when i had my baby he turned my life around i whent back to school and every thing now i am at collage doing what i wanna do

wasted life
you might love them now but wait

helen london
hi, i'm 16, 17 in december, i forst got pregnant when i was 14 but i miscarried, i then got pregnant again when i was 15, but had an abortion, i'm now pregnant for the 3rd time,with my wonderful boyfriend. i still live at home with my parents, but that suits us both fine for the time being. in a couple of years when we're used to parnethood,and we've got the money, we're going to move in together. i wish all you young mums the best of luck in the future, dont listen to the haters, they're just jealous of what you have achieved. well done giiirls xxxx

sasha, bristol
i am 16 and jst had a abortion i was 16 weeks but i really want a baby but i am scared wot my mum n dad will say again if i get pregnant but i dnt know wot 2 do. HELP plz

jess 14, barnstable
your amazing all you teen mums, truely inspiring, wish you all the best x x x

Tammi Ipswich
hiya well im only 14 and i have triplets 2 girls and a boy i still go to school but i go about 2 times a week and then get home schooled i love my kids just as much as any one else in this world if my kids had to die or me id go straight ahead with me no hesitation. ok i was a bit of a slut losing my vaginity at 13 but oh well i felt that i loved scott just enough to tske that chance he lives with me now as his parents passed away he is only 14 too. we are trusted in my house and my parents help out alot but i realised that you don't have to lose your vaginity to prove you love some one do it because you want to and are ready and be prepared to love your kids you will be expecting just like any other mum. they are just coming up one in a few days and throughout this past year i have learnt os much more it can be quite hard to cope with at first but you get used to it as loving your kids is 500 times better than loving your pet all i got to say is ignore everybody you made that decision because you wanted to if they don't like it then just say look i have 5 kids to prove how sensible i am and loving after the first one they would of been able to see.i love my kids and scott! xxx tammi xxx

katie london
i am 3 months preganat i AM 17 YEARS old i cant wait when my baby comes this is the best thing thats happend to me my boyfriend is so happy he cant wait to so for all the teen mum out there big yourself up because if u know ur a good mum and all people do is say ur to this and ur this thay should look at them selfs

Elissa - 17
Iam 17, Have a daughter and have one on the way. I am currently living with my boyfriend,who is working. I really enjoy being a bother however i was gutted when i found out i was pregnant again. I was due to start college and it messed up all my plans.However i know i couldnt get rid of my baby, so iam looking into alternatives for education this year. Probably do a part time course, or even study at home.i know i have to, to provide my children with the best they can have.All my friends and family are really supportive and my boyfriend is excited. Being a mam is hard but i still find time for a social life. Id go on a night out with my friends maybe once a month, and they aways pop round to see me. However i wont be going 4 a night out now for another 9 months! and probably another 3 - 4 months after that. But i dont mind its all for a beautifull baby who i know i will love. I hate it when people judge teen mams,and think we are all the same cos we are not. The majority of us have really got our heads screwed on and are determined to make something of ourselfs.Plus i think giving in your teenage years to care for a baby is amazing,it shows that to sacrafice that your love for your child is so strong, amazing and ofcourse unconditional.

Jessica .B from Victoria
I am 17 and my finance is 22, he was just released from a psychiatric ward. He has had herpes for the past 3 years we have known each other for 7 years and have always been dating on and off now he wants babies but almost everyday he tells me that im too young looking for him but he says its just from his medication that he feels that way we had sugar this year together thats why he went to hospital he never cares how im feeling and hes always feeding himself never thinking of others i wish i could turn back time. You see i have been emotionally and physically hurt from 2 years old and it still hasn't stopped and i expect the pain to never leave me. I started smoking pot and binge drinking at 12yrs old to get away from everything but that just gave me depression, anxiety, insomnia and i cant stop cause it puts me more into the zone than when im not on anything. The whole time we have known each other we never did anything out of respect for my family! I have always chosen him first but no one would let us be together and now we are finally together 3 years l8er but for some unknown reason he is scared to commit, and worried to be intimate he said it wasn't me, but I choose not to believe him after all the stuff he has said to me, how could i believe him now i don't know what to do I see him as another person now and its too hard now being with him when I have to care for a grown male that wants a sex change as well! I need to clarify my thoughts now Ill post again soon! lol

im 19 nd think in preg, when can i find out if i am, im still living at home and my partents would kill me if they found out. im still with my b.friend the last 6 yrs and we are engaged he is very good to me and i no he will support me 100% if i am

Abi, leeds
I am 14 and had my first baby when i was 13. i kept it a secret until i was past the abortion date and told my mum. she was a little angry for about a week but she then decided that it was my choice. Just tell her the truth after last abortion date if you want to keep it. personally i do not believe in abortion. i am not 14 and pregnant again with twins with the same boyfriend.

well done to all u teen mums it must be hard ... just look after u child u will be ok :):) xx

e.g. Alice, Dundee
Hi I'm 14 and I've self harmed for about 9 months now. It all started when someone I knew talked about their self harm and depression to me. Now I am so scared that I will make someone else start as well if I talk to anybody about it. I told my friend and she almost told the school councillor! I told her I have stopped- but this was a lie because I haven't and I have no intention to. I NEED to self harm because it's the only way I can express my emotions and stop feeling so crap and to be able to hide my depression better. I hate myself and I'm always telling myself how horrible I am. But I don't want help... Confused? So am I!

IM kadie im 15 and have TWo beautiful children. I had my first when i was 13 nichali-james he is beautiful mixed race and hazel eyes i wouldnt change him eer. && Amy-jane she is 5 months old . people say young mums are irresponsible and lazy . im in youth college and i spend much time as i can with my children .There dad jamal is amzing and we are planning to get a flat soon =D in moston. I cant wait . i wouldnt change them for anything.

i am 16 with three children

I had my son when i was 19 got pregnant when i was 18 and am 20 now. I feel really blessed to have him but at the point when i got pregenant i never really tought about it much i just went with the flow my child father was so ready to have a baby he was the one who wanted to have it i never thought about it at all i think i did it more for him becease i was feelings o lonely i came from another europe country to the uk and he was there my friend my everything he made me happy and wanted to have his child after he keep talking about it till this very day he helps me a lot but i still feel lonely i dont have friends i dont go out i dont have fun anymore am most of the time moody and tired i still go to college and i will keep going until i reach my goals but life is sooo tuff with a baby single or not single its a difficult job i thought i could handel it but i cant i am forcing myself everyday thank god i got my child dad in my life he does support me a lot with that i dont know what i wouldve done without him gosh am so stressed out girl think before you take a step thats where i went wrong but thank god and i just have to make the best out of it i only wish i had some teen mums like myself as friend its nice to have someone to talk to and hang out with your kids together besides your partner its still nice to do those girly girl stuff and i am just hoping i will meet some one day may god bless all of you!

Abi, devon
Heya i am abi i am 17 years old i have 6 children an i am say that yes it is hard at times but my children are my pride an joy. My oldest is Caleb who is 3, then i had twins they are called Toby and Seth who are 22 months and i then followed with tripets Keira, Katie and Kayla who are 3 months old. All 6 of them are happy, healthy an most of all loved. In the future i plan on having more chilren. I live in a 4 bedroom house in devon.

am 18 nd was wiv my bf for 2 yrs we lst a bby thn i got pregnant again he was fine at first but now he wants nthn to do wv us i really fort tht ths bby wud make me happy agen but as much as i kno ill love her a wish i had ov waited til i was older x

sammii,, birmingham
im 16 and 3 months pregnant im gettin really worried about money but my mum has been the best she was really upset when i told her but she has been so supportive i love her so much. im going to be a single mum butt he thought of that doesnt change anything my baby comes first in my life not a loser who thinks he can come in and out of my life.. but yeah just gettin ready to revise for my GCSE's hope all is goin to go well.. i am really proud of alot of girls on here who have actually faced upto there problem at such young ages my heart goes out to all of you.. i thought i was young at 16 but you girls amaze me xxxx

BBC Suffolk
If you're upset or anxious about this subject, or any other emotional topic, there are people who can help.There are several organisations that exist to listen and provide free, confidential help and advice. Many people find these services helpful and we encourage you to contact them. Here’s a few we’ve recommended in the past:Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90Childline: 0800 1111Cruse Bereavement Young Person's freephone helpline: 0808 808 1677

found out im pregnant im only 14 but i could never get rid but i dont no how 2 tell my mum shell freak help w/b

love kids and all ways wanted loads but just found out i might be pregnant and am terifide of what my family wil do and say i just dont know how to tell them. help

Jane, New York
Hey, I'm 15. I just wanna say to all of you teen moms, I'm very proud of you guys and look up to you for deciding to keep your babies and abort. I love babies too, but I'm definately going to wait until a bit (7 years older) older. :)

my 16 year old sister jus had a baby, and i can see how happy she is wit her. i knw shed do anythin 4 her baby. and ill support her all the way.luv u sis.

Mandy Tree
Im 15 and ive got a two year old son called Milo and 6 month old twins Mary-Cate and Ashley i live in a council house and my boyfriend is in prison im pregnant again and i cant cope.. :(

BBC Suffolk
If you're upset or anxious about this subject, or any other emotional topic, there are people who can help.There are several organisations that exist to listen and provide free, confidential help and advice. Many people find these services helpful and we encourage you to contact them. Here’s a few we’ve recommended in the past:Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90Childline: 0800 1111Cruse Bereavement Young Person's freephone helpline: 0808 808 1677

I'm a 19 year old mum of one, and as much as I love my son, if I could turn back time, I would never have gotten pregnant. I became pregnant at 16 and had a termination, after which I became literally obsessed with babies. I thought that a baby would make me happy and take away all the pain I still felt over my abortion. Although I love my son dearly, I really wish I had waited, as it's so so so hard. It's not just the sleepless nights etc etc (my 6 month old is still up 2 or 3 times a night) but it's the isolation from your friends and your "old" life aswell. It's hard listening to what your friends got upto on their latest night out without you, or seeing them buying new things that you just can't afford, because buying things for baby always comes first. Stupid as it may sound, it's the little things that I used to take for granted that I miss the most, like being able to meet my friends in the pub on a Friday afternoon, getting dressed and putting on my make up for a night out, being able to shower when I want and not waiting til baby is asleep. I would say to anyone thinking of having a baby young, think really hard first!! I know you will have heard this before, but you are only free to enjoy being young once, so try to do if for as long as you can before bringing another little life into the equation, because once you do, it's not about you anymore, your child has to be put first.

im diane im 19 from scarborough i already have 2 children (4,2) and im pregnant with my 3rd child...half on you girls on here its all bout having babies,, i dont think you all realise how much work,time,care,love,responsibilty and menatl work there is to go with having a baby,im a single mum and have been through hell and back ie social services,post natal depression,having my children taken away cause i was so young,everything is perfect now..if you want a baby and not at 12 yrs old!! then you owt to think bout everything,research it all talk to mums etc..dont just jump into it for a house or to get your rent paid n not work..not the way to go!

Danielle, manchester
hi can some please give me some advice it might sound stupid but im 17 dis month n av 18 month old twins n av found out im preg today i find it difficult with twins n juggling college but i dont feel right avin an abortion but is it fair to bring another child into the equation s im not only a teen mum but a single mum i really dont no what to do help me plz

Im 16 with a 2 year old son. He is my life! <3

Fizzy Strawb, Bristol
Sometimes love is not enough for a child. What about financial and emotional support? Is it fair to ask grandparents to look after your child while you finish school? Accidental pregnancy is one thing, but use contraceptives till you can make that decision when the time is right for you. Good luck!

Harriet, Surrey
i realy want a baby but am onli 12 wot should i do?should i meet any boy get preggers or meet a nice boy who will care 4 a baby and wait til i am olda...?PS i relyyyy wanna baby

hey there, im 16 and dont have any children myself, i am studying childcare and midwifery next year and have alot of respect for teenage and single parents. people shouldnt judge anyone or think that they are worse parents than older women but i think as long as you care and love your child/children and can support them (like food etc.) then thats all that matters.good luck to you allxox

danielle orsini
my name is danielle and i am 14 with a new born baby and i wouldnt change it for the world .its the best thing that ever happend to me and she chaged my hole point of view i had to the world she makes me want to get up every morning and live life the way u should her name is alexiyanna i no thats a very long name but its differnt so hey ....

britney :)
am pregnant and dont no what to do i avnt told anyone at all am 4 month gone

ashley 18
hi i dont ave any children i have respect for teenage mums as they are facing up to their responsibilites and i dnt believe in abortions why kill ur baby wen u have brought it into the world i do child care at5 college and im training to be a nanny and hyave my own nursery i love children so look after them but i dnt agree with 13 - 14 year olds having sex and then babies their only children theirself use protection xxx

Freya Highland
I'm 18, I don't have kids, I'm going to Uni to be a Midwife in 6 months, I'll see all the babies I need to and won't have to breast feed any of them, I get the best of both worlds, why don't some of you 15 year olds follow in my foot steps and do the same, not to mention you get paid to do it!

Nikki, York
I think when you're ready you're ready, even if you become ready for parenthood AFTER finding out your pregnant. My friend who's 15 is 8 months pregnant with her first child, she's having a girl and I'm with her all the way! Nobodys quick to judge as she's a sensible girl and we wish her all the best. I love her to bits! x x x

kayleigh kent
when i thought i was goin to ave a baby i wanted to die when i found out it was a faulse alarm i was so upset. u could neaver imagen what it feels like to be a mum and i want to say good luck to all the young mums and dads out there just love your kids and thats all they will need

Rebecca, age 18
im expecting my first child and id be 19 when ive had my child. i feel so amazing and that im going to be a mum! its brill but ive dun my career and im a hairdresser and beuatician and the manager sed i can take my baby wen im working cos shes got a baby! life is just brill 4 me, take care xxx merry crimbo n happy new year!!!

elesha, essex
teen mums r beta dan olda mumz coz they av more energy to play wid dere kids and more tym to spend wid them. Big shout out 2 all teen mumz i respect u all!!!

Im onli 15 and had twins a month ago i love them to bits and do anythin for them. life goes on

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
i go out wiv someone and she has told me she is preget my parts will go mad but oh well

I have a 11 1/2 month old son, I had him when i was 15 years old, I am now 16. But i wouldn't trade being a mum for the world. Yes, it does get hard, and No i didn't choose this.. but every moment and every struggle is worth it. <3

Winnie the pooh, 100 acre wood
hi buddies I think ur parents are like the bad guys... u need a hug... by the way do you have any honey? yummy

saz, mansfield
im 19 & got 4 kids, lil boy (6yr) and triplets(2yr). single mum aswell :) i would die for my children. yeh its hard at times but oh well.. take care x

amy, devon
I first got pregnant at 14 but had an abortion...i got pregnant again a month later and kept it i love my daughter

liarna, 15
i'm a mum myself and its true wot was said if i was asked 2 chop off my arm for my kids live i'd saw away happiliy 2.

rr s/ksa saudia arabia
i hope you will be fine and happy

e.g. Tom, Ipswich
im a mum i have 5 kids and im only 15, my boyfriends support me alot

abbie perth
i had a baby with emma w

bexi, bradford
its up to you what ya do wit ur lives

Hannah, Worcester
your parents not trying to understand that you want attention from them rather than them working 24/7 then they throw it back in your face that they only work for us!! i'd rather live in a mud hut and have parents that spent time with me

brenda magee
i think it's unfair they won't allow you to buy christmas trees untill you're 16

i wish shox was here with me hes so sexy true true

abi, Ipswich
Everyone thinking your some moody teenager. Funny thing is i'm 20 and some still say i am!

Rachel, 15
I wish I could turn back time and be 5 again.

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