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29 October 2014
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University Campus Suffolk

You are in: Suffolk > Places > University Campus Suffolk > Gallery: University Campus Suffolk

Gallery: University Campus Suffolk

Have Your Say

Is the UCS headquarters becoming an iconic building for the county to be proud of? Or does it fail to live up to the artist's drawing?

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derek rusher
having had a conducted tour as part of heritage week-end i think it is every thing i expected and more

Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Looks awful, reckon Charles would have had a word or two with his bro. Can't make up my mind where the rather shocking multi-storey carpark building begins, and the LHA flats end.

"The grass on the roof helps the UCS' eco credentials as well as allowing it to blend in with Alexandra Park. (11/08/08)" wouldn't the use of SOLAR PANELS been more effective in the battle against climate change, rather than grass? thats alot of space that could have been filled.

Does look amazing! I can't wait till I'm next back and can pop in and have a look... I went to Suffolk College a few years ago and am very envious of those who are getting to study at the Uni now... Agree with Latifa... It is set apart from other local uni's esp becuase its an urban campus rather than a green campus on the outskirts, so it offers something a little different... you can walk out the door and waterfront is your playground... how cool is that? Good luck to everyone who is starting... Enjoy your time it goes quickly, and make sure you speak up for what you want and have a say in making the uni one of the best!

I have just started here, and the building both inside and out is amazing the construction and design being ultra modern. I am looking forward to studying here throughout the 3 years. It certainly sets Ipswich appart from other local Universities.

Now all they need is a venue to rival the Norwich UEA !

Fantastic building.The mill tower will really compliment it.As for grey grubby town,in places yes but Ipswich did win cleanest town in Britain award.Take a trip to other towns and you will see what i mean.

I'm about to start here, and i absolutely can't wait, of all the uni's i visited, this is the most modern, most up to date looking of them all. I applaud UCS for pushing a boundary in Ipswich, nothing like it has been built here before

CALLEN [The Voice]
In my humble view this is the only worthy building going up on the water front. most of the others are just status flats for the rich and vain..this a seat of learning that all classes can benefit from and why shouldnt they have an inspiring location in a grey grubby town. CALLEN [The voice]

Bob Payne
With regards to boats in the marina. I would expect that regulations do not permit the discharge of sea toilets but rather all boats have holding tanks.

John Smith
Who says the 1837 act is in force?You really think they'd do this development without thorough checking of land deeds and ownership?Dream on.

Love this building... its going to look great. Really exciting now you can see the first floor appearing over the hoardings.I think the uni should definitely have plenty of green space throughout the campus, as this is attractive to students and nice for everyone else... there is a large open space by the new building, but it would be nice to see more buildings with good scale, and relatively small footprints to make sure the the campus has plenty of open space across the 3 adjacent sites.Can't wait to see it finished!

I think this is going to improve the area. But I also think you should be adding some sort of green space or park.. So that the people who live in the flats have some sort of outdoor space.

Paul Dade
The proposed UCS building looks iconic.I am sure its staff will truly appreciate their idyllic working location !

Peter Turtill
Big problem here. The 1837 Ipswich Docks Act is still relevent. It stipulates a 30 foot wide carriage way between the dock and buildings. In fact this is a twin lane road.

Peter Turtill
Many of the boats in the dock have people living on them. They have sea tiolets that flush straight into the dock which is why it smells so bad.

You are in: Suffolk > Places > University Campus Suffolk > Gallery: University Campus Suffolk

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