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24 September 2014

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Suffolk murders 2006

You are in: Suffolk > History > Suffolk murders 2006 > Gallery: Suffolk murders 2006

Gallery: Suffolk murders 2006

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There was a clergyman, an Archdeacon I think, interviewed on the television yesterday who said that the people of Ipswich were not scared whilst all this was happening, how does he know? and what right does he have to speak for the whole of Ipswich?. I have lived in Ipswich for 5 years and I can say, as i'm sure many other female residents of Ipswich can that I was frightened. Every man looked at during this horrible time, to my mind was a potential suspect.So how can this Archdeacon claim to know how the women of Ipswich felt?.

Michelle Narborough
To tackle prostitution is to tinker round the edges we need to tackle the drug barons who poison our children causing them to sell their bodies or commit crimes in order to feed their habit. Take all of the drug baron's or pushers assets and use any money raised to fund rehab clinics and career training to get these kids off the streets and out of their misery.

I come from Chantry/ Ipswich. i was in Army training when i first heard about tania going missing. The poor girl was in primary school with my brother. when i heard more ppl were vanishing i was shocked. you never expect it to happen near you

Daniel Burrows
I Live In Alderman Road And when the prostitutes got killed the whole area had a weird atmosphere

I didn't know who these prostitutes were but its just really upsetting too see them in this state

You are in: Suffolk > History > Suffolk murders 2006 > Gallery: Suffolk murders 2006

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