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29 October 2014

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You are in: Suffolk > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Music > Ipswich Music Day 2007

Ipswich Music Day 2007

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Who was your favourite act at Ipswich Music Day?

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Look at the little smiling face on Pic 5 of my beautiful daughter Jenny. Such a picture of happiness. Jenny is wearing the pink and white stripped top. She looks so happy bless her. Never realizing that by September 12 2007 she would no longer be with us. she passed away with Acute Myloid Leukemia. She was such a beautiful girl and such a frre spirit. A pleasure to know and love i'm sure that she now is the best Angel there ever could be. Jeeny loved music and people and i know that she really enjoyed her day.

Holly Stevenson
Look I am in the picture!! The one with the Glasses. I was really enjoying myself that day :)

Hooray for photo 9.Ipswich music day is always a good day. Ok, food prices may be high but y'know its free entry, why don't you just walk to the high street and get a sandwich from boots!

I have to say rosalita were the best and oe of the most well known entering comp to play at v festival. I am bias seeing as keyboardist is piano teacher lol.

Really rocked the SGR Stage

Mrs P
Awful food stands, at terrible prices. £4.50 for a jumbo hot dog with plastic cheese! No wonder there were no queues for food! I think the council should do something about this outrageous rip off. Maybe community groups like the Womens Institute should be offered the chance to feed the least the profits would be going somewhere useful.

Evil Elvis
Mohawk rocked!!!!!

me mate dad in dat band he da lead singer i think his name ghrame !!!

Im The Guy that Kieren is leaning on!

gail Sanders
Freebird, they really rocked!!!

In response to "C.Richards".... I actually live right across the road from the Ipswich football ground...and had a free audio intrusion from the great Rod Stewart and The Pretenders!.... "Keeping it live in Ipswich!" They are not my choice of artists to be keeping the kids awake at 10.20pm on a school night...but they are keeping Ipswich on the map and generating revenue to this "city"! Stop moaning, start dancing!.

Red Flag 77 were by far superior on the CSV / ICRfm stage!!! Moshing, thrashing n bashing...brought back the real meaning of "Punk" for a brief moment....even in Ipswich on a family day!

Wooo Thats me in that picture!!im tha short kid leanin on da big kid on da right !!!!

unfortunatly i missed this years music in the park but it looks like it was a great sucsess. and i hope to be there for the fun next year

the mullet
Ipspit stole the show

These band were awesome, fantastic voice and great range of songs to cover. Shame they have no album to buy!

zeeb were a stimulating visual delight as always - the tunes weren't half bad either!

Lord Anthony
I'm sure Sir Cliff Richards comments are a wind up. But just in case their not, why don't you get a life you miserable so and so. It's people like you that stop great events like this from taking place. Thousands of people getting together for a good cause and enjoying themselves FOR FREE. Shame on you.

I'm on photo 29 WOOOO!

Never catch me dead wearing shoes like those!

C. Richards
I am sure every body at the concert had a wonderfull time & I am very happy with that, but why is the music so loud.I live half a mile away and could not enjoy a conversation in my garden because of the volume of the music.If I was forced indoors by noise made by a neighbour I would be within my rights to complain about anti-social behaviour.

You are in: Suffolk > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Music > Ipswich Music Day 2007

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