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14 July 2014
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Chick picks

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Roger Brenton
We rehomed 4 ex-battery hens from LHR in March. They have developed from being wary little creatures to bold and inquisitive, following us around the garden, digging and scratching to their heart's content. They have their own distinct personalities and it's so good to see them hurtling across the lawn, wings flapping, whenever we go out to see them with their latest treats. ...and we're getting 3-4 eggs every day!Well done LHR and Radio Suffolk for making all this possible and giving these delightful hens the life they should always have had.

Lynsey Ray- Lincs Coordinator for Little Hen Rescu
I sent in some of my pics of the poorly hens I deliberately bring home for extra TLC. I do hope they will be published on here.

jean coward
This story just warms my heart, I am originaly from Ipswich, now living abroad and remember hearing about the plight of the baby chicks back in Feb. and said if I still lived there I would voluntear to knit jumpers for them!!!

Emma (Little Hen Rescue)
Hi Mrs Salmon-Stow,If you (or anybody else) would like to re-home some ex-battery girls, please visit our website: look forward to speaking to you,Emma :)

CALLEN [The Voice]
Seeing those rescued hens on tv recently was a stark reminder of the hidden suffering we impose on animals just to save a few pence in our much for an animal loving nation. I was sickened by the condition of those poor animals who probably have never seen daylight. wow betide you if you believe in reincarnation and have the bad luck to come back as a chicken in this animal loving country..better chance of a decent life if your a dog/cat. It was lovely to see those that cared enough to want to give these unfortunate animals homes [some for the wrong reasons]Isnt it about time we examined factory farming overall and allow the public to decide whether we want to continue such cruelty? I personally am ashamed and think twice before buying dead animals in shops nowadays.CALLEN [The Voice]

norma neal suffolk
jo you have done a wonderfulthing saving all these hensi came for 4 took home9 and they are all doing well well done!

lily church
I'm the girl at the back !I volunteered to help the chickens that arrived and put them into the boxes and crates to be taken home.At the moment I'm holding a hen to be put in the 'bald' area!

Jacob Southgate
I think its a good idea for rehoming them, that way they can have a happy life, i like chickens,and should be treated fairly. :D

Michele Hardy-
I would love to re home six of the battery farmed chickens, we already have 11 rescued chickens and we have enough space to take plenty more. Michele x

seeing them pics just show how battery hens look and that there must be thousands of the poor things that are not so lucky as these ones on your gallery.hazel

Stanley Jarvis (grandson)
Hi this is a great photo of my nan her real name is Barbara.

Mrs Salmon-Stow
Hi how do i get the details for rehoming some of the poor hens?

Oh well done Suffolk radio, another triumph...You should get a special award from the RSPCA. Your listeners obviouslylisten intently and take your appeals to heart. amazing.......

You are in: Suffolk > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Features > Chick picks

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