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13 November 2014

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Drug awareness test

Have Your Say

Are drugs a major problem in your area? Have your say below and let us know whether cannabis should be legalised using the vote on the right >>

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

no cannabis has messed up my friends lives and my families lives it is an evil drug that can ruin peoples lives

the government know it should be legalized gordon brown fired his number one drugs advisor for telling the truth about the effects of drugs and numbering them in a list of of how dangerous they all are i looked at this list and its all true and how id class them and ive tryed most of them. its bait but they wont listen

Hey people who are high on a joint of weed are very nice people, they're mellow and friendly. But I think hard drugs like meth and cocaine,and needles thats not ok... that does kill people... but weed never hurt anyone so why not leagalize it.... I vote yes for weed.

if you look at a graph of kinds of deaths you will see that illegal drugs arnt killing many people also marijuana has 0 deaths but tobbacco is the number 1 killer!

I live in the usa and in my state (virginia) drugs are very looked down upon. Drugs are a bit of a problem in my area, but its do to greedy ealers who run in gangs. I am a drug user and i cause trouble for no one.

Drugs are not a problem, bad information is!Most deaths are due to extreme lack of cautioness (i.e dangerous mixes+high doses etc.). Drugabuse is NOT just craving for a drug, but severe emotional issues. An addict needs treatment - not punishment. Treatment doesn't mean that the addict should be stripped of dignity and hospitalized. There are way better solutions than prohibition (which doesn't do anything but to polarize the people in need of help+ giving jobs to lowlife criminals).

theres alot in my area BUT not a problem and yes cannabis should be legalized if people can drink and all that they should DEFINATELY be able to smoke marijuana it makes no sense!!!

You are talkinig about drugs here, so why you have include cannabis, and not tobaco and alcohol?So my opinion on cannabis is ligalize it!!!

drugs destroy peoples lifes

Why is cannabis a class B and ketamine a class C?

Cannabis should be legal! LSD should be legal! Alcohol and tobacco should get unlegal! Not a singel person had died becuse they smoking marijuana! Sry, that I can spell, im from sweden.Legalize it!!

I think who ever abuse of drugs add the end of the day will become like dirt in the steets. no one wants to stay with him or her anymore. So take care.

Yes it should be legalized so that it can be more controlled like alcohol and so young people can would not get hocked on it because there no control on it.

yes, pot should be legalized. illegalizing drugs causes a ten-fold increase in violence. though the MAN enjoys violence, I, on the other hand, do not.
georges perec

yes i think it should be, there are many other drugs that are legal and are far more dangerous
Nicholas Matten

it is true that excessive weed somking does cause cases of schizophrenia but if they can legalize tobacco the might as well legalize weed also

i think drugs are bad for you. If you aint never picked up a drug before my best advice is not to because some people get attached to them and others no how to get off of them thats not there life.

Uhm Hey im doing a prject on marijuana/weed. Smoking 4-5 joints a week is just as bad as smoking a pack of ciagarets a day. Smoking weed can lead to Schizophrenia and other mental health problems. Yes alcohol is just as bad i totaly agree..but just cuz you arent affected now by drugs does not mean you wont be in the futre

drugs are nasty

its completley natural. less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. so why not?
Jason Smitherson

canibis should be legalized in small quantities of 5 or six grams so as not have people trading suitcases of drugs and money in the street

cannibis is nothing to worry about, it should be legalised. it's this other hard chemicals that are making kids suffer in life and make stupid decisions.

can you say e the inconvenients if the drugs would be legalized, please?thaanks!

im english and the law over here is gettin stupid. ive grown and smoked cannabis 4 8 years nw and im 20 and i av no problems with my health what so ever my own parents prefer me to smoke than drink because when your stoned u no what u r doin and wen u r drunk u could fall in the road drunk and get killed or run over never mind all the problems heavy drinkers can cause and endure my dad recently passed away due to beer its the biggest killer on the market.back to canabis do u no the benifits of cannabis/hemp you can make fuel,paper,housing,textiles,food,oil,tax,medical uses,and takes in carbon dioxide whitch is killing the earth the only reason the government wont legalise it is because it will take over the fuel and nicotene econamy

Cannabis should be legalized, legal drugs Tabacco and Alcohol, Cannabis cannot kill you, look at the stats. Slap some tax on it and an age restriction and let people be free to use it as they wish.

I think many people percieve drugs as a problem due to the masses of propaganda and the general bad public perception of them. What percentage of drug users actually get prosecuted? Has anyone thought of that..? Well, only a small percentage ever get arrested or charged for drug use, and meanwhile the majority of people who consume drugs lead their own lives, contribute to our capitalist society through jobs and meet people from day to day. they don't kill anyone, they don't get caught, and chances are most of them have a wonderful time.Did you know you are JUST as likely to die from horseriding as you are from taking ecstacy? And those that die from taking ecstacy die as a result of poor knowledge, not drinking enough water, or not urinating enough. Some die from taking dirty drugs, that have been mixed with other more harmful substances... If they were legalised this would not be so.Cannabis, is the most commonly consumed drug, and i feel should be legalised. It can be used as a relaxant and can aid with illnesses such as moto-nuerons disease and many types of cancer. It can alleviate pain, both physiological and psychological. Though it may cause 'paranoia' or 'anxiety disorders', alcoholism can cause liver failure and the rapid loss of brain cells... If it were invented tomorrow, it would be a Class A drug. So, yes, i think cannabis should be legalised because it's widespread anyway, and causes far less harm than alcohol, whilst potentially being very useful for medicinal purposes.

we can argue all day but the Government (globaly) wants us to stay stupid and do whatever they say, thus alcahol is legal and readily available for the public. Marijuana is purely peace inducing, it is sad this world prefers to induce violence than to embrace nature and love. Yes to marijuana legality, No to cigarettes and liquer

Marijuana should not be illegal, unless you want to make alcohol illegal also considering that the long term effects of alcohol are far more then the long term effects of alcohol. Also pot may cause large amounts of tar to build up in your lungs etc. but do people every calculate how much of that tar gets coughed up?

Drugs are always a major problem esspacially anywhere where there are large towns or cities, walking down the street you can play, tweaker or not a tweaker.. they're so obviouse and they think that they are invincable its ridiculouse.

It shud be legallised because its less harmful than alcohol and that's legal, plus it'll make alot of money in tax

I Think Cannabis should Be Used To help Ease pain.
Megan Catherine

I'm afraid I have only limited knowledge of most drugs and their effects, and will therefore refrain from commenting- but evidence on this page suggests even the mere mention of narcotics severely affects spelling!

i agree a lot with what Luck says. I think one of the major downfalls of the leagalization of pot is a lot of people in America depend on dealing as there way to get by or live. I think it should be legalized but under certain curcumstances such as tobacco and alcohol. Of course people will abuse the right but people abuse the right to do other thigs as well.

i think that pot should be legalized because in a study it said that beer killed more of your brain cells than pot. but pot makes you do crazier things.

i dont see a point in drugs being illegal. if they were legal they could be managed. taxed and the risks such as cutting would be eliminated along with every dealer. also people dont realise this but two of the most dangerous drugs in the world are completely legal and seen as a normal thing. ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO

I think this test should go around the world. it lets us know what is in our own backyard!!!
Giraffe Longneck

I think it should be legal because if it was legal no one would do it tbh, because they only do it cause its adrenaline because they know its illegal and it gives them a rush.
Megg Muffin

None of you people can spell so I think you all should worry about your grammer and spelling before you worry about drugs and their uses. I am a teenager and I have never in my life been around drugs. Drugs are awful things and if people choose to do them that is there own responsibility and they are basically wanting to kill themselves just in a time wasting, money wasting way. No drug should be legal to use other than prescription. If you people are looking for a high live your life the right way and love all that are around you, that is the best kind of high you can ever get!

Drug sales is what funds gangs. Just as alcohol funded gangs during prohibition the fact that drugs are illegal allows them to fund gangs. Drugs are already abundant and easy to access. People are not detered from doing them by the law. If they were to be made legal many criminal organizations would go bankrupt.
Justin Rosete

yes it should b legalized cuz its a natural plant that was grown on earth and should stay also heips with various medical things:)
jarrett perryman

Drugs are the worst thing in the world. Entertainment industries are promoting drug use -an obvious illegal activity, so why promote this to our youth through music/films? At the end of the day its up to humanities discipline to say no. The goverment doesnt care, there are always going to be drugs. There may not be another chance before users out there fry their brains and end up homeless/loveless.
Tane Hipango

they should be all made leagul and free on the nhs so there will be no drug deals

I think pot should be legal. the only reson it isnt is because the govenment wouldnt make any money off it because to many people grow it. take cigerets for example almos 60% of ciggerett sales go to the government. im conclusan...... the government are only worried bout themself!!!!
Sunshine D

tobacco is really bad for you so y dont thay make it illegal there are 250,000 deaths in the usa from tobacco. oh no not our tobacco! and thay expect to make things that are not as deadly as tobacco illegal for instance magic mushrooms the mane ingredient psilocybin and psilocin is NOT physically harmful to the body or brain and there wer 50,000 deaths of weed related incidences that includes shootings in the last 5 years

I think drink is the main problem in britian. The number of under age drinkers Is increasing. Ask the staff at an A+E hospital how bad it is. Drugs arnt amazing but drink is screwing this conntry over.
Dan Moone + Joe Rubs

this is really good for information...really worked for me for my presenntation...

Well done to people who recognise that alcohol is just as dangerous as any drug. Drugs are every where I am from South East London where we all know they are rife. Now I live in a remote fishing village in the North East of Scotland and drugs are still rife. You can find a pub anywhere in the UK, you can also find drugs anywhere in the UK. People that think the little towns they live in are drug free are not living in the real world. I have smoked cannabis for a long time (a mugs game I know) and I can tell you it causes loss of memory, paranoia, unable to think straight, unsociable, lots of different things, but I would rather be all of those than some drunk tramp with a can of Super Tennants and sick down my shirt, or someone who is hated by their family due to alcohol.

cannabis should be legalised. people just need to know the dangers before they try drugs and i think it should be their own choice
i am sam

look. It is not illegal drugs that you need to concern yourself about. It is alchahol. More deaths are caused by drinking every year, then all of the illegal drugs combined. So who cares about heroin and all that. Focus on the drink

No matter what your opinion is on any drug you have to understand why they are making these things illegal. DUH BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU. You may think that it's fine at the moment but you are so wrong and for alot of people that can be hard to except but do some research and think about it before you ruin your life or continue to ruin your life. Thanks for reading this.
Some One That Cares

drugs are a problem everywhere. Even in small suburbs here in Wisconsin. Smoked crack snorted cocaine and pills, and had plenty of cannabis, its a choice, so Im not against it. Cannabis should replace alcohol when it comes to law though. Its far less destructive and habit forming.

All sorts of drugs should be legalized, so that those who choose to use them can have the FREEDOM to do so.
bob schneider

Cannabis (as with all drugs) should be moved to a class A. It should however be available on prescription for MS sufferers. All 'illegal' drugs should be given a much longer jail sentence for supply and possession. Smoking cannabis among the young does generally (in my opinion) lead on to using other drugs in over 75% of cases. 'Mental' health hospitals are filling up fast with ex-users of cannabis and other illegal drugs. Young people should be taken to these hospitals and made to look after a 'patient' for at least a week. This may help them think twice about using!
Vanessa Taylor

Cannabis is being used so oftenly and too openly, drug abusers are being exposed to youths. The law really needs to toughen up and completly ban the drug!
SAMINA Rochdale

what is the point of this test? to tell that you used brown sugar to identify heroin or maybe m&m's for ex? kind of defeats the purpose if you dont use the real stuff as example

drugs are a problem were ever you are buy the help you need is worse
simon of doncaster

i think about drugs is really bad for our may cause cancer or bacteria.stop drugs right away!!!!!!!
rhaffy reyes

i think cannabis should be legalised.
alexiis perrone

i think that this is very usefull for info
Emily pallot

it shouldn't b legal... all drugs r bad... especially crystal meth

Dude Every thing has a effect on your body! No matter what. cannibis is bad too! None of it is cool or better then something else. you should realize that every kind of drug has a bad effect on your body.
Piro the Pyro

most drugs are bad especially like coke or dope(meth)but pots not a bad drug..i smoke everyday and im on honor roll and can do everything just fine. it may be illegal but its so much better than alcohol at least i can get ripped and actually function.

cannabis should be legalised in North Carolina.
Bud Smoker

My comment wont even realy change anything but personally i think that alchol is a worse drug than cannabis will ever be, with alchol it's a poison your putting into your body and if you drink to much of it, it can make people violent, argumentive and cause accidents. Cannabis is usualy smoked with tobacco and doesn't make you violent, argumentive and i've never known there to be more accidents with cannabis than with alchol. I Think that the government realy need to leaglise it and if not then ban alchol because alchol is a much worse drug than cannabis.Even if they did make cannabis into a class B drug lets be realistic it's never going to stop people selling or buying it.

i think cannibis should be legalised

well being an overdose survivor makes me have second thoughts on DRUGs including tha messed up pills they give me for prescriptions....but still people will always always want to try something different its just the way things are and no paper sayin its illegal will stop the human being its natural

yes it is a very big problem in ma area as well as in ma country.yes it should be
saarathi nepal

Drugs are fine in moderation.
Danny Stephenson

i know there are drugs everywere and laws wont stop them i aold smoked and snorted almost all of them and never got caught and i could find them at school

yes drugs are a problem everywhere
susan lett

Drugs have been part of the social/music scene for 50yrs plus first glamourised by the jazz scene in the 1950s but nationwide in the latter part of the swinging Sixties [what do you think helped it to swing?]nicotine-alcohol-cannabis-Cocaine-Heroin etc so some form of drug taking is woven into the fabric of our western society.Although many people can discipline themselves to be just 'recreational' users The problem is a large number of people cant control their useage and it spills over into everyday life, work etc so needs to be controlled. I dont believe anything beyond Cannabis should be legalised as that would be irresponsible but Cannabis itself should be 'decrimilised' but some form of everyday control needs to be in place I mean...I dont realish the idea of airline pilots-police staff-hgv drivers using it on a daily basis do you!? CALLEN [The Voice]
CALLEN [The Voice]

drugs seem to be becoming incresingly popular in suffolk and unfotunatly alot of young people that take drugs are unaware of the full affects and what the drug actually contains.
naomi brade

Yes there is a big drug problem in Grundisburgh
Lucy Nightingale

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