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24 September 2014

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St Edmund

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Backing St Edmund gallery

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Mike Crahart
The St Geoorge Flag is actually the flag of 'England & Wales', presumable St George is likewise the Patron Saint of 'England & Wales' and that the Saint and flag have been more associated with England because of the promotion of St David & the 'Dragon Banner' as the Patron Saint & Flag respectively, of Wales. If this is indeed the case then St Edmund is actually already the Patron Saint of England?

George was a Middle Eastern butcher, not a warrior. He was also most likely a heretic. So he's not a suitable choice for England's patron saint. Restore St Edmund, who is at least martyred in this country.

Trying to locate a gift shop online with medals , books etc. for my son who did an essay on St. Edmund and took him for his Confirmation name. I would like to find something to give our son for his confirmation. St. Edmund made a great impression on him. If you could help me I would truly be gateful. Thank you Sandra

Prince John
Is this the Saint Edmund flag? If so, I have to say I think it looks great. I would love to see this flag at football matches, it makes me feel proud of England and everything that we English stand for. I wish to support the campaign to make Saint Edmund the new patron saint of England and the English people. It's a worthy cause and I will make a petition to Downing Street.This new English saint could revive English nationalism in this country and we English could revive our patriotism again and be proud of who and what we are: ENGLISHMEN!

Capt James Preston Suffolk Army Cadet Force
Are you aware that Suffolk Army Cadet Force has as its County Badge the Crown of St Edmunds, We are very proud of this. When we went to Germany last year and Scotland this year all 300 of us wore it with great pride. The Crown is on all of our uniforms and every were we go people ask us what is stands for, we are always happy to tell them. I will be taking a Photograph to night at C Company HQ based at Ipswich TA centre and will send to you. You may wish to add this to your collection.

WYD SYD 2008 Catholic
Secular times, Mike? I'll have you know approximately 1 million Catholics attend mass every week, not to mention those who don't and those Christians belonging to other Churches. I believe introducing both St Edmund and his flag is a worthy cause, and the sooner he replaces the mythical "dragon slayer" the better

Bury Lad
Edmund wasn't English, he was German. And he didn't fight the invading Danes, he legged it. Leave St George and the cross as it is. What we should campaign for is a better national anthem than the dreadful God Save Our ... snore ... One that refelects England, not Britain, and English people, not someone who got her privileges by accident of birth.

e jones
was led to believe the vote for change was large, only one% of ipswich people voted for change, as an ex serviceman i say leave st georges flag alone. There must be more importent things for our M.Ps to get interested in.

When I SORE THIS I felt relly happy and I called my mum and dad.

Mike, Callesen
Who was St Edmund? Was he a hero felled during the Viking raids? Why in these secular times, is there a need for a patron saint anyway?

Margaret Thompson
I am from the North of England but have been living here for the last 17 years and i think that it would be nice to have our own saint and the flag looks better than just red and white

Robert Crampton
We know Edmund was an Englishman what is more he lived.George is only a legand and come from Italy. Do we not want an English person to be patron saint of ENGLAND

Lisa Whitelaw
That's not fair. I've seen Jon Wright in real life and he's not nearly as ugly as that photo makes him look.

You are in: Suffolk > People > St Edmund > Backing St Edmund gallery

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