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24 September 2014

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River Orwell

You are in: Suffolk > Places > River Orwell > Gallery: River Orwell from the air

Gallery: River Orwell from the air

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What experiences do you have of the River Orwell?

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Ken Carden
If want a quiet walk go out early in the morning along the Orwell,there is no place in the area like it.I have walked,camped,swam in the Orwell,watched wildlife and sometimes go on the Orwell with my kayak.I have been on or about the Orwell for 60 years,i like to think of it as my river.

capt. Eric Brown
I had the priviledge to sail Gladys as navigator from St Cattherines dock to poole and back on several occassions with Dick Creswell while I aws a Master with Weston Shipping and would be glad to hear from anyone else who may have been on these voyages. I'm now operations manager with Western Ferries on the upper Clyde at Dunoon.I had some wonderfull times on the Thames Estuary and sailed in and out of the Orwell on many occassions. I believe a very good friend of mine from those days Clive is now Dock Master at Ipswich.

peter beecroft
Hey, Mike gt pics over the Orwell..I used to live at Pin Mill 100 years ago, lovely country in those parts...and the Butt was my watering hole .I sail here too and was commenting only yesterday how it was @ Pin Mill, in particula with the mud on yer boots ,an' in the dingy etc...I live in rapaki rd, christchurch, and sail out of Lyttelton (go google earth )and can be on my foredeck in 15 mins, if I choose to bend a few road rules !!!Hey, got any other scenic stuff to show (?) like the stour valley...??Ha I see some more of yr stuff lower down.....tks again Mike keep it comingRegds PB nz

John Norman
The Brocken Spectre appears when a low sun is behind the object shaddowed onto the cloud below - more frequently seen by climbers in high places looking down onto low cloud in the valley below (frequently early mornings when the air is still). The coloured rings are the rainbow effect of light being distorted on the drops of water in the cloud.

Z Rowlands
Superb photography, particularly the last one Thank you.

clark keck
as a young American service man stationed at RAF Bentwaters, I enjoyed kayaking in the harbor especially near the old power plant, my wifes family still lives on Fletcher road.

You are in: Suffolk > Places > River Orwell > Gallery: River Orwell from the air


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