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13 November 2014

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Bunny In Sea by Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll's Bunny In Sea

Three pulls a crowd

Lielow & Sketch might sound like a cartoon involving two violent animals, but it's actually an art collective which has taken over an unused gallery to 'support the creative underbelly of Ipswich'.

The name Lielow & Sketch is inspired by the cartoon Lilo & Stitch, but it also describes how some artists operate.

It's the brainchild of two local artists called Joel Millerchip and Chris Nunn. They've teamed up with IP1 magazine and Graham & Oldham to re-open the Electric House art gallery on Peel Street near Ipswich's Tower Ramparts bus station.

Snuggletuff & The Pink Tree People (detail) by Steve Rack

Snuggletuff .. (detail) by Steve Rack

Joel said: "The aim is to produce exhibitions, publications and live drawing nights to promote Ipswich talent, as there seemed to be a lack of such a project within Ipswich.

"We wanted the theme of the exhibition to be as loose as possible to give each artist the creative freedom to engage with their own practise and not to be constrained by any set parameters."

The result is '3' - an exhibition where 10 artists each show three pieces of work. It's running 5-14 June 2009. Entry and the catalogue are free, although donations are welcome.

"Although all of the work will be for sale the main intention is to create some excitement about the work being produced in Suffolk," said Chris. "All money raised during the exhibition will be going back into Lielow & Sketch for future projects.

Dream by Sam Peet

Dream (detail) by Sam Peet

"It is important to us that this event is not a one-off and that we are able to continue to put on exhibitions and projects to help support artists through future events."

The other artists in the show are Simon Wild, Steve Rack, Sam Peet, Andrew Gibson,  Gemma Correll, Matt Farrar, Gareth Bayliss and Jodi Parker.

Lielow & Sketch say it's all come together at the right time:

"The space has not been used for some years," said Joel. "The owner is keen for it to have continual use, something which Lielow and Sketch hope to be a part of.

"When I contacted the owner he was in the process of re-decorating the space ready to be used again, so I probably got in contact with him at just the right time. With regards to the ease of re-opening the gallery it seems to have gone very smoothly.

Electric House, Ipswich

Electric House, Ipswich

"There seems to be quite a buzz around the town that the gallery is housing another exhibition and I think fate may have leant a hand in the fact that the gallery and Lielow & Sketch were ready at the same time."

The exhibition's been funded with grants of £887 from Ipswich Borough Council and Turnstone as well as some financial support from IP1 magazine.

Visit the Lielow & Sketch website to find out more about the exhibition and the artists involved.

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created: 11/06/2009

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thanks for your lovely messages, and thanks for coming to our little srt shindig :)
Joel Millerchip

i loved the show went to the private view in support of my illustration tutor simon wild, fantastic night loads of people, which made it a bit sweaty but none the less it was a great sweaty night, thanks!
rebecca pomroy

Awesome exhibition. 3 proves that when local art is in the right hands, it can be fun, engaging, unpretentious as well as impressive. I definitely recommend that people get down to Electric House this weekend to check it out, before it's too late.

Really enjoyed the exhibition, well done to all the artists & organisers x
Jen O'Neill

You are in: Suffolk > People > Profiles > Three pulls a crowd

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