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13 November 2014

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Bromance at the Pulse

Male bonding, falling out, Ant & Dec and talking via t-shirts only - Britain's Best Mates is a hilarious comedy which brought a smile to my face at Ipswich's Pulse Fringe Festival 2009.

Britain's Best Mates is an award-winning Comedy Central TV show, brought to life on stage by Jamie Glassman and Matthew Steer, who played the only two characters Phil and Phill.

When I first arrived in the jam-packed New Wolsey Studio, there was an England flag evidently hiding a prop and a large television showing various pictures of friends from different television shows and films. The stage props were kept to a minimum, which I think was a great idea as you then were not distracted by them.

It also helped to bring across the idea that Phil and Phill were just there to tell the story of their friendship rather then creating an actual drama and play with set scenes. Suddenly, Phil and Phill appeared on stage and promptly started to speak about how they had won an award for being Britain's best mates, and how they had achieved this, while making hilariously funny comments as they went along.

Britain's Best Mates in a bathtub

They even discussed their 'joint weddings' even though they hadn't found brides yet. The whole wedding was planned, to the tiniest detail, which gave you the impression that they had been planning it for years.

Soon after, they whipped off the England flag, and underneath was a whiteboard with a set of rules, which were the secret of their friendship. The rules were abbreviated to the slogan ‘ANT N DEC’.

Every so often, they would break out in a dance routine which they had made to an 'Ant 'n' Dec Song'. This was actually a short dance and the moves really made me giggle.

Halfway through the performance they showed a video about 'Craft Tuesday' in which they were making t-shirts with phrases printed on each shirt. After a brief argument, they refrained from speaking to each other, and instead spoke to each other via sentences on their t-shirts.

This was my favourite part of the play because the idea was extremely clever, wonderfully created and side-splittingly funny.

After the video, Phil and Phill, requested audience participation which thankfully I wasn't picked for! They got two members of the audience to help participate in a self defence class for Phill, which concluded in hitting him frequently.

Phill decided he didn't want to be friends with Phil any more, and subsequently went on a date with a girl he met in a pub. The play concluded with Phil and Phill becoming friends again after Phil said that Phill ‘completes him’.

In conclusion, the play was extremely funny and very well-written. The two actors played the parts wonderfully and kept the audience's attention for every moment of the highly entertaining hour. I would recommend the play to anyone.

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created: 09/06/2009

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You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Pulse > Bromance at the Pulse

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