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13 November 2014

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Daniel Bayliss

Daniel Bayliss

Blowing for Bury

Suffolk has a new rising star of the saxophone. Daniel Bayliss has also been given a European summer job-and-a-half for 2009 - as a teaching assistant to one of the world's leading jazz sax-players.

Seventeen year old Daniel started playing the saxophone when he was at primary school ("I think it was around nine or 10", he said). Since then he's been learning at County Upper School in Bury St Edmunds under the tutelage of teachers Tim Jenkins and Phil Marshall.

Daniel came into BBC Suffolk to talk to our Drivetime presenter Stephen Foster and play his version of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves, which has been recorded by many greats including Nat King Cole, Edith Piaf and Jo Stafford.

"The sax is such a versatile instrument which you can play in any genre," said Daniel.

"I started on piano, but quickly gave it up and that's one of my biggest regrets. However, I've taken it up again because you need it to apply for most of the conservatoires [music colleges]."

When he was around the age of 15, Daniel decided to focus on jazz/funk: "I'd listen to the sort of things my friends did - I'm still a huge fan of Oasis for instance. I enjoy most types of music, but I'm focusing on listening to jazz now.

"I didn't really take it seriously for the first few years, but then I was given some recordings of some really great players and that's when the turning point came.

Daniel Bayliss at BBC Suffolk

'Autumn Leaves' at BBC Suffolk

"They were people like Gilad Atzmon, Gerald Albright and Kenny Garrett. Over the past two years I've been getting into pure and smooth jazz and bebop."

He's actually been having lessons with Gilad, who's an Israeli based in London. Gilad's been so impressed that he's hired Daniel to be his assistant at an international summer school he teaches at in Germany - organised by the Global Music Foundation at Saarwellingen near Luxembourg.

Atzmon said Daniel is one of the greatest talents he's come across: "He's very dedicated, very quick at taking things in and I'm very proud to be his teacher.

"A lot of it has nothing to do with him - he's just gifted! He got it from whatever, whether it's God or genes, I don't know!

"It's a combination of things. The most important thing is being able to teach oneself and I think Daniel's quite lucky on that front."

Schoolteacher Tim Jenkins said: "It seems incredible that he's moved from Grade Three in Year Nine to what you hear today.

"I've been at County Upper for 20 years, and he's the most gifted saxophonist we've ever had."

Gilad said he expects him to go higher: "It's hard to say [where he'll end up], but if he continues to progress the way he's been progressing, then I may have to find a new profession!

"It's very interesting to see where he'll develop. The good thing about music is that it's an endless process. He'll never stop progressing and that's the most important thing."

Daniel currently plays in the West Suffolk Youth Jazz Orchestra, the County Upper School Swing Band and several other projects.

He's planning on studying abroad - possibly in the USA:

"I've looked at some of the colleges there. I've got a friend who went to study the bass guitar and he said the level of teaching was fantastic. And, of course, it's the place where jazz originated."

Visit Daniel's MySpace for the latest.

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keith hallett
terrific stuff, beautiful playing..........makes me so proud to come from suffolk.......what a talent and prospect for the future..well done daniel bayliss.....keep putting the work in....and as gilad said music is an endless process and only time will tell us just where music and his saxophone will take this young man.....alll the best.....!!!!!!!!!!!

You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Music > Features > Blowing for Bury

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