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13 November 2014

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Don't be a Tosser

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'Don't be a Tosser 2'

Don't be a Tosser 2!

BBC Suffolk's multi award-winning anti-litter campaign returns, and this time even more people are helping in our attempt to make Suffolk the cleanest, greenest county in the country.

The Don't be a Tosser 2 campaign has made an enormous impact this year and is now set to become a permanent fixture in the Suffolk calendar. There's already talk of what the 2010 campaign could do, and maybe the campaign becoming a national event.

BBC Suffolk has been spreading the word far and wide:

Don't be a Tosser 2 beer mat

Museum of East Anglian Life support

  • Twenty thousand Don't be a Tosser beer mats have been distributed to pubs and clubs across the county;
  • Ten thousand car stickers have been distributed via Suffolk County Council's 18 waste recycling sites;
  • Every parish council has been sent posters and encouraged to organise litter picks in their patch. In fact thousands of people young and old have organised clear ups in their towns and villages;
  • Every school has been contacted and supplied with posters to help keep Suffolk clean. Many have worked with their own ECO teams to spread the word and clear up around their schools;
  • A brand new anti-litter song and pop video has been recorded by school pupils in the county. The Pick it Up song is being learnt at schools across Suffolk. It's also been featured on BBC Look East;
  • The Port of Felixstowe is displaying the Keep Suffolk Clean message on its matrix signs at the entrance and exit to the port;
  • Suffolk truck driver Kevin Hessey has taken on the campaign and been featured on the BBC 1 Inside Out programme. He has also written his own article about the campaign in the 25th anniversary edition of Truck and Driver magazine.
  • Music festivals across the county are displaying posters and playing the Don't  be a Tosser message over the PA.

Ipswich Hospital is one example of how Don't be a Tosser is becoming firmly lodged in people's minds. After BBC Suffolk staff and listeners blitzed the grounds with a clean up the hospital has now made this a monthly event.

"Don't be a Tosser 2 has built on the monumental success of last year's campaign," said Breakfast presenter Mark Murphy.

If you go down to the woods

Following the success of the 2008 litter pick, BBC Suffolk and the Greenways Project returned to Spring Wood Nature Reserve in south Ipswich on Saturday 4 April 2009.

Keith and Joy Harris with a bottle of urine

Keith and Joy Harris with a bottle of urine

One whole skip's worth of rubbish was collected including more of those 'amber' bottles.

Greenest county

Mark and BBC Suffolk are not the only ones aiming to keep the county tidy. Those behind the bid to make Suffolk this country's Greenest County are also urging you to act, as are the county and district councils.

So why don't you get involved too? It's still not too late.

Why not pick a local grot spot or somewhere else in the county that you love and get involved with the tidy up?

"You can be fined if you throw litter out of your car - your licence number tells us who you are."

Ipswich Borough Council

It could be at your place of work or maybe on the estate or village where you live. Your local council will provide equipment such as refuse and recycling sacks, fluorescent vests, gloves and litter pickers - but there is a limited supply.

So it's important that you need to register your litter pick.

"The message is simple," added Mark. Don't be a Tosser. Take your rubbish home and let's help make Suffolk the cleanest and greenest county."

Share your news with Mark

Let Mark know what you're doing to help the campaign by emailing:

Listen to the latest from the campaign by tuning in to Mark Murphy's Breakfast Show - weekdays from 0630 to 0930

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created: 20/02/2009

Have Your Say

What do you think of the state of the Suffolk countryside? Why not support our campaign by pledging below that you're not a tosser.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Listened to your show last week about tossers and how someone from Felixstowe bad mouthed truckers and said there was all kinds of place for truckers to use the toilet and to pull over for a rest... let me enlighten you by the fact that for the thousands of truckers who come into Felixstowe there is 2 laybys edge of port that hold 5 trucks each... you can not park anywhere in the port or you will be clamped with a huge fine... drivers need rest and have to abide by drivers tacho rules and the communites do not cater to needs of truckers... however we in turn keep everyone working in every ave of life... the only place I have seen that provides a council parking place for trucks is Boston right at the port with toilets for free night parking... whats wrong with everyone else... maybe you should do a programme the ridiculous laybys they have for the public no roadside toilets... every tried to get rest in a layby with the noise of traffic just a few feet away from your rig... passing vehicles blow you all over the place not to mention the safety factor... this country makes me sick perhaps they should invest in rest areas for the public rather than pay litter pickers... like living in a third world country... shame shame and people have the nerve to complain about us... try it sometime

Dave Long of Ipswich
Hi Mark,I'm 110% behind your anti litter campaign as littering has been a long term hate of mine, but I'm afraid that if the local authorities do not get tough with offenders & I mean really tough - even naming & shaming them, then a lot of the good work that you & the people of Suffolk are currently doing will be quickly undone. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

Mark Murphy
Hi Baz, car stickers are on the way and beer'll hear the latest on these on the breakfast show.

Baz Powell
As a dog lover, I am concerned over the vast amounts of dog mess that litters our lovely county. I believe if people can't pick-up after their dog then they should not own one. Also, have you got any 'Don't be a tosser' car stickers yet? Roadside verges are a prime area of concern for littering; car stickers would put the message in these areas.

pam holden
Great idea! I've just returned to the UK after a 2-year absence and couldn't believe how dirty Ipswich had become. I don't mean the town centre - I mean the suburbs. We really do need to get everyone to take some pride in their environment again. We've let things go, and it's doesn't look good.

You are in: Suffolk > Nature > Don't be a Tosser > Don't be a Tosser 2!

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