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13 November 2014

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Dancers in Need

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Kate Arkell and Stephen Foster

Cracking the waltz?!

This is the latest report from the training ground as BBC Suffolk staff prepare for the sold-out Dancers In Need competition at Felixstowe's Spa Pavillion on 12 November 2008.

So, we've passed the half-way mark which means there's less than three weeks to go. I'd rather hoped that by this point we'd be putting the finishing touches to our routines (trying to ensure I don't look like I'm hailing a bus when I stick my arms out, that sort of thing). 

We're not quite there just yet though!

I've got a bit of dancing experience as my husband Paul and I have been going to dancing classes for a couple of years. I was even named one of the early favourites, but never have I taken it so seriously, and I assure you this is a very different proposition.

Paul and I can waltz round a room - back, side, together, with a whisk or two thrown in. Anyone at our wedding reception will know we get better on the second attempt and we can even do a basic quickstep routine.

But never have I done an x-line, an oversway, or the move in the cha cha cha that I can only think of as a seat drop without a trampoline!

Debut on Broadway

I have been very lucky though. My partner Mark, from the Ipswich School of Dancing on Bond Street, is, thank goodness, very patient and his wife Louise is often on hand to help with my steps. It's just getting them to sink into my head that's the problem.

Broadway, New York City

Broadway, New York City

I don't want to speak too soon, but I think I may have cracked the waltz routine. As long as I can remember which beat I kick on and which I throw my head back on (and can do that bit gracefully), we'll be OK(ish). 

There's a long way to go with the other dances though!

A dream trip to New York meant I missed a weekend's rehearsal, but I can now boast having cha cha cha-ed on Broadway. Sadly, it was the early hours of the morning and I was on the pavement and not the stage of a hit musical, but it's still quite a boast!

I'd dearly love to make the final - not because I'm determined to win (that would be nice, but I'm under no illusions), but because the jive is my favourite of the four dances. 

Still, if we don't get to do it for real, my rival Alison Acton and I are intending to sneak back onto the stage after the curtain's gone down to make sure all these rehearsals haven't been wasted.

Kate Arkell's post-marathon blister

Kate Arkell's blister after a marathon

One thing's for sure - I can't possibly end up with anything like the blister I had after the London Marathon in 2006!

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last updated: 11/11/2008 at 17:21
created: 29/10/2008

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Can Kate do it?

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I am sure you can win this Kate. I saw you dance with Luke Deal on the BBC stage at the Suffolk Show and was highly impressed! Just remember to enjoy yourself as this is the main thing in this exercise!!

You are in: Suffolk > Children in Need > Dancers in Need > Cracking the waltz?!

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