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13 November 2014

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Dancers in Need

You are in: Suffolk > Children in Need > Dancers in Need > Dancers in Need blog: Wednesday 22 October

James Hazell holds his face

Dancers in Need blog: Wednesday 22 October

It's all change in the Dancers in Need world, as one of our competitors is forced to pull out of the competition and Luke Deal receives a new partner. James Hazell explains:

Weeks of training… Buying dance shoes…  Booking tickets… Private lessons…

And now?

I have been withdrawn from Dancers In Need.

Unceremoniously cast asunder amidst a veritable plethora of red tape, rules and regulations.

The specifics I will keep personal but suffice to say the reasons are health related and something called risk management. A certain part of my body may be under strain during the dancing and thus pose an unsatisfactory risk.

I am pleased to report that this body glitch is temporary and soon to be rectified. I fully expect to be in full foxtrot mode for the next event… should there be one.

I have a theory however.

My cha cha cha, in particular, was looking especially good. So good in fact that rumours were abound of a potential winning performance.

Now I am not one to gossip or suggest any foul play on behalf of my colleagues but is it possible I have been knobbled? Hoiked from the performance as a direct result of insecurities in others?

In truth it's highly unlikely but it's how I am consoling myself.

I will still be at the Spa on the night - production and editing of the music appears to be falling in my lap such is my determination to be a major part of Children In Need 2008, as I will be in 2009.

You know what they say… where there's a waltz there's a way.

And it's farewell to Andrea too

Andrea 'drama diva' Davidson, our Broadcast Journalist/in-house dance tutor is also leaving the competition - having had the joy of teaching Luke Deal to dance over the last three weeks.

Andrea explains:

James's exit also means I leave the competition. I've been dancing for five years, and had agreed to take on our afternoon presenter, Luke Deal.

He's been getting on very nicely – but with James's partner Jenny now free, it seemed silly not to let Luke have a chance to dance with someone considerably better than me.

Hopefully, though, I've at least given him a good grounding in the waltz and cha cha (he very generously says I have).

I just wish Jenny the best of luck with his long legs – he never stood on my feet, but keeping up with his strides was often tricky.

I'm sure she'll lick him into shape soon enough, though.

last updated: 13/11/2008 at 01:10
created: 22/10/2008

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I have never seen you look as stressed as in this picture but then I don't know you well. I hope that said body-part recovers soon James.

That's a great disappointment James but it will give the others a chance to win. I shall be there to cheer anyway. Patsy x

George, Bushey
The thought of being licked into shape by Luke Deal is putting me off my breakfast in my cottage.

You are in: Suffolk > Children in Need > Dancers in Need > Dancers in Need blog: Wednesday 22 October

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