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13 November 2014

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Dancers in Need

You are in: Suffolk > Children in Need > Dancers in Need > Dancers in Need blog: Monday, 6 October

Dancers in Need blog: Monday, 6 October

The dog is sure I have gone mad – not only am I starting to talk to myself (one, two three, one two three…) but I keep rushing to the hall to try a few steps of our developing waltz routine or cha cha cha.

Ben, Lesley and teacher Jenny

Ben, Lesley and teacher Jenny

Ben is brilliant – he's my partner from Ipswich School of Dancing who'll be helping me through the Dancers in Need Show at the Spa Pavilion and although I think he's starting to realise just what he's taken on he's staying calm and reassuring.

I have never done any dancing before (unless you count a bit of boogying on the disco floor) and yet in five weeks and three days we'll be gliding across that stage, at least that's the plan.

During our two lessons I have already learned some dancing jargon - whisk and chasse, ronde promenade and wiggle those hips – now I just have to teach my feet how to do them!

Although part of me is scared stiff as the show approaches, and it's really ruined my enjoyment of Strictly on a Saturday night, I have also discovered I enjoy dancing and that it's great exercise - not just for the body but also for the mind.

Maybe by the 12th I'll be slimmer as well as a wonderful dancer – or maybe I can just dream on.

Actually at night I don't need to count sheep to get to sleep, I just try to remember our routine - turn, 2 3, promenade and syncopated run, 2 3, ronde,2, 3, spin………………………………snore.

Stop press - Salsa Ali's new shoes arrive!

By Alison Acton

I'm so excited. I've got my new dancing shoes!

I decided I'd buy my own so I can practice in them and after a lot of searching I found some quite reasonably priced ones on eBay, in Hong Kong of all places.

Alison Acton with her new shoes

Salsa Ali's special delivery

They arrived at BBC Radio Suffolk today and I've been trying them on. They're a bronzy colour and have proper suede bottoms for dancing.

They are slightly too big for me but I'm determined that they'll be fine, I've had to wait a week to get them and I know that Lesley Dolphin has her eyes on them so they're not coming off my feet.

I've only had one session with my dance partner James so far.  He is very good (or so he tells me!) and he said I'd feel better when we started, but actually I feel worse!

I did do some ballroom and latin when I was at university and I can remember the basics, but this is so much more complicated and, I'll be honest, I've never taken it very seriously before.

I just don't want to make a fool of myself on the dance floor!

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Change of plan Lesley - my husband Ken is coming - that's good news though as he will cheer louder. Could only get seats in Row U !!Enjoy xx

I'll be there with daughter in law, Kirsty, to cheer you on Lesley - you will be great - enjoy.

Rodney & Isabel Eastall (Daedal Airedales)
Lesley,We can see you Winning Dancers In Need, we will be cheering you on all the way.GOOD LUCK Lesley

Dancing is a great way of getting fit and I think Strictly Dancing is a good influence for younger people who don't like sport. I love the shoes Alison!

You are in: Suffolk > Children in Need > Dancers in Need > Dancers in Need blog: Monday, 6 October

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