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13 November 2014

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Dancers in Need

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Tina Askew and Graeme McLoughlin

Tina and Graeme

Dancers in Need 2008

Dancers in Need 2008 was officially a massive success. Thousands of pounds was raised for the sold out event at Felixstowe's Spa Pavilion, which saw 12 of BBC Suffolk's staff learn to dance in six weeks.

Read more about the contestants below or use the links to see photos and video footage from the big night.

The contestants

Ipswich School of Dancing will provide tuition and partners for our competitors, who are (in alphabetical order):

ALISON 'Salsa Ali' ACTON (Broadcast Journalist)

Dancing experience: Lots around a handbag;
Special move: I'm not saying but it needs a lot of legroom.
Who's going to win? Not sure but I think Foz will limp out before we get to the Spa.

EMILY 'Disco Diva' ANDERSON (Breakfast Show producer)

Dancing experience: I used to go to the Lait Dance school for social dance classes, but I haven't been since I got married in May;
Special move: I can shake my booty like Beyonce;
Who's going to win?: Graeme McLoughlin, but I'm sure Mark Murphy will get the sympathy vote!

GRAEME 'McRhythm' McLOUGHLIN (News man/presenter/all Flintoff)

Dancing experience: Various performances in various nightclubs across the UK. I wouldn't call it dancing though. In fact, there are some places in Lincolnshire where I am no longer welcome.
Special move: The Marty McFly;
Who's going to win?: Tough one. Anderson's stage experience will stand her in good stead, but Foz is a bit of an old smoothie, and will no doubt be well equipped when it comes to the Waltz.

JAMES 'Timebomb' HAZELL (Presenter, weekdays 9am until midday)

Dancing experience: Reggae, at teenage discos;
Special move: TBC!
Who's going to win?: Me.

Sadly James has been forced to withdraw from the competition. Read more in his blog entry dated 22/10/08 >>

KATE 'High Kick' ARKELL (Broadcast Journalist)

Dancing experience: I've been taking part in classes with my husband for nearly two years - but haven't taken it very seriously... until now!
Special move: Erm... I have yet to find that out!
Who's going to win?: A difficult one but I reckon James has the determination (and the suit!) to do it.

LESLEY 'Disco' DOLPHIN (Weekday Lunchtime and Saturday Breakfast presenter)

Dancing experience: Very little other than boogying when I was younger;
Special move: Off the floor!
Who's going to win?: Not me, even though I really hate losing!

'Luscious' LINDA WALKER (Online and drive time Broadcast Assistant)

Dancing experience: Rock challenge dance competition when I was about 11;
Special move: That would be telling!
Who's going to win? Graeme Mac - I saw him dance at his wedding and he has got the moves!

LUKE 'Two Left Feet' DEAL (Presenter)

Dancing experience:  None;
Special move: Yet to be discovered;
Who's going to win? Andrea Davidson, but not sure about her!

MARK 'Bigfoot' MURPHY (Presenter)

Dancing experience: None, I'm normally standing at the bar.
Special move: I'm pretty good at dad dancing;
Who's going to win?: Sorry Lesley but I think it will be Kate Arkell.

James Hazell and Sally Goodwin

James and Sally - trying out some moves

NIGEL 'Victor' LUNGLEY (Broadcast Assistant)

Dancing experience: I haven't ballroom danced for years, though I have maneuvered partners around the stage in Musical Theatre.
Special move: The high lift - just think Titanic - on the bows, not the actual sinking!
Who's going to win? Well, my money would be split over two people but that’s for me to know and others to find out. One is a producer/journalist, one is a presenter.

ROB 'Towering Inferno' DUNGER (Presenter and travel)

Dancing experience: I am the embarrassing uncle at the wedding;
Special move: Although I love music, I think my height of 6'2" is a disadvantage. I can hear the rhythm in my ears but it can't always make that long journey down to my feet.
Who's going to win? I think the most determined competitors are Lesley and Graeme.

'Salsa' SALLY GOODWIN (Producer for James Hazell)

Dancing experience: Zilch;
Special move: Avoiding standing on other people's toes while dancing at family events;
Who's going to win? The first person to make it through all the dance moves without making a single mistake, and it won't be me!

STEPHEN 'Foxtrot' FOSTER (Presenter)

Dancing experience: Only a slow one or two at the school disco. I also own a DVD of Saturday Night Fever!
Special move:  Any movement at all will be a bonus;
Who's going to win? Nifty Norman.

The judges

All of the judges are qualified teachers with the National Association of Teachers of Dancing. Rosemary, Jennifer and Sue are the owners of the Ipswich School of Dancing which was formerly the Arlington Ballroom. They were all trained by Olga Wilmot at the Arlington Ballroom.

The judges are aware that the competitors have only had six weeks to learn four dances. They will be looking for a natural sense of co-ordination and rhythm. Correct technique and footwork will work in the competitors' favour.

Above all the couples have been working to entertain an audience and that is exactly what the judges would like to see them achieve!

Rosemary Watson

Rosemary started dancing at the age of 16 and three years later was teaching full time for Olga Wilmot. Rosemary kept the school open following Olga's death in 2000 and in 2003 she went into partnership with Jennifer and Sue - renaming the school Ipswich School of Dancing LLP.

Jennifer Dix

Jennifer started dancing when she was 12 years old. She turned professional and was teaching at the age of 15. She competed in the World International, won the All England Basic and Standard three times and won the professional All Ladies competition three times with Rosemary.

Sue Matthews

Sue is Rosemary's sister and has been dancing since she was 8-years-old. Sue competed nationally and internationally in New York, Denmark, Germany and many others as a junior competitor.

At 16 Sue turned professional and started teaching. Sue also won the professional All Ladies Cup.

Emma Hawley

Emma is Sue's daughter and has been dancing since she was 8-years-old. She entered national and international competitions as a junior and adult competitor.

Whilst competing she was ranked number 4 in the British Amateur 10 Dance charts. At 18 Emma turned professional and started teaching for the Ipswich School of Dancing.

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created: 29/09/2008

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Gail Abbott
Great watching it live on the web. Excellent entertainment and well done to everyone.

A great show. An excellent job done by James and georgina and Knightsy had me in stitches but i think Emily was robbed but well done to everyone you all did great. WELL DONE the bbc

The men all make John Sargent a fantastic dancer

Alli Hewitt
The Anderson is gonna walk it shes got the moves and she is gorgeous "bring it on Em"xxxx

I can just imagine the atmosphere in the station at the moment.. the competition between all of them must be unbearable as for those not taking part..well..oh yes and why isn't Jon Wright NOT dancin?!

A Dancer
I am one of the "pro's" and believe me the competition between us is already fierce.....we are so looking forward to it....the celebs really have taken on an enormous task and they will be eating and sleeping dance for the next few weeks.. I for one will be pushing my partner to the limit to see just how much she can take on board and I'm sure just like on TV there will be some tears but lots of laughs all the way - be sure that anyone who attends the final in November will see a stunning show.....and remember.......Keeeeeeep dancing!

Marilyn Evans
Oh I do wish I could be there. I follow Strictly like thousands of others, BUT to see Radio Suffolk presenters etc. showing how its done, would be a great thrill. Good luck to you all and every success. I know the money will roll in. Support from your listeners is guaranteed as it doesnt matter what you decided to do, you succeed. Take the latest "Dont be a Tossa" campaign, absolutely marvellous. Keep being "Top Dogs" in your profession and keep the enthusiasm for life boiling.

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