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13 November 2014

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Ness Point

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Mark Murphy at the Ness Point Euroscope

Mark Murphy at the Euroscope

The mess that is Ness

If you've ever been to Britain's most easterly point, you've probably been a bit disappointed. At BBC Suffolk we're campaigning to improve the Lowestoft landmark.

We all know about Land's End and John O'Groats, but it seems not many of us know that Britain's most easterly point is right here in Suffolk. I know lots of people have tried to raise the profile of Ness point before and failed, but is that reason to give up?

We have something here which is uniquely ours, so let's shout about it. Tourism is so important in this part of Suffolk and surely making more of Ness Point can only be a good thing?

Better signing would be a start. For a few pennies let's get some signs up saying "Britain's most easterly point - this way." There are signs for Ness Point, but if you don't know the significance of this as the most easterly point, you wouldn't know where to go.   

I know there's not much there at the moment but with a little imagination and not much money surely we can make it more attractive to visitors. How about renaming Gasworks Road? How about Eastern Way or Sunrise Lane? Maybe Waveney District Council could look into this and run a competition for youngsters to come up with a name?

Once on the point itself why is there no sign to stand next to? To take a photograph you have to lie flat on the Euroscope dial which floods at extremely high tide. An interpretation board would be nice too.  Some seats that actually face out to sea would be good and not like the ones there now which you can only sit on looking inland at the sceptic interceptor!

Ness Point sea wall

Ness Point

I really think we are missing a trick here. If we made more of this landmark people may come looking for it to have that photographic moment.

The reaction from our listeners has been tremendous. It is really up to the local council, the regeneration company First East and other interested bodies to rise to the challenge.

We've already taken the BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show to Ness Point - and you can listen to the premier of Geoff Rowell's Ness Point song by clicking on the audio link on the right.

I really hope this campaign doesn't fall on deaf ears. We'll be keeping the pressure on and are planning to do some sort of event at Ness Point in the future when things have changed.

Let's hope it's not too far in the future!   

(You can add your own comments about the campaign by visiting the "Gallery: Find Ness Point".)

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created: 01/09/2008

You are in: Suffolk > Places > Ness Point > The mess that is Ness

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