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24 September 2014

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Made In England

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Patrick Elder with sculpture

Going Within by Patrick Elder

Patrick Elder

Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of something shiny and bronze in the next room. It was too enticing to ignore. Sculptor Patrick Elder exhibits his work at The John Russell Contemporary Art Gallery on Wherry Lane in Ipswich.

The bronze and aluminium sculptures are on show from 12 May until 7 June 2008 along with recent oils by Julie Giles.

As I peeked in to the gallery it was a veritable Aladdin's cave. There were lots of bronze and aluminium sculptures filling the room from top to bottom.

Going Within

The main piece is called Going Within and it is surrounded by many smaller pieces. Going Within stands over a metre high and is a beautiful shade of green in the shape of a wave.

Bronze sculpture with green patination

Peace, My Heart

The green patination has been retained and for me it gives a watery depiction. It reminds me of the beautiful waves that crash on the shore of the Suffolk coast.

The aluminium pieces act as groynes in my view. They are quite angular and horizontal compared to the flowing movement of the bronze and they have a black patination.

Patrick Elder definitely wouldn't agree with my reading of his work! Patrick sees his work as part of his personal journey of exploring his inner self.

Patrick practices Vipassana meditation to still his mind: "The sculpture are pure form, a result of pure thoughts acquired through meditation."

Alluminium sculpture

Silver Light by Patrick Elder

From humble beginnings

"I think all the processes used in cooking help me to create sculpture," said Patrick, who started his working life in catering. "In 1977 I took up a course in furniture making at the London College of Art, but I almost immediately started to make sculpture out of wood too.

"I love the process of making but I like the freedom of form. I specifically looked for an evening course in bronze casting.

"I moved to Suffolk in 1988. I remember coming on holiday here when I was a child and that moved me to find a home here."

Patrick has had some success in London: "In 2004 I showed the piece Stillness at The Royal Academy of Art open summer exhibition. It was commissioned four times."

Fortunately art is subjective, we all see things in different ways, but this is a beautiful exhibition regardless of how you define it.

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created: 03/06/2008

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You are in: Suffolk > Made In England > Patrick Elder

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