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24 September 2014

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Mouse comes face to face with the Gruffalo

Mouse meets the fearsome Gruffalo

Gruffalo purists unite

"A Mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood" is the opening line of the children's classic book The Gruffalo, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

If, like me, you are a parent to a young child, you no doubt have heard or spoken these lines many times.

Being a 'Gruffalo Purist', when I heard that the stage show was coming to Ipswich I was excited, but a little cautious. Would this show appeal to us that know the story off by heart, and to the children that hear or read it daily?

I couldn't wait to find out the answer. Would the voices for Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake and the Gruffalo be as good or, heaven forbid, better than my own?

Well, as I found out, yes they were.

Energetic adaptation

The stage play, adapted by Tall Stories Theatre Company, is seriously energetic and great fun from the word go.

The stage was just right for the age of the audience (ages ranging from tiny babies to grandparents taking the children out for a special treat) - with not too much detail, but very imaginative!


Mouse and The Gruffalo

Each time the main character Mouse outwits a predator, a loud shout from all the children in the audience (and most of us adults too) would join in with "there's no such thing as a Gruffalo" at the top of our lungs! Great fun.

The show lasted an impressive 50 minutes and had songs which got us all jigging in our seats, and lots of extra narration and lines to make more of the characters.

The story kept us all guessing along the way, most knowing what was around the corner, but not needing to get there in a hurry.

Fantastically fun, musical, imaginative, and exciting, the Gruffalo stage show is a must for any fans, and also those who've not read the book.

It's aimed for ages 3 and up, but any age would love it. 

Ideal venue

The Regent Theatre was a really good venue. It was packed out with excited children and just as excited adults.

The staff were very helpful and friendly, toilets well sign-posted, easy to get to, and in view (a must with children).

There was no queuing, we found our seats easily, and we could just settle in and wait for the magic to begin.

And begin it did.

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created: 25/02/2008

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You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Theatre and Dance > Reviews > Gruffalo purists unite

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