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27 November 2014

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Children In Need

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Mark Murphy in his Norwich City kit

Blue turns yellow and green

Canary gets the blues

BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast presenter Mark Murphy put himself forward for ridicule in the hope of raising money for Children in Need.

Mark, a lifelong Ipswich Town fan and a season ticket holder, was challenged to wear a full Norwich City strip at the home of the Superblues, Portman Road.

But he only agreed to take on the challenge on the condition that he raised at least £1000 for the 2007 Children in Need appeal.

His breakfast show colleagues Emily Fellows and Rob Dunger dreamed up the fundraising idea to see Mark parade around the pitch during the half time interval in the match against Bristol City on Saturday 10 November.

"We thought long and hard about his challenge and knowing how much Mark loathes all things yellow and green we thought this would be a great way of making money," Emily said.

Speaking when the challenge was laid down, Mark said: "This has to be one of the toughest things I've ever had to do."

"I'm not looking forward to walking in front of the North Stand crowd but I will have Pudsey for company. Come to think of it he's in yellow too!"

Andrew Goulborn, Mark Murphy and a Norwich shirt

ITFC's Andrew Goulborn with Mark

The signed strip was kindly donated by Town's East Anglian rivals Norwich City. Kind-hearted people pledged over £2,000 in time for the match, so Mark had to go ahead with it.

In an attempt to raise even more money, the Norwich strip was auctioned during Mark's breakfast show on Children in Need day - Friday 16 November. Find out how much was raised by looking at our CiN BBC gallery.

Mark Murphy presents the breakfast show on BBC Radio Suffolk 6.30-9am Monday to Friday and also the Saturday morning show 9-12noon.

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created: 29/10/2007

Have Your Say

How much would you have to be paid to parade around Portman Road in a full Norwich City kit? How brave was Mark?

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I would have to be paid £9999999999.99 he was very brave. BLUE ARMY

sue knock medium clairvoyant
Mark your top of the leaguewell done

Dominic wilson
Wondering whether you were sick as a canary after wearing the kit?! well done though, football aside, great cause.

Tim Corbett
The only thing making this any different to doing a lap of any other pitch is the sheer hatred between the 2 teams. That in mind, you should be ashamed of yourselves for fueling it.

Nigel Gage
I can commiserate with Mark over the Yellow and Green thing. I lived in Tenerife for a year wich was great, but for a Super Blues supporter the down side was living in the Canaries !!!!.

Ben Corbett
If anyone puts a football shirt above charity for children they are a very small person. If Mark does it I will have slightly more than zero respect for him after listening to his Norwich bashing for years.

There isn't enough money in the world to put me in Norwich City Colours... Mark, protect yourself by wearing your true colours underneath, and, remove the dirty rags you will be wearing, to show who you really are..I am a member of St John Ambulance, and will more than likley be in the Disabled Area D3 by the North Stand..

keven fuller
You wouln't be able to pay me enough to wear those colours anywhereJust a suggestion to mark Murphy,walk onto the pitch with his head down wearing that shirt then when ready to walk off take it off to reveal his true blue colured shirt which he would be wearing underneath and walk off with his head held high and proud.

Mark Shelley
would love to see mark in the Norwich kit - i'm not so sure Lesley would be quite so amused though! will offer £50 for the pleasureMark Shelley, Shirley Shelley Industrial Cleaners.

Rosalyn Skinner
It's not about the money - I just wouldn't do it.

You are in: Suffolk > Children In Need > Canary gets the blues

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