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29 October 2014

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You are in: Suffolk > Community > Features > Market goes four days a week

Alfie and Kat Moon in EastEnders

Market life, EastEnders style

Market goes four days a week

First it was EastEnders and now Ipswich Market. Suffolk's county town has received a boost with the news that Ipswich's Cornhill market has been granted an extra day's trading - taking it up to four days a week.

The cries of fruit and veg sellers will still be heard on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and will now also reverberate around the Cornhill on Thursdays.

"Ipswich is going to see a lot of change in the coming years when it comes to farmers' markets and continental markets," says John Connolly, Business and Contracts Manager for Geraud UK.

Warren O Connell and John Connollly

Warren O Connell and John Connollly

The Anglo/French company has taken over management responsibilities for the market, signing a five-year-lease and announcing big plans for the future: "Our aim is to create a market that's twice the size, and offer more diversity to the customers," Connolly continued.

"Soon we will bring in new traders that will create a greater vibrancy in the town."

Stall holders' support

The market traders appear to be in favour of the change and fishmonger Mike Young believes the high street stores are as well: "I've spoken to someone at Marks and Spencer who says they're busier on market days."

There's similar talk from Steve Brown of Flour Power City: "I specifically know Debenhams are supportive, as when the market's on it's one of their best days for trade."

Potential overkill?

Too much EastEnders can be bad for your health, so can the dangers of overkill be attributed to a four-day week for Ipswich Market?

John Connolly doesn't think so: "Not at all, shops all around the market are open six days a week and they don't have any overkill.

"The market will stand four days a week comfortably in my opinion."

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Have Your Say

Is Ipswich Market in need of a shake up?

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CALLEN [The Voice]
Yes its a good idea. I think we under value our street markets for when you think about it most small towns alover the county/country are built around their markets and indeed named after them. Outdoor markets are traditional and add to the community..not to mention cheaper prices and more choice of fresh produce. local authorities should encourage more diversity of traders from further afield too. Shop traders shouldnt be alarmed either as markets bring more people into towns. CALLEN [The Voice]

Justin Clark
The market needs to shift from "tack" and bring in more quality and diversification as well. Some "curiosity" etc would be good. The docks would be good for food, the Cornhill for clothes,flowers etc and St Peters/Nicholas antiques/fuirniture?Some "evening" events would be good too - food, jewellery etc along the docks...

You are in: Suffolk > Community > Features > Market goes four days a week

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