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29 October 2014

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The Bronsons

The Bronsons

An ex-cover band, who believe their own stuff is better than the Hendrix and Zeppelin hits they were playing. High hopes then, for Ipswich band The Bronsons.

Formed in the summer of 2005, the boys decided the time was right to spread their own special gospel of rock music. Brought up on the classic rock styles of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones, along with a love of old Charles Bronson movies, the four members originally came together one music lesson at high school in 1997.

Billy and John of The Bronsons

They immediately formed the covers band Subway, and set about perfecting their skills. Two years later, they had acquired the songs and expertise to begin gigging.

They have been performing all over the east of England for the past seven years, playing a selection of the greatest cover songs known to mankind. Whilst writing music for many of those years, they now feel the time is right to present it to you.

"This hard-working, heavy-gigging four-piece's own material is more than enough for them to ditch being a covers band."

Mini Review

“We’d spent some time at practices just jamming together, and began thinking “hang-on a minute, these songs are too good to keep to ourselves!”.  We’d had enough of listening the current trend of soulless, pappy muzak, and wanted to hear the power and balls of the bands we liked listening to.”

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I saw you guys at the Ipswich Music day on the SGR stage - you were amazing!

Melford Swan
Top band who have done a few great gigs at The Swan - Long Melford. Look forward to having you back soon.

This band are a great covers band - they really have a brilliant sound. Very tight and talented local musicians. Keep music live!

I love rock - FULL volume! Good work Bronsons!

Rock on boys!!!

Listened to Sweet for me at the weekend on this website....what a cool and upbeat tune. Really enjoyed it. I will be watching out for your next Ipswich gig.

Milestone drinker
Loved your gig last week. Its great to see/hear a local band thrashing out rock as it should be heard - full blast!

Ipswich Music Lover
Talented muscians playing a good mix of covers. Really good sing along night out!

Great gig on Sat at the Swan. Some absolute classic tunes.

Really enjoyed the show on Friday in the Magpie, Stowmarket. You sounded good and loved your classic rock covers.

I love the Bronsons!!!!!

The Bronsons
Thx for all the lovely comments. Be sure to keep checking out for all up-to-date gig listings and news. And of course, keep checking out this fab bbc site!! If anyone has any pics of us, please send them to us via the site and we will put them up with your credit.

Awesome rock band!

Why were you guys not on at Martlesham Music on the Green????? It needed some serious rocking up this year. Saw you in Stow the other week and you boys put on a great show. Hope to see you live again soon.

Is that song written about me?

Show me your sex face!!!!!!!!!

Les Paul
These guys put on a better show than Iron Maiden

To good to be kept indoors - get out gigging more!!!!

Michele - Ipswich
Loving your quirky original 'Sex Face'! More of it please boys!

CALLEN [The Voice]
Oh dont you just love the arrogance and ignorence of spotty youth! where would rock'n'roll be without it! CALLEN [The Voice]

Soph - Grange Farm
This band have so much energy and enthusiasm - it is excellent to watch and listen to them play.The drummer and lead guitarist have awesome stage presence - and all obviously have real talent.They are a must see local band!My only criticism would be... to get to work writing some more original material! Loads more like 'sex face' please!

lol.dis iz da best band eva!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynz - Ipswich
This band is awesome! The covers were excellent but we also really enjoyed their own iriginal stuff - especially sex face!!! Definately coming to the next gig - really nice lads as well. Keep rocking!

I saw the bronsons in the milestone last night and they were rockin the place down

Great solos, worthy of Mick Ronson

The Bronsons are amazing, when's the world tour coming?

Saw them at Colchester Twist last week, thought they was wickid!!

This band are very tight and very talented. Go to see them and you'll see just what I mean.

I LOVE the bronsons, I've seen them play on a number of times and the put on a wicked show. Keep up the good work lads!

The Bronsons rock - check out their live show and the hello kitty guitar!

This Band Are Amazing...Fact!

You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Music > Introducing > The Bronsons

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