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24 September 2014

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Status Quo at Stansted House

Status Quo at Stansted House

Status: still rockin'

The Quo kicked-off their Just Doin' It UK tour in Cambridge & Suffolk and I caught them at the first of their two shows at the Ipswich Regent. They're immune to fads and criticism - they do what they do and they do it with a smile!

First up was Australian support band the Twenty Sevens who looked like they wouldn't be out of place playing at The Milestone pub just behind The Regent.  A fairly uninspiring blues rock trio who included a cover of Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love." They seemed fairly desperate to sell their CDs - repeatedly mentioning their price and when they'd be signing them in the foyer.  A large audience watched them, but they didn't set the place alight.

Status Quo, of course, are preaching to the converted and I have a theory that even those who deride them probably have a guilty pleasure hidden somewhere in their record collections.  Is it possible to dislike something as raw and basic as "Down, Down" or the opener "Caroline"?  If you do then you probably don't like rock & roll.

I first saw Quo supporting Queen at Knebworth in 1986 and the set's pretty much the same apart from a few numbers from "Heavy Traffic" although curiously they didn't play this year's single "The Party Ain't Over Yet."  Not much long hair and denim in evidence in the audience these days - in fact the circle remained seated until "Bye, Bye Johnny."  Lots of old rockers brought their kids along - and it didn't seem to be under protest - which was nice!

It's a seemless set of melodic and driving rock songs including all the classics they always play - although I was a bit disappointed that Forty Five Hundred Times only had a brief run-out in a medley.  And, God preserve us, there was a 45 minute drum solo.  Well, it was probably only 5 minutes but it seemed to go on forever.  Laws should have been passed against this sort of thing after "Moby Dick."

Francis Rossi's sense of humour kept the bonhomie rolling.  He also kept a shoe-fetishist down the front happy by throwing him his old pumps.  Who knows what that was all about?!

We can now look forward to their appearance on BBC1 on Children In Need day on Friday 17th November.  The dynamic dusting duo Kim and Aggie are doing a spoof called "How Clean Is Your Gig?"  The answer would be ship-shape and bristol fashion if they're looking at the sound of a legendary rock band enjoying their autumn years.  Click on the Children In Need link on the right or on Quo's own website for details of this never-to-be-repeated moment which will probably go down in rock history.

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Should Quo carry on til they drop, or retire gracefully (again)?

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Quo are one of the old school bands like The Stones, who are always much better live than on record. I've seen them several times and am never dissapointed. What they do is simple and fun and I defy anyone to sit still while the're playing. Also, they so obviously love it themselves, otherwise why carry on??

Jo Beaumond!

CALLEN [The Voice]
Quo are almost a British instituition now for the post sixties generation and I tip my denim cap to them! Its drunken [or should that be stoned?] party pop/rock musak at its best and fun to a degree..not my type of soundtrack as I prefer the heavy weights like Zeppelin-Sabbath-Van Halen etc to stir my soup cant help but like these denim grandads who can still show the poseur kids today how it should be done! CALLEN [the Voice]

Quo should carry on rocking as they can show a lot of the younger bands how it done, so NO to retiring. As there is no one else out there who could even try to replace them let alone actully do it. So carry on rocking boys.

pete gardner
keep rocking all over the world

Gill Wilkinson
They're a legend aren't they? No they must go on for ever. Anyone seeing them knows that they enjoy performing. Saw them at Blicking last time, Thetford the year before -oldies, kids on shoulders,teens, me and my friend (mature).They are the best!

Like Jesus and Elvis before them, Status Quo will never drop. Ever.

dayne argyle
they should carry on till they are laid to rest

Tell me when was the LAST time before this that you saw Quo? - I can assure that the set is very much different to the one played at Knebworth (I was also there!) Of course Quo should carry on - and they have never retired before - they stopped touring in 84 (but continued recording) - played live aid in 85 and were back on the road in 86!

ABSOLUTELY - Quo should carry on till they drop as they said "ROCK TILL YOU DROP" so rock on Quo.

Silvia Bonzelet
Quo should be going on-tooooo many fans Quo should be going on til they drop-there are toooooo many fans around missing them when they stop!!!! please keep on goin

jef deckx
the party ain't over yet keep on rocking!!!!!!!!!

mike ward
why not,they can still do it not like many bands of today that cant actually play,rock on lads

Erik B
Heavy wheather????? Rock till they drop!!!! The party ain't over yet.

Terry Sutton
Why should Quo give up - If Cliff can keep going then so can the Quo - Long may they Keep on Rocking..

steve c
rock till they drop

quo should keep on going. they have done it for 40 years so why not carry on. if they can still do sell out gigs each and every day for 6 months on the trot they should rock till they drop

suzanne williams
I love status quo I went to see them at waterstones they looked reall well so I think they should carry on untill they are happy to give up because they have so many fans that they are happy to give all thier fans the best music in the world but I will be happy if they are happy to retire at a very good age status quo are the very best rock band I love them very much

You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Music > Reviews > Status: still rockin'

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