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29 October 2014

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St Edmund

Bill Bulstrode and Mark Murphy
Bill Bulstrode and Mark Murphy

What do you think of the St Edmund flag?

As the BBC Radio Suffolk campaign to crown St Edmund patron saint of England once more gathers pace, the question of whether or not he should have his own flag continues to crop up. 

Bill Bulstrode of Framlingham has come up with his own design which could double up as a St Edmund flag or a Suffolk flag. It still incorporates the cross of St George and features a shield with Edmunds crown and arrows in the centre.  

County flag
County flag

Suffolk county council has its own flag which also shows Edmund's crown and arrows.

So what do you think? Should St Edmund have his own flag or maybe Suffolk should have its own flag? Should Suffolk county council change its flag?

Check out the following pages for more information and to have your say.    
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I was born in Oldenburg which is only a few miles from the corner of Germany called Angeln which gave its name to the Angles and subsequently to England. It is interesting to note that the Three crowns indicate the Father son and Holy ghost for which Edmund died and is now a derivative of the colours of Sweden. But I would also like the fact that the White horse of Kent which is the oldest County in England is also the emblem of Hannover. So If we are going to have a New English flag we could replace the cross of St George with the quartered flag of the three crowns and the white horse.

i think that he sounds like a very ineresting guy and hes buried inn sommerset and i can think the white dragon would be great if we brought it back because it would be new and old at the same time

i think the white Dragon is better

P Cornish
I think thst the flsg design is too similar to the existing, and recognised, East Anglian flag that has been recognised since 1910. What do we want here? is it a flag to celebrate St Edmund, if so then surely we do that already on the Diocean flag for St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. If it's a flag for Suffolk that we want then why don't we have a county wide competition and then hold a vote on it. Lets leave politics out of it and remember to adhere to the simple rules fior the design of flags.

T M Trelawny Gower
There are rules governing the defacement of flags and the placing of the St Edmund banner on the St Georges flag is not acceptable. This is similar to the placing of 'England' on the StG flag for those not sure! I would support the Suffolk flag if the correct banner (Anglian)no arrows, were used. However, the banner should be on a plain field, not on the English flag.

Ian Williams
The shield is too small. It looks like a football supporter spilt his ink.I think the height of the shield should be at least three-quarters of the height of teh flag.

William I. Edmunds
How do I get St. Edmunds flags for myself and my sons. We'd fly them proudly in the USA.

Peter Dickinson-Starkey
Yes, a suitable flag would be correct at this time in history. So let's proceed and promote it across the land.

Glenn Carter
Hello,My name is Glenn Carter and I have a question. My Son recently has been doing a search for our family name (Carter) and he is finding that it looks like it originated from your County of Suffolk. Is there any information you could send me?

What was this Edmund chap doing hiding under a bridge when he should have been with his men (if he had any) defending our country?Sounds like a coward to me.

Shane Carter
St Edmund's achievements should not be watered down in any way. Truth be told St George is patron for those off to forein lands to fight whilst St Edmund is for thee defence of the nation at home. Two saints, one home and one away, a bit like an England football kit.

Rich B
I agree we should go back to the old White Dragon on a red background and ditch the Genoan red cross

mariana baufeldt
If every county had it's own flag, England would become divided. One flag one nation.

drew turner
anglian, the very core of English,Edmund was an Englishman and his marrow nourished her fields to prove it just as rank upon rank of English hearts stood before the tide of norman arrow steel and horse on the banks at Hastings,this oh best beloved is Angle land indeed for the blood of our people has stained the millstone,the ploughshare handle and the spade stem as well as axe seaxe and shield for almost a thousand years.we are this land this land is us and no matter the symbols we use to try to bind her with she will always be ANG LEAH...AND TO THE VOICE WHOS FACE IS HIDDEN I SAY THAT THE WORLD THAT BOUDICCA KNEW AND BLED FOR WAS SOLD TO THE ROMANS AND NAUGHT BUT A POEM WHEN THE SEA MARES CAME TO FOUND ANG LEAH AND HEAL THE HEART LEFT WEEPINGBY IMPERIALISM...

Peter Kershaw, Southsea, Hampshire (Wessex).
I feel that we (the indigenous English) should ditch the Cross of Saint George (whover HE was) once and for all, after all it and he had nothing to do with England or English history, they were foisted upon us by the Pope and the Papist Normans.I agree that Edmund should become the Patron Saint of England, and as for his (personal) flag, how about combining the historical flag of Suffolk (Edmund WAS, after all, East Anglian) and the historical flag of England,the white dragon on a red background?

Ben Archer
I think the St. Edmund's flag is so much like the flag of East Anglia. I believe that there is already a St. Edmund's flag already. Maybe it can be used on his saint day for the region or a flag for Bury and have a different and original flag for suffolk. It could be based on the coat of arms. Have BBC Radio Suffolk ever thought of having a competition for a flag for Suffolk? I believe BBC Radio evon did!

Jonathan Crane
Suffolk county council should keep it's own flag, the Saint Edmund flag should be used as the English flag by the Saint Edmund supporters campaigning to re-instate Edmund as the new patron saint of England.I like the look of this Saint Edmund's flag and I love the fact that it has Edmund's crown pierced by arrows and also incorporates the St George cross as well. Brilliant!

CALLEN [The Voice]
Boudica should be patron saint of East Anglia not edmund whos shrouded in myth/fantasy with little recorded facts to back him up. This campaign smacks of crude commercialism and desire just to find a 'Brand' for this area! CALLEN [The Voice]

Olive Reeve
We have flown the St Edmunds flag on our flagstaff all day today.

Jack Clarke
bout time the most heroic and bravest of all anglians gets recognsion, east anglia needs independance!

Fly the white dragon!

Jim Tinley
He Should be Patron Saint still & Yes to his own flag.Bring him back.....

Edmund totally rocks, why have a saint that half of europe has. Let change the flag and innovate, the old one often has negative connotations any way, in with the new out with the old.

The Flag should be left alone like every thing they always want to change things not always its right i think it should be kept as the old one

James Windridge
Bring back Edmund!

Lee Ingram (Leicester)
The origianl flag of England is the St Edmund white dragon on a red back ground, I prefur this to the foreign import of the Cross of St George.

Mark Murphy
Don't you think it is best to leave the dragons to St George and stick with real facts instead?

Christopher Hone
Should we not have the centre as St Edmund's flag of a white dragon on a red background? More original.

A letter in the Telegraph on Saturday (April 21st) suggests that St Edmund's flag is a white dragon on a red background - which sounds a lot more exciting than crowns.

Michael Dearth
Original,s are often the best.What better than an original,English Saint?FLY THAT FLAG!

Phil Sanders
St Edmund was original the patron saint from the 9th century until the Norman invasion. He should therefore be restored as the true patron saint of England as St George was introduced to destroy our original national identity. king Edmund was killed on the 20th November 870 which could also be introduced as a bank holiday. A flag already exists which is similar to the one in the picture. It is a blue shield overlaid on what we call the flag of saint George but has three gold crowns which was Edmund's family arms. I have one even though I now live in Gloucestershire. Good luck with the campaign.

Rod Chapman
I like the flag of St Edmunds, but i think we should use the flag of East Anglia, ie for Norfolk & Suffolk, with the three gold crowns on a blue shield.

amanda stannard
I was a resident of Bury St Edmunds and think its a great idea to reinstate St Edmund as our patron saint and the flag design is brilliant and i would fly it with pride.

jj taxpayer
I think that we should have St. Edmund, as at least he was actually here unlike poor old St. George who has never stepped foot upon these shores.

Mick Smith
What an excellent flag to lead the campaign. Lets get it out there on web sites and stickers etc. I would fly that flag from my house in the Suffolk part of Newmarket. Also what a great story about St Edmund fighting to the death for his country and what he believed in. That is a Saint to be proud of!!

Mick Smith
What an excellent flag to lead the campaign. Lets get it out there on web sites and stickers etc. I would fly that flag from my house in the Suffolk part of Newmarket.

That badge was on my school uniform for years! - so it would be nice for me. But if there is no evidence that he had his own flag, why bother? I must say, I have always thought of a patron saint who is supposed to have slain a dragon as totally ridiculous. But we mustn't loose sight of the fact God doesn't exist and there is really no point worrying about saints.

bill bulstrode
ST Edmund available mid december

Jeremy Joslin Ipswich
Yes, I think the idea of haing St. Edmund as the patron saint of England is right and proper. It is after all really re-instating him. The flag is an excellent addition and we should all be supportive to this campaign. It is not just a 'Suffolk' issue, this is and should be a national one with the whole country supporting it. Please don't loose any momentum and continue to publicise the issue at every opportunity.

There is already a banner of Saint Edmund which was carried by Roger Bigod at the battle of Fornham in 1173. It is reproduced in John Gage Rokewodes' 1840 Chronica Jocelini de Brakelond : de rebus gestis Samsonis abbatis monasterii Sancti Edmundi. Happy St Edmunds day everyone!

Paul Garwood.. Grundisburgh
Really Fantastic! Where can I get one? also is there another picture of it anywhere?

terry wilkinson
I was so glad to hear that a number of places are flying the new flag on Monday St Edmunds day I like the design very much.The sooner i can purchase one the sooner i can fly one too

Dave Phillips
My wife and I have recently moved up to Lowestoft from Sussex and back you in your campaign to bring back St Edmund. Yes, we like the flag and yes, let Suffolk County Council change it's flag.

Dave Phillips
My wife and I have recently moved up to Lowestoft from Sussex and back you in your campaign to bring back St Edmund. Yes, we like the flag and yes, let Suffolk County Council change it's flag.

John Latham
Certainly St.Edmund should be our Patron Saint. When I was a serving with the Essex Yeomanry, our Divisional flash was the crown and crossed arrows, worn proudly on our uniform. Forget St.Georges cross. A Royal Blue flag with the crown and arrows in gold would be perfect and truly English / Saxon.


john hardwick
I think that the county flag shown should be adopted as the official flag of the county. But to have a flag of St. edmond with a base as exsisting St. Georges flag rather defeats the object.

Why include the cross of St George in the flag ? The county flag is much better.

Trevor Bray Bury St Edmunds EX
Roll on St Edmunds Lets Kick The St George Fairy Tale Into Touch

St Edmund already has a flag (three gold crowns on a blue field). Anyone visiting The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham (Norfolk) in August would have seen the Banner of St. Edmund proudly flying as our pilgrimage processed from the Slipper Chapel to the Abbey ruins.

Francis Young
Bill Bulstrode's flag is similar to the design for an East Anglian flag made by the East Anglian Society in 1904 - except that flag simply had the three crowns or on a field azure of the Kingdom of East Anglia. It has recently appeared again on certain local produce being sold in supermarkets.

brian hobbs
awful & unoriginal!

susan howard
i think thats a good idea having aflag

Michael Faul
FOllowing on this morning's interview, I ave now seen the website. The flag flying on the county hall is the official flag of the county authority. as such it will be reserved for official use. The idea for a county flag for use by citizens of the county is really what is being considered here.

Audrey in Bury
I'm backing Bill Bulstrode & his new design for the Suffolk flag. I think it is unfussy & down to earth, just like the locals!

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