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29 October 2014

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The Wah

The Wah

Formed in East Bergholt in 2005, The Wah started off life as a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band but now pursue their own brand of funk-rock.

Sax - lead vocals and saxophones
TVMW - drums and electronics
Al - guitar and vocals
Malt - bass

Nothing to do whatsoever with Pete Wylie's The Mighty Wah!, this Suffolk band cite their influences as Rage Against The Machine, James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic.  The band say the emphasis is on the funk and it needs to be seen and heard in the live context.

"The band's roots as Chili Peppers fans are obvious, but the addition of saxophone adds something new to the mix. Shame about the fake US accents."

Mini Review

In their Chili Peppers covers-era they could be found in the Red Lion in East Bergholt, but they now gig regularly in the Ipswich area and have also made it as far afield as France. 

Their debut EP "Give It Up" came out in 2005 - and it features the two tracks available on this page.  Have a listen ...

The Wah played at the 2006 John Peel Day gig at the Ipswich Steamboat. A review and picture gallery of the evening are on the right.

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Does the band FUNK or not?

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Yeah we're friends so gunna have to say there amazing, but really dont have to, they are actually amazing!damn hard band to play before tho, u dont stand a chance!
nikk (Crab Meat Moon)

The Wah make you wanna jump up and down, even when you haven't had a beer! They're tracks are perfect on the suffolk allterrain videos too

I was told to check these guys out by a friend of mine. He had seen them on more than one occasion. I Can't praise these guy enough. They have such a tight rythem section and frantic lyrics to boot. The energy they project on stage is staggering.

Supported these guys at The Steamboat in Ips recently - they put on a really good show and get the crowd up and dancing.
Jen (The Shifty Eyes)

Sounds good to me. Mini Review's comment about US accents is a bit weak. There are very few English artists who sing in their native accent. And you can trace it back all the way to Cliff Richard in the late 1950s. Admittedly it is refreshing to hear the likes of The STreets and Lily Allen singing in "English" but american accents are firmly stuck int he throats of UK artists. Come back Cerys all is forgiven.

I saw The Wah when they toured the French Alps. They were awesome! I hope they come again soon. Jean-Paul (The Bar Man of The Golden Eagle)

this is how live music should always be.
nikki duffy

These guys rock especially the little short legged one on the drums!
Jim McLachlan

Spread the word of the Wah - they rock.

The wah add a fresh sound the live scene in Ipswich and suffolk, and carry a good crowd with them. The Sax, Bass, Drums and Guitar are all played very compentently by their owners, and know when to step back, as well as up. Bags of energy, and well worth an hour of any ones time!
Neil Walls

An amazing live band, definitely the highlight of the evening. I feel sorry for any band trying to follow their performances as these boys get everyone going. I think I have seen that Drummer on TV before ... and american accents, what a load of c**p

I agree with Mike, they offer a fantasic live performance! The bald headed dude on the bass is awesome. Definiately recommend anyone to go see them play live. fantastic, original lyrics which are guaranteed to make your body rock!!! P.s I don't know of any other band that has the balls to even attempt to play Rage against the machine covers!! in some muscians eyes it would be sacrilege to even attempt it... FAULTLESS!! Looking forward to your next gig. cheers Kev

These boys put the bom in the bom bom diddly bom. Frontman Sax could provide the greater Ipswich area with enough energy to power their homes for a year in one of his performances. BassBoy Malt has fingers of fire and you can hear they've all played together for a while as they sound so together. If they don't get you moving, consider yourself incapacitated from the hips down! And I don't think the singer is too American sounding at all...dude. Cool as funk.

You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Music > Introducing > The Wah

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