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29 October 2014

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Arguably Suffolk's hardest working band, the Ipswich five piece play indie rock to make people dance. They performed in front of thousands at the V Festival and now get the chance to record at Maida Vale.

Rosalita formed in 2005 and through an attitude of providing good times for their live audience, as well as themselves, soon built up a dedicated local following.

The band cite Talking Heads and Pete Doherty as influences, and some of their early shows were perhaps as close as Ipswich came to having a band like The Libertines. Albeit slightly later.

Kris from Rosalita

Kris, vocals

2007 saw Rosalita's stock rise considerably. They toured the country heavily, often playing three or four gigs a week, and used MySpace to connect with a bulging fanbase.

Their crowning glory came via a Channel 4 competition to find an unsigned band to open the 2007 V Festival. Rosalita were one of two winners and performed in front of thousands of people at Chelmsford and Staffordshire.

The band appeared on a bill which featured Amy Winehouse, The Kooks and Babyshambles.

Maida Vale

A debut single followed soon after. Manga Girl, which had previously appeared on the band's self released demos, was releaed by Norfolk label NR One at the end of 2007.

BBC Suffolk has supported Rosalita since their early days. Stephen Foster recorded a live session which was made available for free at Rosalita's gigs.

In 2008 BBC Introducing at Radio One asked BBC local stations to recommend bands for the inaugural Maida Vale Weekender.

Rosalita were put forward by BBC Suffolk Introducing and a judging panel, including Huw Stephens, selected them as one of the 12 acts to record at the world famous studios on 29 and 30 March 2008.

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Leave your hair alone it!

nikk (Crab Meat Moon)
Havent seen them live but we share the same practice room, we've wrote crude messages to one an other on the whiteboards :D its fun!good band keep it up! x

Street Team Promotions
These guys are great. We have had the pleasure of working with them a number of times doing photography and every time they have sounded better and better live. Ipswich Music Day 2008 was a great show, Kesgrave Music Festival in the rain perked everyone up, and Coalition down in Brighton in fancy dress was genius!! See ya all soon. :o)

Tom , Ipswich
Saw them once, uninspiring. Best band in East anglia? NO

I saw Rosalita for the first time on sunday and now im hooked for life, they were awsome!!!

pandora, chesterfield
i adore this band, if you havent seen them live... you reallllllyyy need to.:) they have amazing stage presence.

Just for the record; My mother says 'Rosalita rawk' ;)

Sammy, Ipswich
Rosalita are awesome! It's great that they'll finally be getting some Radio One airtime! I can't wait to see Rosalita at the Caribbean Club gig this Friday so I can buy a 'what would your mother say?' EP :)

They don`t do much for me!! Musically they are not breaking any boundaries. But the girls seem to love them and their sound is very now! I wish them all the best luck in the world and hope they stay grounded at the same time ;-)

well i think theyr awesome. and il always be behind them. they deserve success.x b x

i think this bands very good , really good stag presence, u want to dance when u hear them , the band is about fun! and each member has there own style and there own movements so its good to wach and the music is well put together and u can sing along.

i think rosalita rock there talented energetic funny and deserve to get where they r hope u get much further you all have worked hard as for those who have had a moan about them well id like to see u get as far as they have looking foward to buying your sinle manga girl hope there are much more to follow. good luck

Seen them a few times now & they deserve every success. Energetic, humourous & professional performance. And material to make you grin like a loon (yeah - Tony Hart was GREAT) or dance like a loon (buy Manga Girl CD now!)

Good Stuff lads! Congrats on Road to V! JEalous of the pics with you and Grohl!!

Hi Mike. Thanks for the style advice... I'll get onto it some day. : )

Totally agree with 'Buckner' on the style over content...not my cup of tea but I know how hard you have worked, so good luck to you. I would also like to say - get a hair cut to the lead singer and Jay who are looking a bit weird.

They work hard these boys, there's no denying that, and probably deserve some success. They are gigging so much that they seem to have forgotten to spend any time writing decent songs though. Lot's of performance but the material is terrible. Who cares about this kind of comedy music. Art Attack?? Oh please. Still, they'll go down well with the style over content scenesters. Not my cup of tea, but well done all the same. Hope they can come up with some tunes as the next move.

Well deserved win at Road To V - really chuffed to bits for them.Will head down and see them!

The Bronsons
Rosalita really looked and sounded the part on Road to V this week. They've worked really hard and deserve every success - best of luck and fingers crossed you make it through the final guys!

CALLEN [The Voice]
I am not a lover of 'indie' pop [no its not rock] but having caught Rosalita on TV the other night I must confess they came across as good! They had energy-charisma-style and were fun! I can imagine fans of of their generation will relate to them totally..good luck to you lads for getting off your arses and making it happen! CALLEN [The Voice]

Rosalita Rock!! Saw them at Ipswich Music Day last Sunday and they were great!! Looking forward to seeing them again on 21st July at Hachfest!

There music is no diffent fom all the other stuff around. It doesn't stand out at all. What Suffolk needs is a proper rock band (like The Bronsons). And they sound nothing like Nirvana. They need to be more original

I bet these sad complainers couldn't achieve what you have. Keep going lads. Well done. Kiss for John (drummer).

Emma - Ipswich
Absolutely nothing great to mention about their music. I can barely tell their songs apart! What is all the fuss about?!!!Also seem a bit arrogent to me. Also (refering to the mini review on this page) that compare this band to the Pixies/Nirvana - I dont think so! Sorry boys - awesome drumming though!

Sophie - Ipswich
Completely uninspiring - sorry.There is not one song that stands out - as they all sound the same!Nothing new - or interesting about them - other than a very talented drummer!What they lack in song writing abliltiy they make up for with enthusiasm on stage.They obviously have a lot of loyal friends to follow and support them at gigs.

i agree we do. that pics about 2 yeas old though. Hang on a sec. Where the hell else is there to shop in ipswich. Primark haha

they look like topman mannequins

Certainly the best band in suffolk, by a long way. I've been watching bands for as long as i can remember and these lot a whole league above others (*cough* The Runes)

An atrocious band who have no originality and no soul. There is nothing whatsoever that distinguishes them from other NME-adoring, gel-haired bandwagon jumping hacks all over the UK. Avoid.

Harriet xxx
i think they are amazing!they have charisma,talent, originality and are generally nice guys aswell :)

Paul T, Cambridge
Rosalita have been chosen out of alsmost 40 east anglian bands to appear at the Prestigous Cambridge Corn Exchange at the annual Teenage Kicks 2007 Gig- A Celebration of Indpendent Music Featuring the best unsigned bands from the Region and International special Guests- The Concert is dedicated to Tom Jones (Inkus) Aged 17 who tragicaly was killed in 2005 in a road incident as he walked home with Friends. The event is set to be one of the Highlights of the Musical Year and last years event was attended by approaching 1000 music fans of all ages. 27th January 6.45 Tickets only £7.00 7 live Bands- All procedes go to the Huntingdon Multiple Sclerosis Charity

Great band. Come and see medusa soon Jay!

Cheers for the awesome atmosphere at the Steamboat last night!!

saw them play live,brilliant,very entertaining.

Ian G
Getting bigger all the time

awesome band!

You are in: Suffolk > Entertainment > Music > Introducing > Rosalita

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