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13 November 2014

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You are in: Suffolk > BBC Radio Suffolk > Presenter profiles > Meet the BBC Radio Suffolk Producers

Meet the BBC Radio Suffolk Producers

Want to know more about the people that work behind the scenes at BBC Radio Suffolk?

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

Fact file: Emily Anderson

Starsign:  Taurus

Grew up in: Loughborough

First job: Sales assistant in a sports shop in Loughborough. 

First car: Renault Clio

First ever ever record: Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads

Favourite things

Food: Thai

Place in Suffolk: My home 

Item in Wardrobe: Too many to pick just one!

Song:  Anything by Take That

Film: Dirty Dancing 

TV Show as an adult: Friends 

TV Show as a child: Neighbours

Colour: Green

Alison Root

Alison Root

Fact file: Alison Root

Starsign:   Taurus

Grew up in: Cambridge

First Job:  Saturday sales assistant in a gift shop in Cambridge

First Car:  Vauxhall Corsa

First ever record: The Muppet Show (used to play it on my toy record player!)

Favourite things

Food:  Sunday roast

Place in Suffolk: Beach hut in Felixstowe with my family

Item in Wardrobe: My wedding dress

Song: The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way ( will probably change again next week!) 

Film: Notting Hill

TV Show as an adult: Prime Suspect

TV Show as a child: Dallas

Colour: Yellow

Steve Blower

Steve Blower

Fact file: Steve Blower

Starsign:  Sagittarius

Grew up in: York

First Job: Reporter - Essex Radio in Southend

First Car: Fiat Panda

First ever record: Kevin Johnson - Rock and Roll I Gave You The Best Years of My Life

Favourite things

Food: Syrup Sponge

Place in Suffolk: Orford

Item in Wardrobe: Punky Fish Red T shirt

Song: Kate Bush - Moments of Pleasure

Film: Before Sunrise

TV Show as an adult: This Life

TV Show as a child: Generation Game with Bruce Forsyth and Larry Grayson

Colour: Purple

Linda Walker

Linda Walker

Fact file: Linda Walker

Starsign: Cancer

Grew up in: Oxfordshire on a little farm in the middle of nowhere

First Job: Saturday girl in Sainsburys

First Car: A very battered brown metro

First ever record:  Something by Take That

Favourite things

Food: Chocolate

Place in Suffolk: Aldeburgh

Item in Wardrobe: Dark blue jeans

Song: Suddenly I see by KT Tunstall

Film:  Lost in Translation

TV Show as an adult: Top Gear

TV Show as a child: Knightmare

Colour: Green

Kate Arkell

Kate Arkell

Fact file: Kate Arkell

Starsign: Libra

Grew up in: Suffolk

First Job: Broadcast Assistant at BBC Radio Suffolk

First Car: beige Metro

First ever record: Gazza,  Fog on the Tyne

Favourite Things

Food: Chinese

Place in Suffolk: Aldeburgh

Item in Wardrobe: Tweed coat with a (fake) fur collar

Song: The Beatles: Girl

Film: Dirty Dancing

TV Show as an adult: Friends

TV Show as a child: Bagpuss

Colour: Duck Egg Blue (or pink)

Sharon and Dixie

Sharon and Dixie

Fact file: Sharon Whight

Grew up: Ipswich

Star Sign: Pisces

First job: Pig farmer

First car: As I have  a Guide Dog I'm not allowed a car, BUT I do have a lovely shiney red tandem, it turns more heads and is better for my figure and the planet

First Record: "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Star Sign: Pisces

Favourite things

Food: Roast Duck & Crispy Seaweed, CHEESE, Chocolate and Curry

Film: Sleepless in Seattle

Colour: Yellow

TV show as an adult : Home and Away and Univercity Challenge

TV show as a child: It's a Knockout

Place in Suffolk: Beside my garden pond

Item in wardrobe: My birthday suit!

Sally Goodwin

Sally Goodwin

Fact file: Sally Goodwin

First Car:   Red Ford Cortina

First Record:  Eddison Lighthouse, Love Grows Where My Rosemary Grows

Star Sign:  Gemini

Favourite things

Food:  anything with the exception of custard (my primary school dinner lady forced me to eat it and I haven't been able to face it since!)

Film:  City of Angels

Colour:  Pink

TV Show:  Catherine Tate

Place in Suffolk: Dunwich Heath  

Clothing items: A blue dress I bought for a friend's birthday party, wore it once and then lost weight so it never fitted again. 

Philippa Taylor

Philippa Taylor

Fact file: Philippa Taylor

First Car: Austin Metro (nicknamed Morris)

First Record: Peter Sarstedt - Where do you go to my lovely?

Star Sign: Aries

Favourite things

Food: anything that tastes as if it should be fattening but isn't

Film: Bridges of Madison County even though I cry more every time I see it

TV Show: 24 or Spooks

Place in Suffolk: Minsmere Beach

Clothing items: Dress and jacket I wore to my sons wedding earlier this year, a cream top I've had forever, walking gear to survive blizzards!

last updated: 27/05/2009 at 13:59
created: 31/10/2006

You are in: Suffolk > BBC Radio Suffolk > Presenter profiles > Meet the BBC Radio Suffolk Producers

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