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13 November 2014

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You are in: Suffolk > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Features > Mosquito Aircraft Unveiled

Mosquito - copyright Imperial War Museum

Mosquito - copyright Imperial War Museum

Mosquito Aircraft Unveiled

The Mosquito, many of which were based at Suffolk airfields during the war, was unveiled at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.


Following an extensive restoration programme by a skilled team of staff and volunteers, the Imperial War Museum Duxford rolled out its newly restored wartime de Havilland Mosquito aircraft. It was unveiled in the presence of the former Mosquito aircrew from all over the region.

The Mosquito has a long association with the East Anglian region. Many were based at airfields across Suffolk and Norfolk during the Second World War. Most were built at Hatfield, some of the aircraft were built in Luton, on what is now part of Luton Airport.

Duxford’s Mosquito, TA719, is one of only 33 left in the world from a total of nearly 8,000 which were built.  The Mosquito is one of the greatest ever combat aircraft and served in the Royal Air Force in a variety of roles including bomber, night-fighter and ‘spyplane’.  It was, until 1944, the world’s fastest combat aircraft and was in RAF service from 1941 to 1953.

TA719 rolled off the production line as the Second World War drew to a close and was placed in storage for 6 years.  The aircraft will take its place in Duxford’s new £24 million pound AirSpace exhibition set to open in 2007. 

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Jim Prettyman
Truly DH at its best . Beautiful and ahead of all others . Wish we had one flying again .

Chris Arter
For John BeechingI am researching my relative S/Ldr Jack Fenwick's RAF service.He was with 169 Sqdn & was shot down by an intruder over Norfolk 04.03 1945 returning from sortie over Germany when based at Gret Massingham ( Mk 19 Mosquito MM 640 ) Can you help ? Chris

Wayne Beeching
To John Beeching: I was just looking at some old photographs that my uncle has, Brian Beeching. There was a Cpl John Beeching in his RAF Uniform and was wondering if you were the same john beeching

keith ivor murrell
trully a beautiful plane,i guess this one is static its such a shame.but does look great,thanks for all the hard work for others to admire.

Steve in Minneapolis
Certainly the yellow underside paint scheme wasn't used in combat aircraft, was it?

mick burton
I think the Mosquite was one of the best aircraft that flew in the war. I am so glad you have put life in to a new one. Good job lads. keep it up. Regards. Mick.

Paul Perryman
Are there any plans to fly this amazing aircraft alongside the Queens flight, if not why not.

John Hickmott
The Mosquito finaly takes it's place in the Roll of Honour. Don't forget it also played a roll as a civilian aircraft flying buisnessmen in to Sweden for ball bearing deals etc. Apparnently they were kitted out on a flying coat given a flask of coffee and strapped in the bomb bays for the journey, fascinating.

CPT Henry W. Justice, USA (Ret)
Wow! What a plane and gainst all odds too. Forever changed my mind on the best airplane of that era.

John Beeching
I flew as pilot with 169 (Bomber Support)Sqdn. and 627 PFF Sqdn., in 1944/45. I have the serial numbers of 57 Mosquitoes in my log-book and never bent any. I am happy to correspond with anybody still interested.

Adam Rowland
Mosquitos are the BEST! I love all air craft but mos's are one of my favorites! :)

james collison
As a former USAF pilot, I would love to fly the Mosquito..feel the surge of those engines. jwc

john morford
served in 410 sqd in ww2 with mosquitos and was in suffolk at several times

I am one of the early members of C.H.2A. at Windsor Airport.We are rebuilding Mossie KB161,a B Mk XX.

Brittany Brock
i love your pictures:P...hehe

ivor webber
I remember as a boy living in Topsham, Devon, a desertsand and green Mosquito flew over our house daily. Does anyone know what happend to the aircraft based at exeter Airport flying for the Met office?

You are in: Suffolk > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Features > Mosquito Aircraft Unveiled

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