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29 October 2014

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Dyslexic Seven at The Steamboat

Dyslexic Seven @ The Steamboat

By Andrew Culture
Andrew checks out Dyslexic Seven, Tornado Smith and All or None at The Steamboat in Ipswich. Keep on reading to find out what he thought of them...

Dyslexic Seven + Tornado Smith + All or None
The Steamboat - Friday 19th November 2004

Tonight is another in a long line of what have become very popular 'all-ages' shows started by a couple of Ipswich musicians. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome and judging by tonight’s turn out a great deal of people do indeed feel welcome. When the Steamboat gets as busy as it is tonight it only serves to make the place friendlier, everyone is chatting with strangers and politely letting each other through, this is the way live music is in Ipswich, and it’s something we take for granted!

All or None

Up first were All Or None; this was their fist live appearance. The tight rhythms and charismatic performance of this band was more akin to what we have come to expect on the stage of larger venues like the Regent. All Or None show great character without being cocky, it’s a great combination. The All or None sound is hard to pin down but if I really had to pigeon hole them I would say they are a rock/ punk/ old skool metal crossover.

Tornado Smith

As soon as the stage has cooled down from the abuse All Or None were throwing at it Tornado Smith fired up. This is a band I have heard a lot about, and by the look of this performance this is a reputation they have earned. They play a slightly more indie treated rock than a lot of bands in Ipswich but as with the first band tonight professionalism is the keyword and the crowd love it. Watch out for this band, whether you like indie, rock or punk you'll find something to satisfy you in Tornado Smith. Still in their first year of existence this is the first headline slot Dyslexic Seven have played, and the crowd surrounding them seems to know most of the songs and an alarming amount about the personal lives of the band.

Dyslexic Seven

Dyslexic Seven definitely lean hard on the punky side of life but occasionally slip back into some heavier riffs, like a straight edge punk that secretly loves poodle rock metal like Wasp! Half way through the set the clothes start coming off, the crowd loves it (they are about 75% female). By the end of the night Dyslexic Seven have proved they have what it takes to move to the next level, and you should join them, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

last updated: 25/11/04
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dyslexic 7 were so gd , letws go 7!!

a rather exstatic gig with little disspointment with the best act by far being allornone, lovely chaps playing awsone music gottalove them

Id been looking forward to seeing Tornado Smith for ages and they were brilliant. The other 2 bands rocked too!

All Or None. First gig! Brilliant! And both other bands gave amazing performances too! Was a fun night for all! (Sounds so cheesy doesn't it?)

Fantastic night, Fantastic bands, fantastic crowd, and fantastic venue the perfect combination !!!!! long live original music in ipswich
Big Daddy

It was a wicked night... the other bands were ace, thanks to Andrew for the great review ^_^
Jim A.O.N

D7 are awsome... Rarrr!

That night was grrrrreat. the bands were cool, and everyone had a good time :D

it was a great night...a lot of people turned up..all or none were very good, much stronger live then on cd.

that gig was a pure example of how ipswich gigs are and always will be...atmosphere and great music with everyone acting as one big family! So amny people of "all ages" and having a good night as they should do!
Steve TDRO

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