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24 September 2014
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Submitted by Dawn McCall
Cast on 45-0-45 (90)sts on waste yarn Set machine to HOLD *M\Y Knit 1 row COL

On the same side as carriage put 1 needle into holding pos. every alternate row. Continue until only one needle left in working position Knit 1 row COR

On carriage side return 1 needle to UWP every alt row, until all needles in working position Knit 1 row**

Repeat from * to ** 3 times more.

Remove onto waste yarn.

Steam starting at edges holding iron just above work steam from edge to middle to kill yarn. Steam w/y flat.

When cooled, join seam by either grafting or loosely on the machine. Draw hole together


This can be done either by crochet or knitting MT . Wrong side facing using 3 pronged tool pick up 3 edge stitches * knit 6 rows, then pick up next 3 sts and place on needles ** Repeat from * to ** all round the edge.

Steam lightly again. Once they are steamed they never need ironing again.

Ray of Hope web site

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