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24 September 2014
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Tiny Mitten Pattern to suit 2lb – 4lb baby
Submitted by Mary Garratt
Tiny mittens
Premature baby jacket
Not all units use mitts this small, but as we have had a request from one who do not use cardigans for tinies in the incubators but they do use mitts, here are some little ones.

Thanks again to Mary Garratt from Sandbach

Using 3.25 (No 10) needles and 4 ply wool.
(3ply may be used if wanted even smaller)

Use needles to suit

These mittens when finished in 4 ply wool measure approx 11/2" x 2" (4cm x 6cm) for the smaller ones and 13/4" x 3" ( 5cm x 8cm ) for the larger ones. They would be slightly smaller of course in 3ply

Please use white, or pastel colours


Cast on 25 stitches

Work 3 rows in moss stitch (knit 1 purl one,start each row with knit stitch) or knit 1 purl one rib.

Next row:-- Work 4 (10) rows in stocking stitch (knit 1 row.purl 1 row) beginning with a knit row.

Next :--Work eyelet row . Knit 2. *( wool forward, knit 2 together) *repeat to last stitch. Knit 1.

Next row:-Purl 11 stitches, Purl stitches, 12 & 13 together, Purl 12. (24 stitches)

Next row:- Work 8 (10) rows in stocking stitch, beginning with a knit row

Next row:-- Work 4 rows as follows to shape top.

Row 1. Knit 1, knit 3 together, knit 5, knit 3 together through back loop, knit 3 together, Knit 5, knit 3 together through back loop, knit 1.

Row 2. Purl.

Row 3. Knit 1, Knit 3 together, knit1, knit 3 together through back loop, knit 3 together knit1, knit 3 together through back loop. Knit 1

Row 4. Purl

Next row:-- Cast off

Sew side and top seam

Thread ribbon through eyelets

Ray of Hope web site

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