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24 September 2014
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Premature baby set
Submitted by Denny Kelly from Australia
Premature baby set
Premature baby set
Very pretty pattern - nice for Hospital & Nice to go home in.

Submitted by Denny Kelly.

To fit approx 1500gm baby ( 3 to 31/2 lbs)

No 10 Needles and 4 ply Yarn
Weight of finished Jacket approx 30grm (1oz)

Cast on 89st , and knit 3 rows in garter stitch (each row knit)
Knit one row then purl one row
Do 18 rows of pattern A (see bottom of page)
Knit one row, and then purl one row.

Divide for RIGHT front
K23st turn and Purl back
Do stocking St until work measures 5 inches from cast on edge.
Then shape neck as follows:
Cast off 7 st Knit 2TOG at neck edge of every row until 13 St remain
Stocking Stitch 6 rows cast off

Divide for BACK
Knit 43 St
Knit stocking St until work measures same to top cast off of front

Divide for LEFT front
Knit as for RIGHT front reversing shaping

Cast on 30 St
Knit 3 rows, Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, repeat these 2 rows once more
Increase Beginning and end of next and every 4th row until 44 st then knit 3 rows
Cast Off

LEFT front Band
Pick-up 30 St evenly along left front edge
Knit 3 rows
Cast off

RIGHT front band
Do as left front band but add a button hole (wool forward knit 2 together) to 2nd row every 1 1/4 inches

Pick-up 56St along neck edge. Knit 3 rows. Cast off. (Cont)

Pattern A
Multiples of 8 + 1
Row 1:--.Right side k1 * yf, k2 sl1 k2tog psso k2 yf k1 rep * to end
Row 2 :--purl
Row 3 :--k2 * yf k1 sl1 k2tog psso k1 yf k3 rep from * to last 7st yf k1 sl1 k2tog psso k1 yf k2
Row 4:--purl
Row 5:--k3 * yf sl1 k2tog psso yf k5 rep * to last 6st yf sl1 k2tog psso yf k3
Row 6 :-- Purl Repeat these 6 rows

No 10 needles 4 ply yarn

Cast on 49 stitches and work 3 rows on garter stitch (every row knit)

Commence Pattern
1st row:-- K1*yarn forward Knit 2 Slip 1. Knit 2 together PSSO Knit 2 Yarn Forward Repeat from * to end
2nd row :--Purl
3rd row :-- Knit 2 * YF,K1, SL1.K 2 tog PSSO K1 YF K3 Repeat from* to last 7 sts YF,K1, SL1,K2 tog PSSO K1 YF, K2
4th row :-- Purl
5th row:-- K3* YF,SL1.K2 tog PSSO k5 Repeat from * to the last 6 stitches YF, SL1,K2tog,PSSO.YF,K3
6th row:-- Purl

Repeat last 6 rows three times more.

Shape Crown
Next row:-- * K2.K2 tog K1.repeat to last 4 sts k4 (40 sts)
Next row:--Purl
Next row :-- *K2 K2 tog K1 repeat to end (32sts)
Next row:-- Purl
Next row:- *K1 K2 tog repeat to the last 2 sts k2 (22sts)
Next row:-- Purl 2 tog to end (11sts)

Draw up sts and sew down seam to end of stocking stitch.

No 12 & No 10 needles 4 ply Yarn

Using size 12 needles
Cast on 25 sts K 14 rows in K1 P1 rib, increasing on stitch in the middle of the last row (26 sts)

Change to No 10 needles and work in Stocking stitch., work 2 rows

Shape instep
Knit 17, turn.
Purl 8, Turn
Working on these center 8 sts only. Work 8 rows in stocking stitch. Break off Yarn.
Right side facing, rejoin yarn to instep. Pick up and knit, 8 sts along side edge of instep. Knit 8 stitches off left hand needle. Pick up and knit 8 stitches along other side of instep. (42 sts)
Work 3 rows in stocking stitch.

Shape Foot
1st row K1 k2 tog k12 k3 tog k6 k3 tog k12 k2 tog k1 (36sts)
2nd row Purl
3rd row K1 k2 tog k10 k3tog k4 k3 tog k10 k2 tog k1 (30sts)
4th row Purl Cast off

Sew up seam and turn back rib if required

Ray of Hope web site

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