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24 September 2014
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The Pete Conway Message Board - now CLOSED
Our Robbie Williams Messageboard is for fans who want to chat, swap thoughts and talk about the man...

But, recently Robbie's dad, Pete Conway/Williams (pic - right) posted - so we thought we'd carve out this page just in his honour!
Pete's posting is first in the messages - have a read.

The posts were put up between 2005 and Feb 2006.
Pete Conway
Pete Conway
Pete with computerI have just spent over an hour reading the messages on this board, I find them facinating!
I don't have a computer but I am spending the weekend with my mate Russ Barton who does, and you can see me here sitting as his computer with this website open on it!
I am with Russ to support a local charity tomorrow and to play golf!
Hope you are all looking forward to Robs tour next year as much as I am. Best wishes

Pete Conway (rob's dad)
From Robbie's Dad
Pete Conway is my stage name and has been so for thirty years.
Since I have retired I tend to be called Pete Williams more often now. It is my real name after all!!
P.S This is the first time I have been on the internet! It's fascinating!

Pete Conway

Hi Pete. It is so nice to finally see the father of Robbie Williams. My childrens grandfather claims that he worked with you on the Police force in Rhodesia but he unfortunately died before we could find out more. Perhaps you can let me know if you were indeed in the police force there just in case it was not you because I think I need to give my daughters the correct information because they (and I) and huge fans of robbie and they feel a kind of ownership over him simply because of what their grandfather had told them. My little 4 year old believes that Rob is her "other daddy". She always says that he is so cute. I would love to meet him on his tour to SA (Cape Town)but have been unsuccessful in obtaining a ticket. The company that I work for (GAC) will be doing all the moving of his stage equipment for the show in Dubai. But enough about Rob (although I cannot talk about him enough). It would be ! nice to have a reply from you so that we can chat some more. Keep well.

Jacqui Taylor
Cape Town (South Africa)
To Mr Williams
Hello to you from the other side of the world. I recall reading about yours and Master Williams poor experiences in Auckland, New Zealand.
Being a kiwi my heart felt apologies to you and your son. I was up in Auckland to go to Roberts concert and to gather things for my 1870's Victorian Home that I,m restoring. I too had a bad time up there, with the only thing going right was the concert pushing my way into the golden circle. What a pack of nasty people.
My lead up to the weekend was abosolutey terrible. My favorite Auntie passed away. I had driven over a 1000 km the day before I had to fly to Auckland for the concert which happen to be a belated birthday present for me from me. I hadn't slept in days when I went to the concert. However, I was not sure if it was you that offered me to go chat to Robert on the steps ( the only steps there). If so I thank you, but had to pass it up as I felt and looked like ! s... Also I had with me my loud mouthed niece. If I had gone to say hello see would have blabbed to the world. Something that isn't me.
I did see him sitting there in the rain. I did go and sit under a tree and watch the roadies disassemble the stage. It was sad to hear Robert say you weren't there, but elsewhere. Somewhere where I would usually find my late father but a dear man all the same.

Just a couple of questions for you or Robert. However, I probably won't be back on the internet for a time as I find these places by chance. So I'm saying all now.
By chance, was it Robert on the scooter going up the hill? I think so as his voice didn't seem Asian as the guy returning down the hill on the scooter.
Also, I met an aquaintance of Roberts in Parnell. I won't mention the stores name nor the chap at the store. But apparently Robert was to visit later in the day. This gentleman was wonderfuland of course not kiwi. He was a Welshman. By that stage I had fagitue (due to no sle! ep). He gave me a seat and plenty of water. Told me about Robe! rts asso ciation with the shops parent company in the UK and that he was to come in later and would I like to stay. Again I had to declined. By this stage I needed sleep before my flight back down south.

I would like to thank Robert for the only thing that went right after I ensured I wasn't sitting up the bloodly hill to watch him. My first concert in years. Kids, degrees, restoration do that to you. No Time. I must admit, it was sad to see so many young girls standing like doormats watching and not getting into the music. I danced my bottom off. I would also like to thank Robert for singing Mr Bojaggles. When I was young my dad would come home from the Working Mens Club, with mates and put on the old favourites; Dean Martin (my favorite), Blue eyes, and Elvis Presley and dance with us girls. It a shame that he has only one CD of the old.
If you speak with Robert I would like you to say thank you for the one and only thing that went right in Auckland for me. Other than his concert i! t would have to be the worst 4 days of my life, excluding my dads passing.
I have been trying to find a way to write and give thanks where it is rightly deserved for the last couple of years. If it is any concilation to Robert, I do at times listen to his albums while sanding, scraping, painting or learning how to fix lather and plaster. I find it hard to listen to many of his songs because they hurt so much inside and I find myself with tears. Kauri dust and tears don't mix.
I know this is a big ask, but if you have any contacts or names of places where I can find Victorian items such as fire tiles, or factories that still do old plaster styes, cardboard dado, etc or places to help me date some of the fixtures in my old home that would be appreciated. However, I know that is pushy. But if you do, there is always a home to stay in NZ if you ever need to. Just give me about another year, I should have my home restored to the point of coming to the UK to find the pieces to co! mplete the old girl. Give me a little more time and I should h! ave her moved out into the Countryside.
If you can help me with the latter, you could email me. If not I thank you for taking the time to read my 'Benher' note. Good luck and Thank you again KB

Kim Bishop
Ashburton, New Zealand
Hi Pete,hope you and the family are well.I must say i love most of Robbies work aspecially the ballod types, you must be so proud of him,he has a fantastic voice and what a cheeky smile, i bet he got away with loads as a child.Anyway i was flicking through the channels the other night when i passed a music channel and Robbie was on, it was the advertising space track, obviously i had to watch it, it was great,he has such a mesmerising quality,you just cant help watching.While watching i couldnt help but notice that as he was walking down the street in his leather trousers they didnt fit very well, if he would like a pair that fit him well i am his girl, i make all my husbands leather trousers, he has never managed to find a pair off the peg that fit.If i could be of assistance i would be glad to help.I usually upholster furniture i only upholster special people.By the way i am in shrewsbury so not a million ! miles away.Bye for now, all the best, Tracey

Tracey Dyke
hi !!
hi pete its amy who you talk to when you are waiting for a car to pick you up from your flat, the 1 who robbie has bin to their nana's house when he was a part of take that, robbie is so gorgeous and he is the spitting image of u, all i can remember of him when he came to my nans is me sitting on his knee, and i gave him a kiss and him getting drunk off my nanas trifle, because he ate it all, he was in the duke of bridgewater pub opposite the pack horse in longport please get back to me amy x

birches head, stoke on trent
Warner Photographer for Pete
Hello you old bugger its John here the old warner Photographer, Just found the CD you gave me at Thorsby and wondered how the hell you are, Very well I hope,Still have some great memories of our late nights

Aup Pete!!!
hiya ducky,you were friends with my dad years ago and we think you should get back the the broughton arms in road heath for a pint son!! and to see sum friendly old faces. nice to see your learning a bit about technology hahaha!!and great to see your looking so well.etc...

alsager/rode heath!
Robbies Family
I need someone to find aomething out about robbie for me.
Pete - his dad - Williams is your real name - i need to know if you have a brother who has a son named Nick williams. Which would make Nick Robbies cousin. Im geeting confused with all the names! please can someone let me know Thanks!

leamington spa
Hello name is Ruth Thomas and I am desperately trying to get in touch with Pete. I lived in Tunstall and my husband and I were friends with him. Tragically my husband was killed on Goldenhill many years ago ....but Pete came to see me at a charity concert a couple of years ago. I promised faithfully I would not lose touch but I have lost his number and it is quite urgent I contact him. could he ring RUTH. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! Thankyou
Ruth Thomas
Hi ya pete, Might i say how gorgeous your son is, and how proud u must be, wot a happy chappy, if he is up for a laugh with a female, im katy.

katy chester
Hi Pete Mike Deaville a good mate from the past would like to talk to you could you please ring. look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Mike Deaville
Hello Sir, I'm just a 20 years old Italian girl and I just want to tell you 1 thing: pleas stay in contact with your son, I see him lost in his life, I see it in his eyes. i never thought he could be a lover 4 me, but i think we could be real friend.... it's just a sensation, don't know why.... we are far away but I can understand all what he says. I'm not the young girl that scream at his shows or cry. I just think that your son it's very near from me... ever in my mind.
Are 13 years that i try to contact him, to know him, just to say I'm here... Thank you 4 your attenction, kindly yours
hello pete! nice Savannah,netherlands :)))))))

i knew you did some magic tricks, but the computer monitor levitating? rob can make me smile with just one look, cry with just one lyric, and laugh with just one smirk. i guess magic runs in the family. welcome to planet fan -- don't worry, most of us are just visiting.

waiting impatiently in usa

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