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24 September 2014
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old books
I can't find a site that deals specifically with old books about Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.
The two books I have are are 1. "Stafford Gaol and Its Associations" by W.Payne. It has chapters on Palmer [crimes, trials, life in gaol and execution], and the Pottery Riots. It was printed by Hitchings of Hanley in 1887, sold by Vodrey of Tunstall. and ... 2. "History of Etruria from 1760 to 1951." It was the Festival of Britain edition, published by Etruscan Publications, written by E.J.D.Warrillow and has a forward written by the Lord Mayor, Harry Hopwood.
I would like any info on them, especially the first. Please could you point me in the right direction. Thanks..

Joan Welsh

Barlaston murder
I believe the victims name was Maud Alice Wilshaw - Anybody know what the book was called ?

Joan Salmon
Joan Salmon
Pickering, North Yorks
Scholar Green
I am writing to you regarding any information anyone may be in possession of regarding three matters of local interest.
My name is Paul Walker and I am a local resident who is writing a paper on the early history of Scholar Green (near Kidsgrove in N Staffs). I'm particularly interested in the following three items: -
1) The missing history and location of the Abbey of Scholar Green (possible Benedictine)
2) The Scholar Green Wayside Medieval Cross/Obelisk (I would like to locate (already known) and restore the monument to its original position in Scholar Green)
3) Magna Hall Scholar Green If you have any information that may help me in my research or if you know of anyone who is willing to talk to me regarding general historical knowledge, I would very much appreciate your help. Regards
Paul Walker

Bethesda Chapel
It should be transformed, with National Lottery funding, into a national museum of non-conformism.
The story should begin with Henry V111 and proceed to the present, via the Civil War and complex sectarianism of the 18th and 19th centuries. The link between religious toleration and the emergence of modern liberalism should also be exhibited.
Martin Bradley

local history - zambezi bar
does anybody know of a bar called the Zambezi bar which was located in Hanley in the early 1960's and does anyone know what became of it? my dad used to work there.
lisa clayman

aeroplane crash in Porthill
In about 1953, a small aeroplane crashed on the Marsh. . .I wonder if anyone remembers it?
I was a little girl, living with Mother in Porthill, and my brother was at the Grammar School. He came home for lunch full of the story. I never heard if the pilot was ok?
I now live in Kentucky, and found your website just while 'surfing'. I am a gramdma now and was delighted to see pictures of other parts of Staffordshire. Oh the joys of the Internet!! Sincerely
Aureol Moore nee van Someren.

Regarding Cartlidges from Hanley my Grandmother's brother James Cartlige left the UK to live in Trenton he died there 1940 he a son Rowland and a daughter Ada.

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Mary Pearson was born in Blythfield abt 1825 and married William Blood of Uttoxeter. No wonder I couldn't find the village on the map!
Andy Daykin

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Joseph Margerason
Hi, I wonder if anyone remembers a boy soprano named Joseph Margerason, who performed in the Victoria Hall about 1933 /1936.
I have a book by Stephan Beet, 'The Better Land' a search for boy sopranos.
When I contacted him he was unaware of this boy soprano Joseph Margerason. Of course Ernest Lough was the main boy soprano at that time,but it would be good to find some info about Joseph, he had a lovely voice. He did make a recording on 78s. Hoping you can help and thanks for your time, Sincerely
Eveline Shore

william sherratt
dear Godfrey, I am looking for a william sherratt, a cordwainer and his daughter, emily, who married in in Prestbury in 1847 Thmoas Bromley. She was born in 1826.
Can you help?
louise bromley knowles
haywards heath

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reply to.......John Capewell
I have a birth certificate for a Gerald William Capewell born 22nd October 1887 in Aston, the son of John Capewell and Lily Price married 1876.
Do you have any furthur information on the Capewells?
Jane Barrett
Haslemere Surrey

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Sherratt and Staley
I have some Sherratts and Staleys from Newhall/Swad area if anyone is interested
Andy Daykin

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Marchington Air Crash
Mandy, this was Vickers Varsity T1 G-BDFT which crashed on 19th August 1984 on its way to an airshow. We knew some of the casualties. What else do you want to know?
Debbie Lowe

marchington air crash
i remember this air crash well even though i was only 11 years of age at the time. some very close friends of my family lived across the road from the airfield where the crash took place. it used to be the marchington gliding club but is now the site of a prison. i do remember there being many police and reporters at our friends house at the time as they witnessed the plane in the air and the subsequent commotion. i relly couldn't tell you much more apart from there were many newspaper reports at the time and im sure that if you contacted the local papers they would have the story in their archives.
debbie baxter

Marchington Air Crash
Dear Mandy, I vaguely remember the air crash you are speaking about, I was living about 4 miles away in the village of Sudbury (Not the prison) at the time and I remember that it was reported to be a military personel transport although actual details were very sketchy. My late father was one of the Ambulance drivers that attended the air crash although afterwards he would not comment on any details of the air crash or what he found there, wether that was from the shock of seeing the results of the crash or wether he was told to remain silent as this was a military transport I cannot say. I rather think it was probably from the shock at seeing such a terrible scene and having to deal directly with the casualties.
Stoke on Trent

Marchington Air Crash 1984
I am trying to find out any information regarding the Marchington Air crash 1984 in which, I believe 11 people died and there may have been 3 survivors. As I was living abroad at the time I only had a few details.
Mandy Allen
Bordon, Hampshire

Staffordshire County Industrial School (aka Werrington)
I am researching my family history and have found a relative who was an 'inmate' at the school. Can anyone please give me information about the school?
Kevin Malkin

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Mansell Family of Audley/Talke
Like to trace anyone who knew my Grandfather Clive Mansell or his family. Born Audley 1902. Died Talke 1943.
Elaine McLeod

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Biddulph Hancocks
Any ideas where I could find more information re my ancestors ?
N Hancock
Weyba Downs, Queensland, Australia

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Samuel Charles Alcock. Born 1899.Altrincham, Cheshire.
I am trying to find any information on my paternal Grandfather Samuel Charles Alcock.Born 1899 .Cheshire. Parents Edward Alcock B 1867 and Elizabeth Ashbrooke B 1873. Samuel Charles Alcock married Elizabeth Jane Williams at Crewe in 1921.
Andrea Brydson

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Glory Holmes
I have searched all available sources for my mother, without any success. My mother's name was Glory Holmes,. born 12 Nov 1898. Parents Thomas Holmes retired Naval Officer, and Jeanette (Hunnisette). Glory was born at Stoke on TrenThought to have had a Brother Jack, possibly 2 years younger or older. She left U.K. from Tilbury sometime between 1914 and 1920. She married David Edward Ruxton at Albury N.S.W. 1922, had issue of 6 children (1 died at birth). This information was obtained from the Marriage Certificate and family members. Sadly my Mother died in 1962, my Father in 1975. Hope someone can help me.
Regards, George Bruce Ruxton

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Careswell? ...
I would like to know if you have any information concerning the name Careswell.
In a document I recently read on the Internet, it was stated that Careswell is named as one of the thirteen castles in Staffordshire and was considered an ancient Manor at Tamworth around 1302 AD. IF you do not have information concerning this subject, could you recommend a source of reference in England? Thank you.
Bryan J. Careswell

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more on 'muffin' ware ...
Since I've heard of 'muffin kilns' I did a quick internet search and copied this from the following link: :- "In 19th century Staffordshire, the 'muffin maker' was a potteries worker, who specialized in making small plates less then 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter. The plates were made on a mold, in a jigger/jolley fashion. The 'mold runner', usually a young boy of as little as 9-10 years of age, would take the mold with its newly formed plate to a drying room and bring another blank." (Source: When I was a Child, C. Shaw (An Old Potter), 1903.)

John Pullen re Heathcote China
The founder of this firm was my 3xgt grandfather - Henry Mountford Williamson (Heathcote being the name of the street in Longton where the factory was situated).
My research shows that he started trading in the mid 1860's and that in 1858 he was living in Hanley working as a gilder but I don't know for which firm. I do know that he did his apprenticeship at Brownfields of Cobridge. The back stamp AD 1858 appears on wares after Henry's death but the firm was still being run by his children.
I cannot find any event that occured in 1858 which points to why they used this date and am inclined to think that it was picked at random. Any comments or questions please email.
Annette Baynes

Merging of the Staffordshire Regiment.
It is tragic that the Regiment will be merged, that is is say lost.
My grandfather fought with the 8th North Staffs in 1918 and I feel a close affinity after reading the War Diary and visiting the battlefields of France and Belgium, I visited the museum earlier this year and found it excellent and the staff extremely helpful.
I hope the museum will stay open and not become the victim of further "accountant" thinking.
Chris Backhouse
Heathfield, East Sussex

Hi Ray please if you read this can you contact me vai the Stoke website I think we have a family connection thankyou
south gloucs

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re Yates Family
I noticed your name was Yates and that you mentioned Victoria Street, Rusholme, Manchester. My father was born at the above. His name Alfred E. Yates. born 1910.
Please I am searching my family history for the following people. This is just a stab in the dark. Henry Yates born 1833 (my grandfather) Matthew Thompson Yates born 1862. Elizabeth Yates born 1857. Salford Martha Yates Born 1864. Salford. Joseph Yates born 1868 Alfred Ernest Yates born 1910 manchester. Died Westminster London 1986. Matthew Yates married Betsy jane Whelpton. Children: Bertha yates born 1891 Constance yates 1896 Cheshire. Frank Yates born 1901 Manchester. Joseph Yates married Cecela Spence. Children: Florence Yates 1895 Salford. Ellen Yates 1899 Salford Cecelia Yates born 1900 Salford.
Please if you are related to them get in touch, thank you
Jo devenish

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Greats captain john eduard smith
He is the man who should have a statue in the Madame Tousauds museum; he sacrificed himself for women and children - he was a big man
john eduard smith
belgum SCHOTEN

peach family history
Hi I'm researching Peach and Harrison family from Repton, Etwall, Burniston, Burton on trent area. Love to hear from anyone to share info with.
Lilian Coulton
Yass Australia

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Thomas Forrester
I believe I may be a descendent also. Please post what you know....

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Stoke-On-Trent Bombing
A single nazi bomber circled over the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary one night as my family trekked home from Newcastle. The bombs cut off a section of the new nurse's quarters. But no one was injured.
Not far away the bomber dropped another bomb destroying the home of Wade, the pharmacist. His remains were found tangled in the attic.

Staffordshire came under some heavy bombing at times. Hanley Station, Shelton Steel, and other places were targeted. Penkhull has a historic book which mentiones those two events, and tells of the Home Guard.
The Staffordshire Evening Sentinel did a series of special articles a few years back about the blitz, that no one seemed to know happened, except those directly affected.

An aircraft crew camouflaged alongside a tiny farming path in Madeley, dropped a returning nazi bomber after a run on Crewe. It was their only hit.
An evacuee in Newcastle had barely got into his bed at his new home in Newcastle, when a bomb hit the house and he was killed.

The Anderson Air Raid Shelter saved a lot of people. In Stoke-On-Trent, a family was saved when a bomb fell into the mud just a few feet from the shelter.
There's a lot more...naturally. Some great tales. My father came in one night in a bluster. He saw soimething white billowing in the field next to our house off Stuart Avenue. He thought a parachutist had landed amid the stakes impaled in the cow pasture to stop gliders from landing. He grabbed a broomstick, ran up Stuart and along the Longton Road to the Police Station. The duo then cautiously made their way back to the field. On all fours they crept through the field - when the billowing mass of white arose to all fours, let out a bellow and mooed off!
Ken Buckley
Bangor, Maine

Hodson family tree
I am looking for decendents of Joseph Awty Hodson ,inn keeper who lived in Hanover Street,Burslem.
He Died 20th February 1868. His children were
(1) Vonrose Hodson b.1849 who had a Brewery and Patented Bottle Hill Top, Burslem.His sons were Joseph b.1871, Jseph had a son Alan born 1899 Stoke and William b.1872
(2)Mary Ann married Thomas Kendrick Wilbraham Had 3 daughters Minnie,Winnifred and Frances
(3)Eliza Amelia married James Meredith
(4) Ann Hodson b.1858
(5) James Hodson b1859 - Joseph is my 2GGRANDFATHER and I would like to know if there are any living decendents living in the Stoke area.I am trying to complete this part of my family tree.
Paul. Dean

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2ndbattalionNorth staffs infantry reg
my brother was a sgtin the 2nd battalion.He was sent to the middle eastin.1944.Went through the mediterranean.up to Italy.up to naples.where he was.killed by a morter bomb Is there anyone who remembers that?
adelaide S th australia

Lockett Family
Hi Martin, I too am researching a Lockett family but have not come across the names you mentioned. However I do know there were a large number of Lockett families in the Cheslyn Hay area and it may be helpful to you to get in touch with their history society.
Helen Boardman

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James Ambrose Lockett
My name is Martin James Lockett son of Stephen Roy Lockett. I don't know much about the Lockett family tree but I am also trying to find things out. This is the information I have. Stephen Roy Lockett Son of Roy Lockett who is son of Fanny Lockett, that is as far back as I go but we are from Walsall, West Midlands.
Martin Lockett

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hughes Potteries
I am the grandson of Frederick Stuart Hughes. My father was Edward Hughes of Fenton SOT. I have been trying to work out the great uncle part, are you descended from Betsy Helena(Lena Jones)? Also have early Massey details
Edward J S HughesI
Darlington. County Durham England

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Capewell Family
Hi. My great grandparents were John & Lily Capewell. They emigrated to the US in the early 1900s. My grandfather was Gerald William Capewell. I'd love to exchange the information we have. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Peter Capewell

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Has anyone links with the Howells or Elks Families .. Staffordshire & Shropshire in particular, but I would welcome contacts from anywhere. Also , richardson, Nicholson 7 Pilkington, espesially any with Gipsy or fairground connections.
Dianne Lam
Newcastle Under Lyme

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