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24 September 2014
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Henryck Swiercz's story
Thelma and Henryck
Henryck and Themla Swiercz married, despite disapproval from many Leek people.

Slub henrycka i Thelmy Swierca, pomino dezaprobaty wielu ludzi z Leek.
Henryck Swiercz was born in Poland, and as young man decided he had to fight to free his country of the Nazis.

It's a long story - but now he's living in North Staffordshire.

Here is his story...

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Henryck Swiercz

As a young man, Henryck and a friend decided to flee to France and join the Polish Free Army.

quoteIn 1940, I wanted to fight for a free Poland.

In fact I wanted to fight for the Polish Free Army.

I wanted to be able to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning in the same bed.
Henryck Swiercz
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But they were caught by the Russians and sent to a Siberian Labour camp where they spent 22 months.

Eventually, the Russians became our allies, and Henryck was released. He then travelled through Europe and eventually ended up in Leek.

Henryck's medals
henryck's medals, he was awarded the Polish Cross for bravery.

Medale henrycka i Polski Krzyz, ktory przydzielono mu za odwage.

Henryck's uniform
henryck's uniform.

Mondur henrycka.
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Henryck's story
As a young man, Henryck and a friend decided to flee to France and join the Polish Free Army.

Christina's story
Christina was born in England - at the Blackshaw Moor Re-settlement camp for the Polish near Leek.

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Community Audio Archive
We're building up an audio archive of interviews with members of the Polish community...

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