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24 September 2014
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The amount of features we covered on this website over the first three years of our existence ran into... hundreds.

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Christmas 2005 It's Christmas! Check out features, photos, advent calendar plus more fun and games here...
Christmas House Lights 2005 Do you enjoy the Christmas illuminations at people's houses in Staffordshire? Check out the pics...
Mel Hill's Jazz - a fan's view Mel Hill's Jazz show originates in Staffordshire, but has fans worldwide. One fan explains why...
Owd Grandad Piggott's new CD Here’s a pensioner who steals, lies, swears and drinks to excess. We look at his latest release...
Staffs Footpath Campaign Graham Evans explains why he thinks we need this campaign to stop footpaths being closed off.
Our Fascinating Ancestors Gary Cooper explains why he decided to write a book looking back over thousands of years of Staffs..
Come on Down watch Stoke-on-Trent’s tallest building - Unity House in Hanley - being demolished.
The Staffords are back The Regiment are home - after their tour of duty in Iraq
Staffordshire Clubbing So many clubs, so little time. Staffordshire has the lot ... from gay to goth, from macho to techno
Ritual Slaughter - your views Many religions practise "ritual killing" of animals. Some see it as cruel. Religion vs Kindness?
Where do ethnic women stand in society? Nageena Younis wonders iff the effect of Islam on women is as bad as some say
The Herceptin Campaign Diary The story of the Staffordshire women who fought to get the anti-cancer drug on to the NHS list

Dr Who - the fan's view Good ol' Doctor Who is back, after being in a black hole for a while. Should he have returned?
When Radio Stoke did CIN... Our roving reporter Mick Tucker went on a tour of a handful of fundraising events - as a pirate!
Children in Need Photos 2005 Photos of some of the Children in Need events that took place in Staffordshire
Ahoy There Mateys! BBC Radio Stoke was a Pirate Radio Station for the day - all for Children In Need!
Local man-made wonders anyone? The BBC wants to know your choices for Staffordshire's greatest man-made features.
Children in Need Events 2005 What were you doing in Staffordshire in 2005 to support Children in Need?
The legend of the Chained Oak The Alton Towers’ attraction HEX is based on the Staffordshire legend of the Chained Oak
Potters speak out Dr Gordon Elliott he explains how he came to publish some of his interviews with local potters!
Join in The Book Club On BBC local radio, there was a programme for anyone who likes reading. Read a book - and join in!
"When I Was A Child" One of the great - and now largely forgotten - books of working class life in the Potteries
Mrs Craik - Potteries author We remember the Victorian creator of "John Halifax, Gentleman"
Polish buffet food! Andy Bereza remembers eating traditional Polish food, now he’s creating his own versions for parties
Poland at War Stefan Mucha looks back at the impact of Nazi occupation on his Polish family during the Second World War.
Burslem in Words and Pictures A book from local historian Mervyn Edwards produces an oral history of 20th century "Boslemites"

Railways - back on track? Want to know about the state of the county's rail service? Or want cheap rail tickets?
"Blast" Joe Dundas was on our junior reporter scheme in 2005 - who will be next?
Joe's Diary The new Blast reporter Joe Dundas shares his experiences with us
First day of the season A poem for Stoke City football fans about that very special day... and an arty photo gallery too.
The spirit of the 1800's Andrew Baker isn't just Andrew Baker...he's an 1800s composer as well called Joseph Mordant...
Toni's a High Street Honey She's appeared on the pages of Nuts and FHM. Joe Dundas went to visit ...
Should Young People Buy Art? They lounge around doing very little.. should they really be interested in being art collectors?
Free Classical Music Staffordshire county council is now letting you log on and listen to classical music online… at home… FREE
Radio Stoke's new jingles How were they made and are they any good?
Reels on Wheels... showing films to locals. Thirty years on, "Reels on Wheels" are sticking to their roots.
Ribbed Comedy in Crewe Tickling Joe's funny bone at Crewe's LimeLight with Alan Carr...
Tim Craven Comedy King Staffordshire boy done good, Tim Craven is making waves on the comedy circuit
Street Fashion What is it? Joe’s been out on the street with a camera to find out...
Drama Queen Natalie Bangs has been an actress since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Joe went to talk to the Trentham teenager
Meet our Joe... Joe Dundas was our Blast reporter in 2005 - find out about him
The story of Captain Perrin Read about the heroic tale of a USAAF fighter ace who died to save a Staffordshire town
A Walk Through Time Walks in Staffordshire that help us to learn about the history of our landscape...
Narrow Dog to Carcassonne The Darlingtons from Stone were the first people to cross the English Channel in.. a narrowboat
Staffordshire Canals Find out why canals have always been so important to the development of Staffordshire
A Reliant Obsession Elvis Payne (real name!) is so obsessed by the three-wheelers built in South Staffs he wrote a book!
A Song For Stoke Children from a Bishop Stamer primary school have written and recorded a song to celebrate Stoke-on-Trent
Festival of Youth Sport In Nantwich, hundreds of youngsters tried out all sports from archery and swimming to the triathlon!
Harare to Hanley... The BBC's 'Mad about Music' event brought the sounds of Africa and beyond to the Potteries!
Africa Lives in Staffordshire Our Africa Lives pages show the colour and contradictions of African life and culture
Brian The Great Few people today know of Havergal Brian, the greatest composer to come from Staffordshire
Belstaff leathers From superbikes to style - find out about the Staffordshire firm who've put the county on the map

Respect to The Torch The Golden Torch Club in Stoke-on-Trent is one of the most talked about venues in Northern Soul folklore
They came from the East Over the last fifty years, thousands of Hungarians have settled in Staffordshire to start a new life
Number of the Beast Murdoc, the founder member of the virtual hip hop outfit Gorillaz was born here in the Potteries...
Charles and Camilla get hitched See the photo gallery from one who was there!
Forum of Faiths The people of Staffordshire are coming together with the formation of the 'Forum of Faiths'

Samuel Parkes: Tamworth's forgotten hero - only the second man in history to receive the highest award for gallantry.
Staffordshire Regiment history Dave Cooper has put together a history of the Staffordshire Regiment 300 years after it was formed
Songs from the Aisles! Was your church in with a chance of winning BBC Radio Stoke's congregation competition? Find out here
The Midlands Gunpowder Plot Find out more about the gunpowder plotters who went out with a bang in Staffordshire
Washington Diary Take BBC Local Radio, add Washington DC, Minton Tiles & the Queen of Wedgwood... get a USA diary!..
Your secret Staffordshire name What is your secret name - in Staffordshire dialect and old slang? Try our generator and find out!
Fairness for the Third World A small shop in Stone is doing its bit to promote fair trade - and some elephant dung! Meet Wikijum
Staffordshire University Fine Art Show 2005 As usual, art students produced the wierd, the wonderful, the amazing.

Track down Leek's railway past Leslie Oppitz introduces the background to the Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway

The Shugborough Code The world's best code-breakers uncovered a 250 year old Staffordshire mystery at Shugborough Hall
Feed the birds... The RSPB has ten simple tips on how to care for the winged wildlife in your back garden
Why not try birdwatching? All you need to know about getting started in birdwatching, courtesy of the RSPB
My Beer in Staffordshire BBC Radio Stoke's Richard Baynes shows how Staffordshire, journalists and beer inevitably mix!
A500 in 2005 Find out the latest on the A500 roadworks - we've got useful links to help you on your journey!
Stoke-on-Trent Public Art See some of Stoke-on-Trent's public art nominees here - and maybe you'll vote for your favourite?
Unity House - come on down! Stoke-on-Trent’s tallest building - Unity House in Hanley - is to be demolished. Will it be missed?
Minton & Wedgwood & Washington Take BBC Local Radio, add Washington DC, Minton Tiles & the Queen of Wedgwood - a USA mix
Ethelfleda the Lady of Mercia Ethelfleda was the 'queen' from Staffordshire who lit up the dark ages by defeating the Vikings
The short story competition The competiton is now done - but if you like reading short, short stories, check out the entries...
From Staffs to India Fay Prendergast volunteered with children in India. Read her diary...
A Haunted Man Local author Stuart Neild is now published and his supernatural thriller A Haunted Man is a success
Reeled in... BBC Radio Stoke editor Sue Owen was 'hooked' on fishing from the first time she tried it.
Election results Who were the parliamentary, mayoral and county winners & losers on Elections Day, May 5th?
The name's Sarah Rayne The road to publication is not an easy one as Staffordshire author Sarah Rayne explains...
A Dark Dividing Staffordshire author Sarah Rayne describes the origins of her suspense novel about sets of twins
The home of custard Staffordshire is now officially where custard is at. Find out why, and tell us your custard moments
Are your credit details at risk? Perhaps you've already been a victim of the rapidly rising spate of credit card fraud
Dr Johnson's Dictionary Who wrote the first "proper" English dictionary? A Staffordshire man, Samuel Johnson - 250 years ago
Track down Leek's railway past Leslie Oppitz introduces the background to the Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway Staffordshire's 100 Club Listen to our archive of 100 stories - each one from a person born in every year between 1904 & 2003
Religion's Holy Books The reading and care of the scriptures of world religions involve many rituals and customs
Asia quake disaster reaction People all over Staffordshire have raised money in aid of the victims of the Tsunami disaster
The EMA - for better or worse? You'd have thought that students would welcome some money, but the EMA allowance is a headache
Bolted - the Friday rock night at Newcastle's Zanzibar (before it closed). See our Bolted Pix Gallery . More on Bolted
Clubbing pix 2005 Looking back through the year - some of your clubbing photos
The Audley Publications story Local author Michael Eardley shows how do-it-yourself publishing can be a success on the internet
Hungover? Get the cure! The problem with longer drinking hours and party-celebrations is... hangovers. We have the cure
The history of haunting in Stafford Stafford has a history of ghostly residents who've made their presence felt in the town...
Ghosthunting in Staffordshire
One man from Stoke-on-Trent is actively in search of ghosts and ghost legends.

The Joy Of Poems - txt style It was certainly a case of 'modern art' as BBC Radio Stoke organised its 'Ptry Txt-Msg' competition
Poems from the pitch... As part of BBC Radio Stoke's 'Joy of Books' season, we want your sporting poems
Our greatest living poet Carol Ann Duffy - born in Stafford - is enjoying new levels of poetic fame
Tales From The Music Hall Local creative writers need your help to publish their Music Hall book with colourful characters

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story articles - click here

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And some perennial seasonal Favourites....

Hallowe'en history What's with all these scares anyway? We take a look at the chilling history of Hallowe'en and more..
Ghostly recipes & ideas for Hallowe'en There's plenty of fun to be had at Hallowe'en - recipes, games and drinks..
Hallowe'en eCards We've got a frightful selection of scary Hallowe'en eCards for you to send to your friends and family..
Laugh a long a horror Time to hide behind the sofa? Have a smile while you're there...
10 Scary Movies Check out our scary list
Horrifying ideas Do you need any more Horror? Ok - here's some

Valentines - get some loving with our Valentine tips

Christmas Pud All you need to know about Xmas pud &
Turkey & Trimmings Check out our handy guide to cooking the perfect Christmas Day meal..
Xmas Tales You've been coming in to our recording studios and telling us your stories about Christmas
Celebrating Christmas in Europe Many European countries have their own customs.
Fun Christmas Jokes Time for some of the worst Christmas jokes ever! You think I'm kidding
Christmas e-cards We've got a festive selection of Christmas eCards for you to send to your friends and family
Top ten Christmas movies Take a look at the most festive movies to give you the Christmas spirit.

Staffordshire quizzes Proud of your county? Prove it by entering our Staffordshire quizzes...

Old Messageboards We have thousands of cmments from you on all sorts of subjects. Might be worth a rainy afternoon's nostalgic surfing...!

Lobby - the Staffordshire Stew Bits of old left-over Sunday beef, some root veg, some barley, and cooked for hours. Heaven in a pot
A drink to savour! Known for being British, Bovril is really a Staffordshire thing – it's been made here for years!
Yummy or Yuk? Marmite - food of the gods or tastebud hell? What do you think about the Staffordshire born product?
Ode To The Oatcake Known affectionately as a Clay Suzette, the Staffordshire oatcake is one of this county's treasures!

Words & Dialect
Got any Staffordshire words? Can you come up with local words, phrases or sayings? From "nesh" to "ronk"...
The language of the Potteries Local historian Steve Birks traces the origins of the local dialect of North Staffordshire
What is "Voices 2005"? Find out more about this huge project to survey Staffordshire people's ways of speech, and languages

Staffordshire Spiritual Places A list of your most favourite inspirational and spiritual places in Staffordshire
Amazing facts about the M6 Check out the fascinating facts about the new M6 toll road that passes through South Staffordshire.
Norton Canes service station A brand new state-of-the-art service station opened on the M6 toll road in 2004.
M6 Toll Road route map Want to know where the new M6 toll road is? Check out the map.
See the M6 toll road gallery We have exclusive aerial pictures of the new M6 toll road in construction.
Timeline for the M6 toll road Take a look at the timeline of the new toll motorway's planning right through to its construction.

Weather advice - links
Are floods on the way? Storms? Icy conditions? Or just need a holiday abroad weather forecast?

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