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29 October 2014
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November 2003
See Children in Need & Moorcroft vases
BBC presenter Janine Machin with Moorcroft's Elise Adams
BBC presenter Janine Machin looks at her pot with Moorcroft's Elise Adams
The prestigious Moorcroft Pottery asked us all to make designs for its pots for Children In Need.

You can see each of the sixty vases in their winning designs on this page.

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With hundreds of entries and the standard incredibly high, Moorcroft had a difficult decision over which 60 pots they were going to make.

However those 60 were eventually chosen and produced, and on Friday 21st November they went under the hammer at an auction at the Kings Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.

Your designs online!
Those 60 special vases for Children in Need will only have been seen together for two hours on the night of the auction - but you can see them all here (at least in picture form!).

One vase in fact attracted a reserve bid of £700 before the auction even started. (see the vase that attracted the bid)

Click on links below to view the individual vases:

Click here to see the full gallery of vases

, Shropshire. Three varieties of butterflies hover above delicate purple buddleia on this silver framed tile. This pot raised £490.
'WILD PANSY' by Stuart Blackburn
, Staffordshire. Delicate purple and mauve wild pansies are entwined around this delightful vase, their pretty faces looking upwards towards the light. This pot raised £250.
'VANESSA'S CAT' by Vanessa Blackburn, Staffordshire (Age 13)
A cheeky ginger and white cat proudly sits on this small ginger jar. The lid has kittens running around its rim. This pot raised £400.
'THE TSAR'S PALACE' by Madeline Bolton, Northamptonshire.
A golden banner is flying from the highest scarlet topped turret. The melting snow that caps the black mountains in the background feeds the flowing river and the fertile grass around the winter palace. This pot raised £540.
'THE GRAIL' by Hayley Bridgwood, Staffordshire. Hands cup the holy grail chalice as its contents pour forth and cascade down the surreal mountainside. A white dove of peace completes the scene.This pot raised 420.
'HELLEBORES AND CYCLAMEN' by Susan Burns, Staffordshire
Spring hellebores and cyclamen come to life with the first warm rays of spring sunshine. This pot raised £230.
'FLORAL FEAST' by Eleanor Carthy, Warwickshire (Age 12). A myriad of flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow are scattered across this plate, with a fluttering pink butterfly in the middle. This pot raised £140.
'AUTUMN CATS' by Sally Clark, West Midlands. Three tabby cats appear on this clever plate, entwined together with rustic autumn leaves and acorns in shades of orange and green. This pot raised £280.
'GECKOS' by Jane Clowes, Staffordshire. Bright yellow and red geckos are making their way across this double tile panel as they try to blend in against the lush green tropical foliage.
'POPPIES' by Josephine Cockerton, Staffordshire. Bold wild poppies and small pale daisies grow side by side in this floral gold framed tile.
'BERRIES' by Heidi Cooke, Staffordshire. "Design inspired by Pudsey bear's spotty eye sash!" - Heidi. This pot raised £1550.
'DAY AND NIGHT' by Liz Cruickshank, East Sussex. A clever use of shape as one side of this tall jug depicts a lucky black cat during a hot summers day, while the other side shows the silhouette of a white cat in the dead of night. This pot raised £2500.
'NOUVEAU NASTURTIUMS' by Gloria Smith, West Midlands
Bright nasturtiums twist and climb around this vase as the flowers grow towards the sun. This pot raised £380.
'A SUMMER'S DAY' by Becky Donhue, Cheshire (Age 9). Blue butterflies and cheeky birds flutter amidst wild daisies. this pot raised £180.
'FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS' by Susan England, Derbyshire
Intrepid fish go looking for adventure amongst the seaweed at the bottom of the sea. This pot raised £380.
'WINTER PANSIES' by Brian English, Derbyshire. Three winter pansies, in shades of red, purple and orange adorn this delightful small vase. This pot raised £310.
'CHILLI PEPPERS' by Neil Foster, West Midlands. Spicy red and yellow chilli peppers dance around the circumference of this ginger jar, with five more of the lid for an extra measure. Some like it hot! This pot raised £700.
'FLIGHT OF FANCY' by Caroline Garrington, West Midlands. Dragonflies hover around this vase, while stylised dragonfly scales create patterns around them. This pot raised £900.
'WATERLILY' by S. Gillespie, Herefordshire. Azure blue butterflies gently settle to rest on these floating water lilies, which nod their heads with the movement of the village pond. This pot raised £270.
'SUNFLOWER' by S. Gillespie, Herefordshire. A bright golden sunflower head is the central motif for this design. In its centre a butterfly has landed to enjoy the sunflowers pollen. This pot raised £320.
'BLOOMING MARVELLOUS' by S. Gillespie, Herefordshire. Bright floral blooms cover this vase from top to toe. This pot raised £410.
'NASTURTIUMS' by Jenny Hall
, Staffordshire. Drawn from life study of wild Nasturtiums, this dramatic charger is as detailed as it is exquisite. This well-known flower is set against a cream ground to best effect. This pot raised £340.
, Staffordshire. Purple flag irises and cream waterlilies sit happily side by side on this elegant jug. This pot raised £320.
'PAWS FOR THOUGHT' by Christine Hardy, West Midlands. This design was inspired by the colour of Pudsey Bear, his scarf and his paw prints. Can you see his paw prints in the tube-lined bands. This pot raised £270.
, Staffordshire. A lighthouse keeps a careful watch over the surrounding coastline but all is calm today. Why not take a walk along the sandy beach or discover the treasures of the rockpools? This pot raised £400.
'CAN YOU SEE THE BEAR?' by Susan Hughes
, Staffordshire.
Full of happiness the caterpillar flies as a beautiful butterfly, Watched by the smiling faces of the sunflowers under the bright warm sun, Stop, stop, stop and stare, can you see the bear?" The Children in Need mascot bear and the symbols of faith, hope and charity have been depicted in this bright, colourful composition. This pot raised £250.
'HIGH FLYERS' by Valerie Johns, Worcestershire
A delightful vase with brightly painted balloons held by children and teddy bears. This pot raised £350.
'TUDOR' by Peter Lane, Herefordshire. A clever design featuring English red roses, medieval motifs and mullioned windows. This pot raised £1,100.
'PUDSEY'S PLEA' by Nick Lewis, West Midlands. Featuring Pudsey bear, this ginger jar is a wonderful reminder of the good cause that this auction is for, two of Pudsey's favourite things - Children In Need and Moorcroft pottery. This pot raised £1800
'PURPLE DAWN' by Josephine Lloyd, West Midlands. Bold stylised purple flowers, with highlights of claret and blue are set against a pure ivory ground creating a distinctive vase. This pot raised £380.
'SNOWDROPS' by Christine Mannion, Leicestershire. The first sign of the onset of spring and the demise of winter are the delicate ice white snowdrops pushing through the layers of snow and ice on the ground. This pot raised £300.
'BLACKBERRY FEAST' by Janine Machin
, Staffordshire. After a visit to the Moorcroft factory for some inspiration, Janine created this design with succulent, ripe blackberries. Good enough to pick and eat! This pot raised £650.
'PUDSEY BY THE SEA' by Bernadette Muldoon
, South Wales.
Orange and yellow sunrays burst forth from the sky above a multicoloured sea created by a tapestry of tube-lined waves. A small boy stands and stares at the scene, clutching his favourite teddy bear - Pudsey! This pot raised £1,450.
, Staffordshire (Age 8)
A magical ginger jar by one of the youngest entrants featuring fish, turtles, octopus and crabs, many of which are happily smiling away!
'PERI AQUA' by Angela Offen, Cheshire. Stylised elegant butterflies dance around this delightful lidded jar. A butterfly can even be found on the lid. This pot raised £400.
'JUST POPPIES' by Shirley Murphy, Gloucestershire. A vase with wild poppies set against a dark blue ground that fades to pale blue at the rim. This pot raised £270.
'FLAG IRIS' by Stephanie Oldfield, Derbyshire. A symmetrical art nouveau inspired design featuring purple flag irises. This pot raised £500.
'EMPEROR' by Alison Parr, Shropshire. A regal Emperor penguin watches his young chick play by the side of the arctic sea. The cool icebergs in the background are painted in shades of white, blue and purple. This pot raised £750.
'BARNY' by Terry Peake, Shropshire
Barn owls are usually only seen at night and Barny is no exception - appearing at the Children In Need auction this evening. This pot raised £720.
'THE TREE OF LOVE' by Julie Pearce, Staffordshire. A stylised tree trunk weaves its way around this design with pale loves hearts graffitoed into its bark. Vibrant red hearts flutters around the tree. This pot raised £360.
'DRYAD' By Gillion Pearot, West Midlands. If you look closely you will see a woman appear from the tree trunk right before your eyes! Loved by the woodland animals she cares for, this design idea is a most novel one. This pot raised £2000.
'MUSHROOMS' by Cecily Perrins, Worcestershire. Wild mushrooms and blackberries grow in abundance in this countryside hedgerow design. This pot raised £1300.
'CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' by Hannah Proffitt, West Midlands (Age 14). Children against a background of the world globe, the lid to signify the Arctic and the base to represent the Antarctic. This pot raised £700.
‘THE RED RIBBON BUTTERFLY’ by Linda Ravencroft
, Cheshire. A stylised exotic butterfly in shades or red, orange and golden yellow adorns this coaster. This pot raised £160
'RED RIBBON' by Linda Ravenscroft, Cheshire. This extremely intricate design is a marvel to behold with its entwining red ribbons and orange flowers it is a most complex design. This pot raised £420.
'HOLIDAY DREAMS' by Francesca Romeo, Worcestershire (Age 6)
An ocean liner makes its way across the sea surrounded by tropical fish in this design by the youngest designer to take part in the Moorcroft Children In Need auction. Well done! This pot raised £780.
'GOLDFISH BOWL' by Kevin Shaw, Staffordshire
Bright orange goldfish merrily swim around this ginger jar goldfish bowl in this fresh and unusual design inspired by these quiet companions. This pot raised £560.
'AUTUMN GLOW' by Susan Skipiol, Staffordshire. Autumnal tones of brown, orange, yellow and gold combine together to create a warm and inviting scene. The sun, though low in the sky, still casts a warm glow on the leaves below. This pot raised £500.
'FLORAL DELIGHT' by Gloria Smith, West Midlands. Dog roses in muted shades of red, orange and blue twist and climb around this vase, while the small unopened buds are soon to unfurl and reveal their floral delight. This pot raised £370.
'SKY IS THE LIMIT' by Pamela Smith Multicoloured kites swirl and dip in the summer sky, their bright tails twirling in the breeze. This pot raised £200.
'RISING OF THE WOLVES' by Amy Stevenson, Staffordshire (Age 14). A baying lone wolf calls his pack together on both sides of this stylised vase with his call of the wild. This pot raised £540.
'SPINNING SOFTLY' by Sally Tsang, Staffordshire. A delicate elfin like figure executes the perfect pirouette on this unusual vase. A stylised golden sun and geometrical lines complete this intriguing piece. This pot raised £1200.
'JUST ROSES' by Sylvia Twiss
, Cheshire. Pale pink English roses, some in full bloom and others still in bud are set against a green and cream ground to create a wonderful depicting of the most English of all flowers. This pot raised £650.
'POTTED FUSCHIA' by Barbara Warr
, West Midlands. A small ginger jar with a frozen ice cascading down its sides and a snowflake lid. This pot raised £310
, West Midlands. Soft shades of purple and pink are blended together in this tranquil seascape inspired by the natural beauty of south west Wales. This pot raised £540.
'MORNING GLORY' by Barbara Warr, West Midlands. As they seek the sunshine the morning glory flowers quickly climb the garden trellis eager to see the light and welcome the morning sun. This pot raised £360.
'WINTER PARSLEY' by Rachel Weston
, Warwickshire. A soft morning light casts its cool beams on this the quiet rural meadow. The grass is still covered in dew and the wild parsley stems stand out against the undergrowth. This pot raised £420.
'BAYEUX' by Antonia Wiggins, Staffordshire. "This is the modern day version of the Bayeux tapestry. It depicts events since the birth of Moorcroft in 1897 - the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, man on the moon, Hale Bopp and the Moorcroft bottle kiln." - Antonia. This pot raised £340.
'PARADISE' by Peter Wright, Warwickshire. A brilliantly coloured bird of paradise shows off its plumes with a flourish, surrounded by tropical flowers and fruit. This pot raised £210.
'ANGEL'S BELLS' by Pamela Dean, Staffordshire. The exotic flower Angel's Trumpets is depicted on this jug. Its large bell shaped blooms blossom in the sun. This pot raised £360.
'AVON' by Ian Jenkinson, Warwickshire. Inspired by the regal royal swans at Stratford-upon-Avon that serenely glide up and down the river banks all day, this vase creates a feeling of calm and peace. This pot raised £360.
'SHEER ELEGANCE' by Caroline Garrington, West Midlands
A snowflake adorns the neck of this vase, while stylised flowers swirl around the base. This pot raised £300.
'SUNSHINE BAY' by Rebecca Cresswell, West Midlands
Sun, sand, sea and surf all combine together in this vase with a great sense of movement. Can you spot the bucket and spade hidden in the san? This pot raised £310.
'SOPHIE'S CHOICE' by Linda Hudson, West Midlands
Bold white blooms decorate this piece, with a small banded motif running around the neck. This pot raised £270.
'MANDERLEY' by Alice Thickett, West Midlands. This plate is covered with deep purple flowers captured on a sunny day with a blue sky for the background. This pot raised £180.
'SKYCATCHERS' by Anna Bruce-Jones, East Sussex
Blue doves of peace carry a variety of different coloured ribbons up in to the clouds above, creating a moving vision of colour. This pot raised £210.

Janine's very own Moorcroft pot
Janine Machin
Janine Machin
After a visit to the Moorcroft factory for some inspiration, BBC Radio Stoke presenter Janine Machin created a design called 'Blackberry Feast'. Good enough to pick and eat!

Take a look at Janine's vase

The competition winners
Three overall winners were chosen by Moorcroft and they each received a copy of their vase. The three winners were:

Hannah Proffitt with Children on the World

Francesca Romeo with Holiday Dreams

Liz Cruickshank with Day and Night
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