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24 September 2014
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The world championships in Staffordshire (for toe-wrestling)... preview...
A set of toes very similar to thos which might win the World/Wetton toe-wrestling championships
It's wrestling, Jim - but not as we know it...

There is a strange world where beefy men grapple with their TOES and rivalry is high.

This world is ....
North Staffordshire.
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Okay, so it's bizarre - but the year 2003 marks the TENTH anniversary of the Great World Toe-Wrestling Championships - which take place in the tiny village of Wetton in the Staffordshire Peak District.

This year the toe-nament takes place on June 21st, Midsummer's Day.

Strangely, the championship attracts contenders from all over the world, but the two real biggies are both from this area - Alan "Nasty" Nash (Stoke) and Mad Mick Grimmett (Burton).

The 2002 ladies' champion was Karen "Kamikaze" David from Sheffield.

Nash is after his sixth championship, while Grimmett is the fashion victim, dressing in a costume made completely of... beer towels.

"Nasty" lived up to his reputation after being asked about his rival's aspirations to being a winner this year.
He told the local paper that Grimmett could be.. "his new bridesmaid".

The term "new bridesmaid" might be one only known to those who kow-toe to the champion - because no one else has the faintest idea what he's talking about.

To'etal craziness
And how to take part?
It's fairly simple (being strong and weighty helps), but skill and psychology matter too!

The "wrestle" consists of raising one foot off the ground, while the toes of the other foot engage the opponent's, and each contender tries to push the other's foot over toward the dreaded line (which, strangely, consists of a wooden board).

Even more strangely for a competition that centres around the use of beer so much (don't ask...), it's sponsored by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Where to, er, toe the line?
Wetton is deep in the Peak District and virtually impossible to find, though if you follow the crowds to the Championship centre at Ye Olde Royal Oak pub, you should find it.
More details on the Toe-Wrestling Website.

Last pun of this article - promise
Whatever else, you can be sure no one will complain afterwards of boredom, or, er "toedium".

We'd be interested in knowing your thoughts about the noble art of toe-wrestling, or indeed if you have any other puns you can add....!
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toe wrestling
has anyone asked Toe-ny Blair to be a patron of the event? (ho ho)
graham mutch

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toe wrestling
your article is brilliant, but the one thing you've missed off is the fact that it's all for charity. every entrant pays a small entrance fee to compete, and all of the money raised goes to the Derby Children's Friendship Group (a registered charity that takes over 250 children from around derby on a holiday in the peak district).
if you need any more info please contact me. ( thanx. and by the way, did you know that each match is either played by 2 men or 2 women, mixed gender matches are not allowed because of myx-o-ma-toe-sis. ha ha ha.
Wayne Gresham

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