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13 November 2014

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Spot The Knot!

Have Your Say

The Stafford Knot - do you like it as the symbol of the county? Should a new symbol be brought in instead? Do you like the modern versions?

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Peter Beresford
Which is the correct way to display the Knot. eg, left under/ right over or the other way

Penny Vickers
Re:Wallgrange bricks, (James Simms) I have a couple they are different as tghey have a series of holes in them, will send photo if interested

Yes, please! Send to

Arnold Bennett
Thee shud'st leyve it as it is, dunna mess abite.Regards to all on yer.Arnold Bennett, Boslem

YES KEEP IT.I have recently found a brick with the knot stamped in it in Brisbane Australia

james simms
no , leave it as it is,,,ps,did penny vickers come across wall grange brick in her researching,i live at wallgrange brickworks ,

sue booth
Some of these are NOT staffs knots - surely that has three holes to hang the three traitors, and so the ends must be up, not down or sideways

J Bridge
I like it and think we should leave it as it is and not keep trying to change our heritage with new and fancy thing that only have a shelf life of a few years before a new one bought in,

Bob Lycett
Keep the knot original, why change what every one reconise's, I'm proud to have incorporated into our company logo which is on our vans and work wear (Cannock mecanical Services Ltd) The next thing is someone will want a new St Georges Cross

Sylvia Pugh
In Canada we eat Pretzels made in the shape of the Staffordshire Knot. Jolly Good!!

m cashmore
The blatherwyke knot and the stafford college knot are not staffordshire knots

Simon Leeming
The Staffordshire Knot is such a proud symbol of the heritage of the county and it is nice to see when returning 'home' from around the country.

I believe the history of Stafford should be preserved and the Stafford Knot should stay

sylvia spiro
I emigrated to Australia with my parents when I was very young. I remember seeing the knot with friends and telling them it came from the same place I did and feeling very proud-please leave it as although in fifty years I may have changed its nice to know THE KNOT hasn't!

Paul Wilkes
I like the original knot not seen many of the new ones as i have been living in the usa for several years KEEP IT ORIGINAL

douglas piggott
I think that we should keep our present knot and not alter it. It is some thing to proud of in this present day of altering everything that we can we should leave the knot as it is and be proud of it

David Powell
Which ia the correct way for the ends of the knot to lie. On the County Council sites they lie one way and on the Staffs Moorlands the ends lie differently. (The BBC cannot publish email addresses on its messageboards)

Paul Bennett
The knot repreesents unity and strength and has been an integral part of Staffs history for as long as anyone can remember. As for bringing in a new symbol that would be a travesty. The new interperatations are OK however it shoud be kept traditional.

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > In Pictures > Photo galleries > History & Buildings Photo-Galleries > Spot The Knot!


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