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13 November 2014

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Odd Staffordshire

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Werewolves in Staffordshire

If you’re a fan of horror films, you’ll know a werewolf is a person who changes into a wolf-like creature when the moon is full. But did you know Staffordshire is the place to visit if you want to see one?

A new supernatural survey – the Fringe Weird report – says there have been 20 reported Werewolf sightings on Cannock Chase.

The report has been put together by Lionel Fanthorpe – who’s a leading figure in paranormal research – by studying police reports and archives of groups who explore ghostly and unexplained events.


The survey shows that a paranormal group visited Cannock Chase in 1975 with several of them claiming they saw a snarling beast ‘rear up onto it’s hind legs and run off into the bushes’.

Cannock Chase

What lurks in the woods of the Chase?

But there have been more recent ‘sightings’. In April 2007, the Stafford post newspaper ran a report which said the West Midlands Ghost Club had been called in to investigate calls from people who’d seen a ‘werewolf-type creature’ prowling around the Chase.

Several people claimed they’d seen the ‘wolf’ walking on it’s hind legs in the German War Cemetery on Camp Road.

The WM Ghost Club took what it called ‘credible eyewitness accounts’ from a local scout master and postman, who claimed they’d come face to face with the Werewolf.

They said they thought it was a large dog until it raised itself up to it’s full height of which was almost 7 foot tall. It darted into the bushes when it was startled.

Other theories

The Cannock Chase Post ran a story a month later in which it quoted a un-named paranormal expert who claimed the werewolf sightings could actually be a ‘subterranean stone-age throwback’.

He offered the theory that the creatures could have lived and thrived in the old mines under Cannock Chase for centuries, coming up to the surface via old earthworks to hunt, for local deer.

He also claimed that there had been a number of domestic pet disappearances in the area around the War Cemetery - especially dogs who’re let off their leads while out on walks.

Paranormal hotspot?

Werewolf or not, there’s no doubt there’s something spooky about Cannock Chase.

There have been a number of sightings of a big cat which people believed to be a leopard or panther, and was an unwanted pet that has been released into the wild.


The area was also named in a Ministry of Defence report in 2008 as a hot-spot for reported UFO activity.

De-classified Government documents showed accounts of silent balls of light circling Pye Green Tower, cigar-shaped tubes flying over Burntwood, and a 10ft light hovering over the Stafford Road.

The documents - dated from 1986 to 1992 – revealed a number of letters sent between MoD officers and Staffordshire Police to try and explain the objects in the sky.

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Have Your Say

Do Werewolves exist? What do you think is 'prowling' on Cannock Chase?

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There may be a werewolf as there are many sightings the only reason so many people havent seen it is because they dont look at the right times

There are Muntjac deer on the Chase. They're the size of a large dog, they have long cannine teeth and they bark. So maybe they are the cause of the werewolf myth.I heard that in the 1950's a Muntjac was killed in a forest fire. Someone found the remains and contacted the local press saying that they had found a werewolf!Muntjac deer were originally from Asia but were introduced to the area probably in the 19th century.I've spent a huge amount of time on the Chase but have never seen a werewolf or a UFO!

Lisa and Tilley
L - Seems completely credible to me.T - I don't believe it, I bike down there all the time and never seen anything.

me and my boyfriend went to the chase one night and we heard some movement in the bushes, we put it down to like a deer or something but now reading all this i am not so sure. me and my friends are going there one of the nights to camp, im going to take some silver with me lol (joke), honestly though i dont think anything will happen, my mind is open to all this wierd stuff but i would have to see it first to truely believe it. and as for ufo's they are just unexplained flying objects until proven otherwise, its amazing how people can make things to look like a ufo.

I go to staffs uni and 1 of the 2nd years who is a mum told me about this, because summit like this happened to her son and mates, they went 2 the woods for an explore and he went off to the loo in the bushes and fort he saw a badger because it was black and had a white stripe on its back, but it the stood up 2 about 7 foot high and he ran bk 2 his friends, but it didn't follow him. the 2 girls tht were with them giggled at him and went 2 investigate this 'werewolf' and they found it as well and it chased them back to the house, but wudn't cum out of the bushes into the light. they were so afraid my friend had 2 go pick them. and apparently they have been sighting of 'werewolves' running across busy lanes of traffic on the M6 that is near the chase.

Of course they exist.

happy henry
greetings Yes I have seen a huge ufo over the brecon beacons a few years ago it was grey with pipes on its deck.recently a pilot also saw this craft which was the same size as mine he said it was like an aircraft carrier this confirms my siting also over marton mere holiday park near blackpool this ufo was glowing red as it flew over the caravans not more than thirty feet above ground and of course the evil presence is all around us but we must keep the faith but i doubt this would help if caught by a werewolf on cannock chase.

adrian matthews
i feel its probably a tramp on the chase who has been living there for years and has let his appearance go completely and is living in old mine shafts or something.

The best way to see werewolves, witches, big cats and UFOS is to visit one of the great pubs in the Rugeley/Brereton area, down several pints and then go for a long walk on the Chase. If you get lost, ask a werewolf for directions.

ryan greene
i do believe werewolves exists like the such renowed vampires.... i believe werewolves are just evoled dogs not a man turning into giant dogs.but i am thinking of investergating the cannock chase, only thing is the time of day or night was they seen.

Lucy R
I am convinced that there are such things as werewolves. Walking on Cannock Chase gives me the creeps. I got lost in there once and it was so scary. There are also witches covens there

Nick Duffy
Thanks for the vote of confidence Steven!!! The cheque is in the post mate!! Laugh!!What we would like to stress on this matter is the fact that the original press articles - at the time of the werewolf furore a few years ago - greatly mis-represented our involvement in the case. We were only ever contacted by one man who said that he'd seen such a creature on the Chase - with a friend, many years ago - but the Cannock media subsequently credited us with a 'mass' of such reports! (Through no fault of ours, I hasten to add). Sadly, this erroneous reporting was later carried on into other newspapers - and then websites - blowing the matter out of all proportion. Following the mass of interest shown over our involvement in this case, we were contacted by (the absolutely lovely, it has to be said!) Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe for information on the matter. We were quite happy to supply him with data on this topic for his own projects. Regards,Nick

Steven Dunn
If the West Midlands Ghost Club has been involved it must be good as they don't get roped in to wild goose chases and only act on credible information. They have a great website too.

joanne clarke
i think its bigfoot

Howie Lingwolf
I used to be a werewolf,but I'm alright NOWWWWWWW!!

samantha m
i played on the chase on my own as a child, and alls i will say its so scary. i lived in brereton rugeley and went to the war cemetry and milford common and lots more to play hide and seek. i wouldnt again! it makes me shiver talking about it

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Discover Staffordshire > Local Life > Odd Staffordshire > Werewolves in Staffordshire

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