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13 November 2014

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Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Poles - Lost… and Found?

Many local Poles want information on relatives lost after the War, or distant friends. We post your queries here

Polish – Queries & Answers
Many of you write to this website asking for information on relatives lost after the War, or distant friends.  All we can do is post them here – and hope someone sees your post … and replies ….

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Katrina Dewar
For people looking for polish relatives, try the city hall of there last known address. Even if you do not have a specific address, give a couple's name and woman's maiden name. You will need your passport. Found our family with an old wedding invitation and address of the church!! Good luck

Jan Burliga
I m looking for a person whose name is Jan Burliga. He was my grandma’s eldest brother. He was in the Anders Army and after the Second World War he stayed in England, married an Englishwoman and they had children. He used to write letters with my grandma but her home burned down and they lost contact. His name was Jan Burliga; he was born on 3 July 1922 in Budzów (lesser Poland). Her parents were Magdalena Rzadek (nee Burliga) and Jan Rzadek. Their son had the surname after his mom because he was born before their marriage. Help us to find him please. Magda

Natalie Lokucewicz
Can anybody help me trace my grandad's past that may lead to more relatives? His name was Mikolaj Lokucewicz he was in the Polish Resettlement Camp in Perton and then went onto settle in Wolverhampton. He was very secretive so we don’t know much more. We have reason to believe that our surname has been slightly changed! I know it’s vague but somebody may know something!!!
Ewa Pilch
My uncle Edward Folta died on 07.12.08. probably in Hospital in Cannock Staffordshire. This information my mum and his sister received only few days ago in Poland. Due to his long and serious illness we lost contact with him for last year. Does anyone know about his last days? Please let me know

Irene krawczyk
can anyone remember m dad Edward krawczyk Born zaborow nr Brzeziny. Fathers name Jozef mother Maria. He was taken into forced labour 1941. Escaped. Joined Polish army in Paris 1945. Served in Italy for 2yrs. Sent to Scotland then Rampside in Barrow. Then on to Morton Hall In whalley. Discharged 1949. I am trying to find any family that may still be alive in Poland. Irene.
Antonmi Stasiewicz
Does anyone have an email address for a Mr Zen Rogalski? He wrote about life at the Tweedsmuir Military Camp after the war. The reason that I wish to establish contact with him is that he was born at the Diddington Camp Polish Army Hospital, St Neots, Huntingdonshire (now Cambridgeshire) in 1948. So was I. I would like to know where this hospital was exactly. Thanks
I am trying to help a Friend find details or a photograph of her relative Josef Kolaj who was born in 1916 and died in Coventry in 1996, we believe his wife was named Helena Kolaj.
Michael Wrobel
I am trying to learn details of my father Julian Wrobel about whom I know very little. Born in Poland in 1915 he fought with the Polish forces during the 2nd world war and ended up in a camp in Trentham Gardens in the late 1940's. He lived in the Stoke on Trent / Newcastle under Lyme areas until his death in 1978. I last saw him when I was 4 years old. If anyone has any memories I would be grateful to hear them. Thank you

Peter Caspari
I lived in a Polish Camp in Blackshaw Moor, just north of Leek, when I was a little boy - 1946 to 1956. I wonder if there are any people who also lived in the "camps" during that time and still reside in the UK.

To: Peter Caspari. I remember you and your brother Roland. Your Mom used to work in the canteen of the dye house near to the Roaches. We used to play together as young children and lived almost next door to one another. Two of my sisters still live in Leek and has moved to Australia 30 yrs ago. Love to make contact. Maybe BBC Radio Stoke can act as intermediary? Fantastic to hear you're still OK.

Karsten Kudlek
a few months ago I asked for someone who knows a "Karl Kudlek" who left at Camp Leek in 1947. Now I read a message from Alexis Kudlek. I'd like to have contact via email to exchange photos to find out if I may have found my grand uncle.

Karsten Kudlek. Hi I have read your comments and can maybe help. Alexis is my half sister and Karl Kudlek is my grandfather, I don't have contact with Alexis at the moment but can help with details of my Grandfather.

Mark Anderson
Can anyone remember Wanda Leszczynska from Blackshaw Moor camp in the late 1940's. She married Henryk Uryn in 1953. She had a son called Ryszard who I am trying to find. Thanks.

Karin Hernandez
I AM searching for my cousin Ursula Lewandowska she and her family own a farm descendants of sofie czarnecki

Neville Bougourd
FOR DEREK In 2004 my wife, who was an only child, found out she was really one of nine children! We set out to trace the other 8 and found 7. One slammed the door on us but 6 didn't and we now have a huge and wonderful extended family. If your family doesn't want to know, then you have lost nothing you already had. But if they do want to know, you have lost a potentially brilliant future if you don't contact them. GO FOR IT! Neville

Walter krzysiak
my dad was in North Africa and England was a polish pilot, grand dad was a soldier fought in the monte casino battle

I am clutching at straws here but I am trying to find my father BRONISLAW SONDAJ. He was a displaced soldier around 1948-1950 in the north of Scotland. My mother and he married in 1950. He was last heard of in Nottingham around 1960. Can anyone help?

Ann Dee
Message for Heather Bell. Regarding Bronislaw Sondaj, I'm sorry to say there's a death registered for him in Nottingham in June 1977. If you apply for the certificate, maybe you will find who his next of kin were. Best wishes. Ann

Halina Howard
I was born Halina Wisniewska in Doddington camp in 1947. My mother was Jadwiga and she died very young without telling me anything about my father, who I never knew. If anybody knew us in those days I would appreciate any information.

I am looking for any information about members of my family who lived in Doddington Park Camp in 1948 and in the end of tat year sailed to Argentina on s/s Cordoba's board. I mean my grandfather Stanislaw Jezewski and his son Ryszard Jezewski. I hope somebody could still remember them. I hope...

IN RESPONSE TO VIOLA QUESTION, Contact Mrs. Barbara Bozena Sobolewska she is the editor of the Glos Polski newspaper in Argentina and is well connected with the polish community, could be she can help you. Contact her at

Captain Kenneth Wood
I'm trying to find anything at all to do with a Polish WW2 camp around or near Doddington Cheshire (behind Doddington Hall?) on A53 just outside Bridgemere. Friends of mine want aerial photos of it as now (which I will fly over & take) or photos & history as it was in WW2. Thanks KW

I am looking for people who were in a displaced persons camp called Marienthal Horst in Germany after the war. My grandma (Krystyna) and grandad (Wiktor) and mum were there for quite a few years. I am now doing a PhD looking at memories that former Displaced Persons have of the DP camps and would really like to get in touch with anybody who has some memories that they would like to talk me about!

Message for anyone who spent time or is researching Polish Displaced Persons Camp after the war (in UK or abroad) - also for John Tokarz/ Mark Bevan/ Iwonna Francis with reference to your posts - I am researching memories of everyday life in DP camps and would like to get in touch with anyone who would be happy to talk to me about their recollections. You can contact me at Manchester Metropolitan University

Mike Parker
I have recently converted the only surviving building of the former American Army base known as Camp Delamere in Cuddington Cheshire into a house where I now live. The camp was used to house Polish refugees during/after WW2 and I would love to find out more information about the camp and in particular the 'Tank Shed' which is now our home. A picture of the building as it was then would be fascinating. Does anyone know how I could try to find such information?

Mark Bevan
We have now published "The Story of Delamere House & Delamere Park". Central to the book is Delamere Camp which developed on the park after the 2nd WW. The photographs of camp people and camp life are brilliant as are the accounts and anecdotes. Most of those troops who came to the camp, of course, were part of the Polish 2nd Corps heroes of Monte Cassino. Our website is:, or look on EBay, under Cheshire.

C burge
to Mike Parker, my family lived in Delamere park camp we were not polish. My dad lost his job in ICI so we were put out of are house, the polish people looked on use as one of their own me and my sister have good and funny memories of our childhood

Iwonna Francis (Korzeniowska)
Message for Mike Parker I lived in Delamere Park Camp for most of my young life finally leaving at the age of 14. We had a brilliant childhood attending Polish school, church etc. We were all finally rehoused in Cuddington, Weaverham and surrounding district. We have a Polish church in Northwich and most of us have photos of the camp as was. Regards. Iwonka

To Mike Parker, I was raised on the Polish camp in Delamere. Don’t know if I can help. Also, does anyone have any details of the new Polish restaurant in Crewe? 

John Tokarz
I lived on delamere camp from 1949-1963. Very happy times. Would love to see old photos of the old place.

Genek Zelem
I lived in Delamere Park Camp and with my sisters we had a most wonderful childhood. The children on the Camp will now be all in their 50/60s with very fond memories. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

carol conduit
we lived in delamere park in 1954to1959 we not polish but this the first person I have heard live there lived in 1st Ave we still have photos of when we lived there can any one remember my mum and dad and sister their names were daisy and Roy conduit and my sister name was Irene. It would be nice to hear from anyone that remembers

There are a lot of comments here about former DP camps that people grew up. For more information about these camps please visit which is a mine of information about one particular camp and is now being expanded to other camps. We also have some messageboards dedicated to individual camps and would be happy to start one about Delamere as we have had a lot of enquiries about this particular camp.

Iwonna Krystina Francis
I just happened on this particular site. I used to live in Delamere Park Camp, Nr Cuddington, Cheshire and found the Staffordshire Community Message Board interesting. How do I start one for the Delamere Polish Camp? Thanks. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard)

Alexander Ptak
My father, Julian Ptak, spent time at the Blackshaw Moor Camp after the War. He moved to Tunstall in the North of Stoke-on-Trent, where he met and married an English girl - my Mother - Joan Smith. I am interested in anyone who can recall my father - maybe you were with him in the Camp, or you fought with him in Poland. I am interested in other people with the same surname - its origins. I would dearly like to know where his family is in Poland - he used to write. I have an old Army id photo of my father and also of his sister my Aunt - I believe maybe that they came from the Krakow/Southern region of Poland - maybe towards Zakopane and they were farmers. Any help would be appreciated. Also we have many Polish workers at our factory in Haslingden - I would like to organise a ''Friendship' initiative to make them feel welcome and help form better understanding and friendship, exchange cultures and understanding at work, can anyone help - is there a similar template, or organisation I can use ?

Danuta burlikowska
we are looking for information about our father Boleslaw burlikowksi

MESSAGE FOR: danuta burlikowska. There was a BURLIKOWSKI Bronislaw born 19 May 1917 emigrated to Australia around 1950 if this is your father.

Neville Bougourd
To all Polish communities in the UK and further afield I am trying to create a website to honour the memory of the brave airmen of 304 (Polish) Squadron of the RAF. As all, or most, of these brave airmen are now dead, I would appreciate any information from their descendents to create a website that will interest and inform future generations, whether of Polish descent or not. All of these men fought, and well over a hundred died, for our freedom. They must not be forgotten. Czesc ich pamieci. If you have detailed historic information, anecdotes and especially photographs, please e-mail them to me at There is no profit involved; I am happy to pay the costs of the website, and I am not even asking for voluntary contributions. I believe that the Poles were disgracefully treated at the end of the war and I would like this to be one Brit’s tribute and recognition of the heroism of these Polish forces: those who lived, those who were killed in training accidents and those who were lost in action. Please help me if you can, no scrap of information is too small. Many thanks Neville Bougourd

Dianne Maag
Trying to trace my mother’s family in Poland her name was Jadwiga Rakocinska cant find this name anywhere can anyone help.

Read comment from Krystyna that her grandparents and parents were in the Marienthal DP camp after WWII. My family was there too from 1947-1956. Am interested in establishing contact with former inhabitants of that camp. Thank you, ziuta

Judith Gardner
The Kington Camp Project is a local heritage initiative based in Herefordshire. Kington Camp was used as a displaced persons camp for members of the Polish Resettlement Corps and some of their families between 1946 - 47. We think 1 -2,000 people lived at the camp during this time. We are keen to learn about Polish experiences in Kington during this post-war period. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has information or knows someone who may have lived at Kington Camp. Our project website is: and you can email us on We also have an exhibition in Kington Museum - welcome!

Michael Wrobel
Hi All, My father Julian Wrobel came to the UK in the Second World War and was stationed with the Polish forces at Trentham for some time. He settled in stoke and worked in the mines for a time and latterly lived in Newcastle. He died in 1994. If anyone has any photos or remembrances of him I would be grateful to know as I last saw him when I was 4 years old. Thanks

Maria Kruk
My family were moved from eastern Poland (Tarnopol area) to Wroclaw after WW2.I would like to meet my relatives (I have an aunt and two uncles, and at least two cousins - the names are Bronislawa, Jan, Danuta and Viktor). My father was Stanislaw Kruk born 1919.

Dorota Potter
Just be yourself. Polish people who live in Poland are proud and Polish-Americans who are coming back to find their heritage are warmly welcome. Wroclaw is a beautiful city and people understand that life sometimes takes them or their heritage back and forth (German over the centuries). They will understand and try to make you feel at home.

Zeena Rytel
I am searching for information on my late Father Josef Rytel, he died Yorkshire .He was at the Calveley Camp near Nantwich when he met my Mother. He was at Monte Cassino...does anyone know of the name or family please, thank you.

Does anyone recall the Suchy family who resided in around the Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton area in the 1970's. There were 3 sons - Roger, Rick and Stephen. They just seem to have disappeared off the radar. Just wondering if anyone knows where they are these days - was once married to Rick. Thanks.

John Kolodziejski
I'm trying to contact the widow of Dr Stefan Karwatowski: her name is Janina Krzywanska. I believe he was a doctor in the Mansfield area.

Message to John Kolodziejski re: I'm trying to contact the widow of Dr Stefan Karwatowski: her name is Janina Krzywanska. I believe he was a doctor in the Mansfield area. Mrs Karwatowska is living in Leicester; I believe my mother is in touch with her. I can be contacted via the Federation of Poles in GB.

Does anyone have any information about the Miners Hostel at Station Cresc., Smallthorne? Are there any records listing the miners who lived there during the late 1940s? I had a relative who lived there during 1949 - 1950.

Matthew brylewski
lost my gramp who was in the polish air force and would like to know anything about his past and a regiment he was in his name was bronislaw brylewski lived form 1919 to 2007

Hello, I am looking for any information about my polish grandfather who served in the British army during ww11. His name is Stanislaw Jarosewicz (spelling could be slightly misspelled).He married an English women from Cheltenham, Kathleen James (topp).Unfortunately, she died in 1957.We have lost trace of him since, 1959 and would appreciate any information about him. Thanks.

Can someone help me trace my father? I believe he was in the Polish airborne regiment during the war - I have photographs of him in Warsaw & Holland. The last photo was of him in 1935 in Sambor, Poland, and it was sent to my mother from Nottingham in 1950 where I think he was working as an interpreter. His name is Stanislaw Szyller (spelling not certain) and he would now be about 85 years old. Any help would be gratefully received.

Catherine sacharewicz
hello my grandfather came over to England just after the war where he set up home and family. His remaining family remained in Poland and we are trying to locate them can anybody help. The name is sacharewicz thank you - grandfather EDWARD SACHAREWICZ came to England just after the war, he came over alone and set up his continuing family here can anybody help. Catherine.

Jacek Grzywacz
Does anyone have any information regarding WACLAW GRZYWACZ, he was based IN SCOTLAND 1941 -45.  I believe he served at RAF? {POLISH AIR FORCE} from members family

George Woodworth
I am looking for any information on a camp called Hardford Bridge or similar. My friend in Italy is looking for information on a polish soldier who met a lady in Italy and had a daughter. The daughter is now seeking information on her father who was Franciszek Tybus. I have a copy of his military records, but I can only read Hardford Bridge. Thanks George Woodworth

Hi, I'm trying to trace anyone who may have known my grandad (Nicholai Tomniak) or who knows any information about him. I know that he was in the Polish army and that he was placed in the camp near Nantwich, Cheshire just after the war. Thanks

Kate Nowak
I have been wondering if anyone could help me and my family find two lost members of the family, Polish background, who lived in Preston, England in the 50. My family was in contact with them until the parents of two small girls (5 and 6 year old at that time) died in accident. Since then all we know is they were adopted by foster family. The family name is Latala. Mother name was Maria. Girls’ names: Barbara and Krystyna. Any information is helpful (BBC cannot publish any e-mail or telephone numbers)

Hello. My cousin is looking for family. His father name is Sacharewicz, name of his mother is Zofia and his name is Miroslaw. He is living is Poland, but he said as far as he knows last address of his family was in Liverpool. (The BBC cannot post email addresses on its messageboards)
Janet grzywacz
My father came over in 1947 after serving in the Polish army. I am trying to find out if there are any relatives alive as my father died when I was very little. His name was John Grzywacz and was born in 1923. His birthplace said Wegrow. I would be grateful for any comments. Thanks Janet

Susana Leliwa
Hello! My name is Susana Leliwa. My father Alfonso Alfredo Leliwa nacio in Brodnica, Poland. I live in Argentina. Estare in Brodnica the 31 of August. We broke away from enemy with the relatives. They can help me to contact to me with some. A brother of my father was called Antonio, its Jadwiga sister and her daughters Eva and Jalina. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard).

Glen Zielinski
Looking for anyone who may remember my father, Peter Paul Zielinski, who used to work in the local Staffordshire mines after the war. He married Mavis lakin from Fenton and later immigrated to Canada in 1951. Glen Zielinski

Glen Zielinski
Looking for anyone who may remember my father, Peter Paul Zielinski, who used to work in the local Staffordshire mines after the war. He married Mavis lakin from Fenton and later immigrated to Canada in 1951. Glen Zielinski (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard).

Ella Mattucci (nee Niewiadomski)
Not sure if this is the right forum to look for a lost relative, I am writing from Canada and am looking the nephew of my grandmother, Maria Perlinska Bejkato, Maria's brother Walter Bejkalo and his wife Betty married on June 9, 1952 in Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent, they had a son Walter born in 1953, Walter Senior passed away and his wife Betty re-married by surname Gollwian. Maria is 85 years old and wishes to try to find her nephew. If anyone recognizes these names or people, we would greatly appreciate a contact with any information, we know this is a very long shot, but thanks to a very kind woman, from England, she has passed on this site to us.

Greg Ciepiela
To Victoria Hackett: please send me an e-mail if you have found any information about White Eagle Club Blackpool, my grandpa was a member, (unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard).

Philip Collins
Can anyone help! I am trying to contact two or three of the four daughters of a Polish family who may be living in the West Midlands UK - they lived in Wednesfield back in the 1960s - 1970s Helina Przewozna and older sister Suzanna Burgess - nee Przewozna (male gender Przewozny), I think also a Ursula Przewozna - I would dearly like to contact any of the above via email. If anyone can give me information it would be appreciated. Kind regards to all in the Polish community in Wolverhampton from ex-pat living in Melbourne Australia.

Iwonka Francis nee Korzeniowska
Hi again I’m trying to trace any relatives of my mum's. She was called Nadzieja Prokopczuk and was from Male Sady near Dubno. She was taken to Germany as a young girl and never returned home. Her father was taken to Russia with his family. I have a picture which was in her possession of a Michael Prokopczuk written on the back but nothing else. Anybody out there with the same surname? Dziekuje. Iwonka

I know very little about my family. I'm looking for any information about my grand uncle's Alfred or Zbigniew Laskowski which lived in Derby after II WW.

Z. Hryciuk
I have, recently, found out, that my Mother's Uncle, Jan Klim, lived at the camp at Little Onn near Stafford between 1948 and 1954 (the year of his death). He is buried at the cemetery on Eccleshall Rd. Is there anyone who could tell me the story of this camp, maybe have some old photos we can look at? Zbyszek
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